WWE: Smackdown Results | August 21st 2021 – Next Stop, SummerSlam

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee opened the show at commentary. Edge’s music hit, and he made his way to the ring to a strong reaction. We got a video package that recapped Seth Rollins promo from last week. Edge cut a passionate promo, about how Seth is going the right way to getting into Edge’s head, and how Edge is going to a dark place, which he likes. Strange, considering the match is a good-old-fashioned Wrestling match at SummerSlam 2021 and not like… a TLC match or a Chair match or even a fashionable suit on a pole match.

Rey and Dominick made their entrance, and we saw a video recap of Rey and Dominick winning the WWE Tag Titles at Backlash. After the commercial break, Jimmy & Jey Uso (3 Times Over The Limit Uso) make their way to the ring as Rey & Jey get started.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Jey Uso

Dominick costs Rey Mysterio the match by being a stupid babyface when he goes to help Rey with a pinfall after Rey hit a 619. Charles Robinson ejects Dominick, which distracts Rey (Who isn’t mad, he’s deadly disappointed) and the Uso’s take advantage and get the W, 24hrs before they face Los Mysterios on SummerSlam 2021. Will Los Mysterios get it together before their big match? We’ll find out!

Baron Corbin comes out, clutching the Money in the Bank briefcase…

Baron Corbin Vs. Kevin Owens

Short, Quick DQ here as Big E runs out and attacks Baron whilst trying to rescue his Money in the Bank briefcase. He fails, as Baron runs away with the case anyway and Kevin looks on despondent.

Bianca is backstage and is asked by Kayla about last week when Sasha attacked her during the contract signing. Kayla, with a logical question, asks if it’s a good idea that Bianca is competing against both Zelina Vega & Carmella separately tonight. Bianca, another dumb babyface, says she doesn’t know… and walks away.

Shotzi & Nox Vs. Natalya & Tamina

A re-match from around 4 weeks ago, when Shotzi (Not Blackheart) & (Not Tegan) Nox beat these two already, but Natalya got hurt so everything was reset. Nattie & Tamina are sorts of feuding with Doudrop (Piper) & Eva Marie on RAW too. First match back for Nattie, who had surgery and is already back which seems like a mistake… Anyway. Shotzi pins Natalya after a roll-up. Presumably, they’ll face each other again tomorrow night on SummerSlam 2021. [Speculation]

Commercial break, as we return with Drip King Seth Rollins. The crowd still wants Edge, despite seeing him an hour earlier. Rollins talks for a little bit, but the lights go out and the BROODS music starts playing! Edge appears on the screen, warning Seth that the freaks come out at night… AS BLACK LIQUID FALLS FROM THE SKY ONTO SETH’S WHITE SUIT. It wasn’t a Blood Bath, as they never called it that. And it wasn’t Red Liquid. It was Black.

Commercial break leads to Street Profits coming out, as presumably, the ring crew are having a grand old time changing the mat… Alpha Academy arrive as we go to more singles action with tag team guys

Otis Vs. Montez Ford

A surprisingly competitive match, which ends after a Vader-Bomb from Otis. An actually good little 10 minutes. Otis still looks very odd without facial hair… but we move on!

Video package from last weeks action, when Apollo Crews lost the Intercontinental Championship to King Shinsuke Nakamura. Back live, Rick Boogs introduces Shinsuke Nakamura. He’s in his gear, which means we’ve got a tag team match!

Rick Boogs & Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Apollo Crews & Commander Azezz

Boogs first televised match on WWE. Good for him! McAfee praises his weight lifting on social media. Boogs doesn’t look out of place, and gets the win with a pump handle slam!

Bianca Belair Vs. Zelina Vega

Here we go. Back to Back matches before a Championship Match tomorrow night. Bianca is not only the EST of the WWE, but she’s also the Clever-est Champion ever! Bianca talks total control, even after a distraction from Carmella. Zega gets a code-red in for a close 2, but Bianca rallies and picks up the win after she catches Zelina from the top rope, powerbombs her, and KOD’s her for the win.

Bianca Belair Vs. Carmella

Superkick straight away, as Carmella takes advantage as we go to the commercial break. Post-Break, Carmella puts in a good showing but ultimately, Bianca takes it home with another KOD. Sasha’s absence wasn’t really mentioned. They’re still advertising her for SummerSlam but she never appeared.

And that’s the matches all over with. Next up? John Cena & Roman Reigns go FACE TO FACE before their Main Event Match tomorrow night at Summerslam. Surprisingly, they both talk and make some inside jokes to each other. To quote Roman “They say some dumb stuff”.

Ultimately, it was a good go-home segment for a big match tomorrow night on SummerSlam. This show was (likely) over-shadowed by the events on AEW Rampage (To be determined)

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