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    WWE: Smackdown Results – January 1st 2021: Happy New Year!

    The first WWE show of the new year brings us the new Intercontinental Champion, Big E facing King Corbin.

    We began Smackdown with a photo tribute to Brodie Lee.

    Then we got a video recapping last week’s steel cage match between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. Back at ringside, Roman Reigns’ music filled the Thunderdome. Reigns was accompanied by Paul Heyman and Jey Uso, as they made their slow trek to the ring.

    Once Reigns got the mic, he wished everyone a Happy New Year. He said that while 2020 was a rough year, when you’re the Tribal Chief you make it work. (This of course got Reigns some boos.) According to the champion everything that he touches, well greatness takes over. This then led to Reigns putting over Heyman and Uso.

    He called Heyman the most genuine person he has ever done business with. Then Reigns pinpointed his cousin and said because Uso listened to him, he became Main Event Uso. Reigns said he would have never put so much pressure on Uso, but he knew he could handle it and that is why Reigns loves him.

    Reigns went to continue to sing Usos praises, but was interrupted by Kevin Owens. Before KO could speak, Reigns yelled for his music to be cut. The champion said that no one wanted to hear from KO or see him because he is embarrassing. Reigns continued to hurl insults at KO, even saying something about getting KO a big pay day.

    He went on to tell KO that he should stop being selfish because this is Uso’s time. When KO finally got to speak, he agreed with Reigns that it was embarrassing but not for the reasons he was saying. KO said it was embarrassing that he’s standing there because it means Reigns and his family FAILED. He continued by going over everything Reigns and Uso had to do just to keep KO from winning.

    KO then dropped a line about Reigns no longer being the Big Dog, but now being a giant bitch. He did agree with Reigns that tonight is about Uso. KO wasn’t out there to fight Reigns, but he said he will fight Uso. He said that Uso will pay for what Reigns has done. KO said once he is done with Uso, Reigns and his family will have nothing to celebrate.

    Then KO left to go find someone to make the match with Uso officials.

    After we got a Progressive Match Flo on Big E’s Intercontinental Championship win.

    Big E made his entrance, saying that this one was for Brodie, before we went to commercial break.

    Big E defeated King Corbin via DQ

    Big E looked to be on a roll during this match, but Sami Zayn being on commentary proved to be an issue. The former Intercontinental Champion, broke up the pin just when it looked like Big E had the victory.

    After the match Corbin’s lackeys (Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) hit the ring to attack Big E. Big E was able to fight them off, but Zayn reappeared and the numbers game looked to be too much for the Intercontinental Champion. Fortunately for the champion, Apollo Crews came out to make the save. We went to commercial with Crews and E standing tall.

    When we returned from break, WWE Official Adam Pearce pulled a Teddy Long and made a tag team match! Holla Holla!

    Apollo Crews and Big E defeated Sami Zayn and King Corbin via Pinfall (Sitdown Powerbomb)

    Zayn and Corbin just couldn’t get on the same page, Zayn wanted to be able to yell orders at Cutler and Blake but that wasn’t okay with King Corbin. In the end Corbin decided to leave Zayn high and dry. Crews was rather impressive during the match, especially being the one to get the pin.

    After the match Big E and Crews celebrated their victory.

    Backstage, Kevin Owens was able to find Adam Pearce. KO said no matter what he is going to fight Jey Uso, but he is looking for Pearce to make the match official. Pearce didn’t seem to want to give KO the match. KO brought up their history and how Pearce doesn’t seem to be the same guy he used to wrestle. Pearce said he couldn’t give him Uso, but KO could pick anyone else on the roster….so KO picked Roman Reigns. This got Pearce to change his tone and make the match with Uso official.

    Then we went to commercial break.

    Returning from break, Apollo Crews and Big E were walking backstage when Kayla Braxton caught up with them. Braxton asked E what we could expect from him as champion in 2021. E used his time to give subtle nods to Brodie Lee. “I have fans coming up to me from Rome to Rochester. I had little Amandas and Nolans coming up to me, socially distant of course.” He also referenced Lee’s favorite hockey team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    E said he would be a fighting champion, which caught Apollo Crews’ attention. Crews said he would take that challenge of facing E next week and that E might not get so lucky next week when Crews isn’t looking out for him.

    Back at the ring, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott were awaiting their opponents. Billie Kay came out, soon followed by Tamina, but then Natalya also came out! It seemed Kay was going to be a manager of sorts tonight.

    Riott Squad (Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott) defeated Tamina and Natalya via Pinfall (Rollup)

    Having Kay as their manager really didn’t seem to do Tamina or Nattie any favors. Tamina and Nattie started off well, but with Kay shrieking at ringside, it distracted Tamina from finishing the match. Because of this Tamina wound up getting rolled up by Morgan for the three count.

    After the match, Kay began celebrating like she was on the Riott Squad’s side the whole time. The Riott Squad just stared at her and headed to the back without her.

    We then saw how out next match, Sasha Banks/Bianca Belair versus Bayley/Carmella, came to be. Then we got the entrance of the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks before going to another commercial break.

    Carmella and Bayley defeated Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair via Pinfall (Mella Buster)

    Reginald! Once again, Carmella’s sommelier makes a difference in a match. The match began with Bianca Belair and Carmella. Belair overpowered Mella, but Mella was able to fight free and tag in Bayley. Banks and Belair were able to double team Bayley. Eventually though Bayley was able to target one of Belair’s arms. In the end Reginald was able to cause a distraction that allowed Mella to win the match.

    Backstage we saw Jey Uso, Paul Heyman, and Roman Reigns’ reaction to the announcement that Kevin Owens would face Uso later in the night. Reigns is not thrilled. He went on about how much he has done for the company and considered this match to be disrespectful. Reigns then had Heyman go find out the person who made the match.

    The Street Profits made their way to the ring before we went to yet another commercial break.

    When we returned from break we saw Sonya Deville walking around backstage. Other WWE Superstars seemed shocked to see her, but commentary confirmed she had been reinstated.

    Back in the ring, The Street Profits are ready for the “Street Profits New Day Smoke-Tacular.” Dawkins began by saying 2020 could get the hell out of there, before he could continue bashing 2020 (rightfully so) Montez Ford cut in.

    Ford brought up all they accomplished in 2020: from winning the RAW Tag Team Championships to Smackdown and becoming two time Slammy award winners.Then they revealed drums in the ring, which Dawkins sat behind and began to play.

    Then Ford went through his predictions for 2021, but when he came to a prediction involving Dolph Ziggler and a new nickname (Heartache Kid) things took a turn. Ziggler and Robert Roode attacked the Profits from behind! The ring was destroyed and Roode grabbed a chair.

    It seemed Ziggler and Roode were in no mood for jokes. They used the chair to attack Ford’s leg. Before we went to another commercial break, Ziggler and Roode wished the Profits a Happy New Year.

    When we returned from break, we saw a replay of the attack on The Street Profits. Then Ziggler and Roode were interviewed. Ziggler said that the attack was not unprovoked because The Profits have been provoking them for months. While it is normally fun and games for The Profits, Roode wondered if they are having fun now. Roode and Ziggler went on to demand a rematch for “their” Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

    Back at ringside we got the entrance of Daniel Bryan, Otis, and Chad Gable. Apparently Bryan is training with Gable and Otis in preparation for the Royal Rumble. We got to see a small portion of this training, very hip focused, where Cesaro and Nakamura interrupted. Hence the match.

    Daniel Bryan and Otis defeated Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro via Submission (Yes Lock)

    Cesaro and Bryan began the match with some technical wrestling. Cesaro wound up coming out the better end and was able to tag in Nakamura to keep their momentum. Bryan got pretty beat up by the team, but after sending Nakamura to the outside, Bryan was able to tag in Otis.

    Otis had a good little run, but after a missed Vader Bomb he needed to tag in Bryan. In the end, amidst some chaos, Bryan was able to lock in the Yes Lock for the victory.

    After their victory Bryan, Otis, and Gable did a little dance and a Yes chant in celebration.

    Backstage, Heyman came back to tell Reigns that Adam Pearce was the one to make Jey Uso versus Kevin Owens. Reigns went on about how people are trying to take everything they have worked for. Then he told Uso to go out there and show every one why he is Main Event Uso.

    Back at ringside, we got the entrance of Kevin Owens and then went to another commercial break.

    Kevin Owens defeated Jey Uso via Pinfall (Stunner)

    KO did exactly what he said he was going to do….beat up Jey Uso. The action began right away between the two men, with Owens gaining the advantage. KO focused on Uso’s injured leg, leaving Uso unable to get much offence in.

    After the match KO called out Roman Reigns, who of course did not come out. KO hit another Stunner on Uso…still no Reigns. Then KO rolled out of the ring and walked to the announcer table. He grabbed Corey Graves’ headset and told Reigns “to come take care of his family, bitch.” Then KO grabbed handcuffs!

    Uso tried to fight him off, but to no avail. KO handcuffed Uso to the top rope and continued to beat him down. Then because Reigns was not making an appearance, KO decided he would go to him. He unlocked the handcuffs from the rope, just to put the cuffs on both of Uso’s arms.

    Uso tried to make a run for it, but KO threw him into the barricade underneath the virtual screens. KO then began to climb up the platforms, where it looked like he was going to jump on to Uso and put him through a table. This is when Reigns made his presence felt.

    Reigns and Uso were able to take out KO. They used chairs, threw KO against the LED screens multiple times, but KO still had a little fight left in him.

    In the end, Reigns threw KO off the platform on to some tables. We ended Smackdown with Reigns and Uso staring down at KO.

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