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    WWE: Smackdown Results | 28/05/21 | Friday Night War

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    For the first time in over a year we will see Jimmy and Jey Uso in tag team action as they go against The Street Profits.

    We began Smackdown with our usual intro video. Then we saw The Usos backstage preparing for their match. Jimmy was trying to get his brother’s head in the game.

    At least he was when Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns walked into the room. Is it time for a Reigns pep talk? Heyman actually looked to begin talking first, but one look from The Head of the Table kept him quiet.

    Reigns asked his cousins if they were ready for their match tonight. According to Reigns they looked good, but he wanted to know the game plan for tonight or rather their end game. Jimmy said the end game is to go out there and win, then get to the gold. He wants to put the tag titles next to Reigns’ championship.

    Reigns said it sounded like Jimmy had it all figured out and he is happy for him. Then Reigns wished him luck. As a pretty thrilled Jimmy Uso left the locker room, Reigns said under his breath “You’re gonna need it.” Then Reigns asked Jey if his brother is talking for him now. Jey said that while he is with Jimmy tonight, Reigns should know he is still with him. Reigns told him to tell that to Jimmy.

    Then in the Thunderdome The Street Profits made their entrance. Montez Ford said he has had a bounce in his step all week leading up to their tag team match. Last week they had fun at the expense of The Usos, but jokes aside, they felt flattered when they heard The Usos wanted a match with them.

    It has been a calendar year since Jimmy Uso’s injury and according to Ford, Reigns lives in Jey’s head rent free.

    Enter The Usos. Jey of course in his Right Hand Man shirt. While Jimmy was repping The old Usos merch.

    Jimmy said The Street Profits got jokes, but the best damn tag team in the business is back. Then Jimmy ran down a list of accomplishments to remind everyone who The Usos are: 6 time Tag Team Champions, Back to Back Tag Team of the Year, and soon to be 7 time champions.

    Jey though warned them not to speak another word about Reigns. This is a family business that they stuck their noses in, now they got to get them. They may call this a dream match, but welcome to the nightmare! After they beat them tonight, Jimmy says they are one step closer to the championships.

    Dawkins did not appreciate being looked at as a stepping stone. He said The Usos used to run the tag team division, but now The Street Profits do. That seemed to light a fire in Jey, WELCOME TO THE USO PENITENTIARY!

    Then we took a commercial break.

    The Usos defeated The Street Profits via Pinfall (Superkick)

    Tag team wrestling is fun, isn’t it? The Usos and The Street Profits looked to be having a lot of fun while putting on a fantastic match. Although Jimmy and Jey have not tagged together in more than a year, they looked like they hadn’t skipped a beat. As Reigns watched the match from his locker room, he saw his cousins in a fast paced match, but also take a pretty good beating.

    While The Usos looked like a well oiled machine, The Street Profits looked just as good. Montez Ford was all over the place with quick, high flying moves. At one point while Jimmy was laid out on the corner, Ford jumped over the ring post to take out Jey! Although Dawkins seemed to have the match done, Jimmy was able to kick out and then be pulled out of the ring by Jey when Ford went to the top rope. After a stellar match, Jimmy put the match away by kicking Ford after his missed splash attempt.

    After the match the Dirty Dawgs, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, were interviewed. They spoke about losing the tag team championships at Wrestlemania Backlash and the resilience Rey Mysterio showed. Roode said their approach to Backlash was a tad flawed. After dumping a couch onto Dominik Mysterio, they chalked up Mysterio’s performance to paternal instinct. Tonight will be a whole lot different.

    Natalya and Tamina then made their entrance to the ring before we took another commercial break.

    Tamina and Natalya defeated The Riott Squad via Pinfall (Superfly Splash)

    We returned to the match already in progress. The Riott Squad were in control of the match and seemed to have isolated Nattie from getting back to her corner. While The Riott Squad utilized quick tags, we were told that Tamina was attacked before the match had begun. Tamina was able to eventually break up a pin attempt by shoving Liv into it. From there Tamina got tagged into the match and that was the end of The Riott Squad.

    After the match we saw The Usos in Adam Pearce’s office. Jimmy Uso talked up their earlier victory and said they haven’t missed a step. Pearce agreed that while The Street Profits are good, it is very hard to bet against The Usos. Jimmy was thrilled Pearce saw the vision. Then it was made official that The Usos would get a title match next week. Jimmy left thrilled. Jey on the other hand looked conflicted.

    Bianca Belair made her entrance as we went to another commercial break.

    Returning from break Belair’s opponent, Carmella was being interviewed. Mella agreed that Belair won Wrestlemania Backlash in a shady way. Then Mella proceeded to run down the list of her accomplishments: former Smackdown Women’s Champion and Money in the Bank winner. Tonight she ends Belair’s fairytale.

    Bianca Belair defeated Carmella via Pinfall (KOD)

    Bayley decided to join commentary for this match. Michael Cole may have hated that, but it was rather entertaining. While Bayley took over commentary, Belair began the match off strong with hard shoulder thrusts in the corner.

    The action went to the outside where Belair kept control with a shoulder tackle to Carmella. Then Belair threw Mella back in the ring. Mella then tried to use Belair’s hair to her advantage. Although Mella made a comeback in the match with good offensive moves, Belair still walked away victorious.

    After the match, Bayley jumped on the announcer’s table and laughed at Belair. Why? Not really sure the laughing, but she did confused the hell out of Belair and maybe that was the goal.

    Backstage the Mysterios were interviewed. Rey said they have a game plan tonight. He said that it is different teaming up with his son. When Dom gets hurt, he hurts and vice versa. But they are a motivated team and no tag team can top them.

    We saw the entrance of the birthday boy, Seth Rollins before going to another commercial break.

    Returning from break, Rollins said he did not come out here to talk, but he wants to fight. Then he called out Cesaro. Of course though Cesaro is not here, remember you attacked him Rollins? Rollins definitely remembered and he played us a video of said attack.

    Then Rollins said what happened last week was unfortunate. He said Cesaro pushed him to a point where his anger got the better of him and he blacked out. When he came to he was yelling at Cesaro about it being his fault. Rollins said that Cesaro deserves part of the blame for what happened, but life is not black and white. He is a man of integrity and responsibility. Some of the blame is to be placed on….us, the WWE Universe.

    According to Rollins we brainwashed Cesaro into thinking it was okay to disrespect him and look right through him. We brainwashed Cesaro into thinking he deserved opportunities he didn’t earn. If Cesaro doesn’t step foot in the ring ever again, the blame falls on Cesaro and us.

    We saw Kevin Owens walking backstage before yet another commercial break.

    Apollo Crews defeated Kevin Owens via DQ

    Owens was in control of the match, but Commander Azeez could not let that continue. After a Stunner, Azeez hit KO with the Nigerian Nail to break up any pin attempt.

    We continued to see KO struggle to breathe before going backstage to The Tribal Chief’s locker room.

    Paul Heyman brought in Jey Uso before leaving. Reigns asked if they got the match for next week and if that’s what Jey really wants to do. He then asked why Jey said earlier that he was with him if he wanted to have the title match. Reigns wanted Jey to think of everything they have been through these past few months. He is Main Event Jey Uso now. We they follow his plan, Jey closes the show. Reigns doesn’t want Jey to go back to a place where people question which Uso he is.

    Jey said he never thought about it like that before. Reigns told him he might want to because Jimmy definitely is not.

    Rick Boogs played Shinsuke Nakamura out to the ring. Then we went to commercial break.

    Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Chad Gable via Pinfall (Kinshasa)

    Before the bell, Nakamura and Gable shoved each other a bit. When the referee broke them up, Otis took the opportunity to slam Nakamura to the mat. Gable tried to take advantage once the bell did ring with belly to belly suplexes, but Nakamura kicked out of the pin attempt.

    Nakamura then made his comeback with hard kicks. King Corbin then stole his crown back, which served a slight distraction to Nakamura. But a quick Kinshasa, Nakamura rolled out of the ring after Corbin.

    With the help of Boogs, Nakamura got the crown back!!

    In the trainer’s room, Adam Pearce was checking on Kevin Owens. KO said he wanted a title match with Apollo Crews, but with no Azeez. Pearce agreed and said the match would happen next week. Azeez would be banned from ringside.

    We then saw Rey Mysterio praying before his match as we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break, we saw Rey Mysterio being attended to by referees and the trainer. Apparently someone attacked Rey. They tried to get Rey up, but he kept a hold of his ribs and was in extreme discomfort.

    Back in the ring the Dirty Dawgs said they had wanted a fair fight, but that doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Then they went to the referee in the ring and told him he should just make the forfeit official and give them the titles. Backstage as Dom was checking on Rey, he made the decision he would go out there alone.

    Dominik and Rey Mysterio defeated Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode via Pinfall (Rollup)

    Dom definitely stepped up. While the match was a true test for Dom, as he was basically in a handicap match, he found a way to keep himself in the match. The Dirty Dawgs did beat him down pretty good, but not enough to gain a three count. Just when it looked like the match was over, Rey Mysterio’s music hit and he started gingerly walking to the ring. This gave Dom the distraction needed to roll up Roode!

    We ended Smackdown with The Usos and Mysterios staring each other down in the ring.

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