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WWE: Smackdown Results – July 23rd 2021 | Rolling Loud & Proud

Smackdown comes to us from two locations: Cleveland, Ohio and Rolling Loud from Miami Gardens. Tonight gives us our first chance at seeing a face to face confrontation between John Cena and Roman Reigns since Money in the Bank.

We began Smackdown just like we did Monday night, with JOHN CENA!!! Cena took in the moment for a second before he ran down to the ring.

Once in the ring, Cena made sure the crowd was fired up, which they absolutely were. He talked about the week it had been starting with the surprise at Money in the Bank. Cena was so excited that he had to crash RAW and answer important questions from the fans. Questions that included how many Peacemaker costumes he kept and how he escaped the alternate universe of the Firefly Funhouse. Who’s the only guy left they can call to chin check that lifeless egomaniac, Roman Reigns? I mean, duh Cena is the guy they called.

He came back to challenge Roman Reigns at Summerslam for the Universal Championship. The crowd got pretty excited, which Cena ran with because we could be a few heartbeats away from a face to face between Reigns and Cena. Apparently, there is no better place for the face to face than Cleveland. Cena played on the fact that the Cleveland Indians will be the Cleveland Guardians next season, Cena said his middle name is now Guardian. He “changed” it because someone needs to protect the small amount of respect the WWE has left. Smackdown with Reigns as champion has sucked according to Cena.

Cena knows there are a lot of Reigns fans somewhere and without the Thunderdome everyone should get the chance to be heard. He then asked who’s team the crowd was on. We got a bunch of Cena chants, ya know Team Jorts! Cena asked if fans were on Team Cargo Pants, Reigns apparently. I know wear I fall in line, Team Jorts! Team Cena for me!

Cena asked where Roman Reigns was. Of course Cena knows that Reigns can’t see him. After Summerslam, Reigns will realize that the champ is here. Reigns’ music played after a bit, but out came Paul Heyman. Cena did attempt to call out Reigns, he even said please but we got Heyman.

Heyman addressed the audience almost as he usually would, “Ladies and Gentlemen, things that live in Cleveland..” dang man. He told Cena that he had it all wrong. Instead of Reigns not being able to see Cena, Heyman said Reigns can’t hear him because Cena ain’t worth it. Heyman went on to say that Cena will get an answer to his challenge when Reigns decides to show everyone that: THE TRIBAL CHIEF IS HERE! Then Heyman decided to sing Cena’s music out himself? What a moment.

After Heyman left, Cena’s music hit and we went to Pat McAfee and Michael Cole at commentary. We then saw the Smackdown return of Finn Balor from last week where he took the fight to Sami Zayn.

After the replay of last week, Balor made his entrance to the ring! Then we took a commercial break.

Finn Balor defeated Sami Zayn via Pinfall (Coup de Grace)

Balor is back. Zayn did turn the match around during a commercial break. Balor did have a firm control over the match, but Zayn did fight back to take over. Zayn went for a Helluva Kick, but was stopped by a Slingblade.

 We had fun in this match. Which should have been expected because of Zayn and Balor. Honestly go check this match out, the two put it all out there and had a ton of excitement. Balor returning to the main roster with a victory is important. While Zayn tried to have a conspiracy look like it was happening, Balor over took the match. Zayn did have some good offense by grabbing Balor into a Michinoku Driver.

Balor was able to fight out of a few things when it came to Zayn. What Zayn wanted to accomplish just wasn’t going to be the case. Balor pinned Zayn and as Cole said….he is back.

After the match we heard from Baron Corbin. Corbin said he has made, well nothing…in fact he lost money. The guy in charge of the website apparently ghosted Corbin and stole his identity!

Corbin apparently rode the bus to the show tonight. He has no idea what has happened to him.

Then we went back to the ring where BIG E made his way to the ring! Seeing him have success makes me so happy. We saw some highlights on how Big E got to his win! THAT BIG ENDING OFF THE LADDER THOUGH!!!!

We got to see Big E in the ring for a moment before we went to break.

Returning from break we got some hype for the Milwaukee Bucks being the NBA champs.

Then we went to ringside were Big E hade the floor. E said Sunday…..well then the crowd told him how much he deserved his win. E said he appreciated everyone. He was hurled through the air and jumped off a ladder when he had no business doing that.

When he made the final climb though…..Apollo Crew’s music hit. Crews said congratulations, he won a contract. Then Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode joined the party, apparently then should be in the running for the IC title.

Before Roode could say why they should be considered, Boogs interrupted and out came Shinsuke Nakamura! Then! CESARO!!!

Swing time in Cleveland as all hello seemed to break loose.

We then went to Rolling Loud were Wale got the party going. Wale brought out The Street Profits as we went to commercial break.

Angelo Dawkins defeated Chad Gable via Pinfall

Dawkins did seem to have the opportunity to try to put the match away early as Dawkins tried to gain control. Somehow Gable found a way to gain control. Gable did pull off some pretty beautiful suplexes.

Gable went for a moonsault and landed on his feet, which seemed to be a momentum changer. While Gable seemed to have good momentum, Dawkins halted all of that!

After the match Bianca Belair made her way to the ring at Rolling Loud. Honestly seeing the love Montez Ford has for Belair in real time is just beautiful/

When we returned from break, it was time for out next match at Rolling Loud.

Bianca Belair defeated Carmella via Pinfall (KOD)

These two do seem to work well together. Belair had to work for it and the Rolling Loud crowd seemed to be all about it. It was a hard fought contest and Carmella did think she had the champion pinned a few times. KOD put an end to the match though.

After the match at Rolling Loud we went backstage at Cleveland where Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox were trying to fix the tank. Kevin Owens gave them a few ideas, but it wasn’t anything that was gonna fix the tank.

KO could not help the ladies fix their tank and he went to walk away. As he was walking, Baron Corbin walked up. Corbin was in yet another shirt that he destroyed with some sort of stain. Corbin wanted to apologize about last week because he is in a bad place and being a jerk apparently is a bad habit.

KO agreed that it was a bad habit and that Corbin has had it for eight years and he shouldn’t be surprised people don’t feel bad for him. Corbin tried to apologize and than KO pointed out Corbin’s shirt. Somehow KO decided to give Corbin a little money! Then the tank gun of Blackheart decided to work and it crushed Corbin in not a fantastic place.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode strolled up and stole the money KO gave to Corbin. KO was still near by and ran up with a steal chair to try and help Corbin.

We got the entrance of Edge before we went to commercial break. (I want to be on the floor near the ring for an Edge entrance, he’s so cool.)

We did get a highlight reel of what happened at Money in the Bank before we actually went to commercial break, sorry y’all.

Returning from break it was time to hear from Edge.

Edge told the Cleveland crowd that they had no idea what their reactions do to him because they know how hard he worked to get everything back. He said he should be Universal Champion and Seth Rollins is why he isn’t.

The Mysterios were watching Edge’s back, but Rollins made his presence felt in a way Edge wasn’t ready for. Instead though Edge realized everything goes back to 2014 where Rollins could have ended Edge’s career.

Edge said Rollins has no idea the Pandora’s box of violence and mental pain he has open. He has learned from the Brood and Ministry of Darkness! Edge will sink to a lot of depths to get the job done!

Enter Seth Rollins.

Rollins in a relatively tame suit came out. Grandpa Edge, according to Rollins, was talking an bout the man he used to be. Edge said he wouldn’t touch Rollins if he came down to the ring.

Rollins said he was going to come out and discuss how much he hates Cleveland and Edge. He also hates Cena because according to Rollins the moment was stolen from him. The crowd was not thrilled. The more Rollins thought about it though, having Grandpa Edge in his ring was fantastic.

Apparently Edge has been a scumbag to Edge and nothing would make Rollins’ happier than to crush Edge’s dreams. Keep pushing Rollins and they will talk about the man that ended Edge…Seth Freakin Rollins. Seth has hesitated once when it comes to Edge, but he won’t now.

When Rollins has his boot on the surgically repaired neck of Edge he will not hesitate. BANG BANG! (Cause apparently Rollins is Mick Foley.)

Edge said he lied about touching Rollins and went right for him! Edge-cution!

Toni Storm defeated Zelina Vega

I’m going to say it, and this is something I try to steer away from during results, but Vega not having a win since her return is odd! Yes this was Storm’s debut, but still. Vega pulling Storm’s belt off doesn’t seem enough to me to warrant the end of of match but…well it happened.

After Storm hit the Storm Zero and got the pin, after the replay the Usos made their way to the ring.

Jimmy Uso defeated Dominik Mysterio via Pinfall

Just like Sunday the Usos gained the victory with Jey helping his brother. While the majority of the match was fun to watch and showed off a good side to Dom, in the end the Usos used the rules to their advantage. While the referee did not see Jey put his feet against his brother’s back as leverage to gain the victory.

After a commercial Roman Reigns cut a promo, which is really worth hearing.

Once Reigns got the mic he asked for Cleveland and those at home to acknowledge him! Just like John Cena acknowledged him at Money in the Bank and RAW. Apparently Reigns wanted to acknowledge Cena because he thought we were going to get someone knew, cause Hollywood. Nah, according to Reigns 2005 Cena showed up. Honestly find the promo. Love the promo. This is coming from a Cena girl.


Reigns said no to Cena’s Summerslam challenge and out came Fergal. Finn Balor. If I cant get Cena, let’s go Prince, lets go.

Reigns thought Balor was there to acknowledge him, but no. If Reigns isn’t into Cena’s challenge what about Balor’s.

After a moment or two, Reigns: AGREED!!!!!! LETS GOOOOO! (The crowd did chant Roman is scaared)

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