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WWE: Smackdown Results | July 2nd 2021 | Last Man Standing

Welcome to another Friday Night Smackdown. Tonight we will see Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn face off in a Last Man Standing Match. We will also hear from Edge.

We began Smackdown with a recap of Roman Reigns’ night last week; in which Paul Heyman ran down the list of people Reigns has defeated. Then of course we got the recap of Edge’s return to Smackdown where he took out Reigns and Jimmy Uso in a pretty impressive fashion.

After our recap, Edge made his entrance to the Thunderdome. Edge will face Roman Reigns one on one at Money in the Bank, as commentary reminded us.

Once Edge got the microphone he told us Wrestlemania was supposed to be a culmination of a ten-year story. Becoming the Universal Champion ten years to the day he had to relinquish the World Heavyweight Championship would have been a story. He envisioned it so much that he knew it would happen, but of course it didn’t. It rocked him when it didn’t happen so he took some time. In that time away, Edge actually watched the match back which is something he doesn’t do, but he said Reigns glossed over a lot of key points from Mania.

Edge said he could complain about Daniel Bryan being involved in the Mania match, Bryan did stop Edge from winning the match multiple times. He said he could complain about Jey Uso’s interference, but while he would be justified in his complaints he has to understand there will always be obstacles. The thing about Edge is he does not stop.

Now that he has been in the ring with Reigns one on one, he knows he can beat him. Edge says Reigns knows that is true even though Reigns won’t admit that. For evidence, Edge puts a photo up from Mania of Reigns in the cross face with the piece of a steel chair in his mouth. He said that Reigns’ eyes show it all: the look of fear. When you look at Edge’s eyes, you see someone that knows he lives in Reigns’ head rent-free.

Edge said Reigns knows that he has his number. He will beat him and it is just a matter of when.

After Edge’s promo, we saw Paul Heyman looking rather stressed (or frustrated I guess) backstage when Jimmy Uso walked in. Jimmy wanted to discuss Edge’s promo. He said he would tell Edge what he said last week: Reigns is family and they have each other’s back. When Reigns shows up they will take Edge out and put the family flag in the middle of his heart.

Back at ringside we saw Rick Boogs playing guitar on the entrance ramp. He said he was here to rock with the one true king of WWE, Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura made his entrance to the ring and we saw his coronation as King from last week.

Then Big E made his entrance to the ring as we went to a commercial break.

When we returned from break we saw a clip from a Youtube video where Baron Corbin said he had lost a lot of money from investments. According to Corbin, he was a wealthy man, but since losing the crown it seems things have changed.

Big E and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews via Pinfall (Big Ending)

It looks like Corbin will no longer be announced as King Corbin for matches now and was that a downer for Corbin. Once the match got underway, Big E and Nakamura took control with some fun offence.

After a commercial break though, Corbin had taken control of the match. Once Corbin got in the match it seemed like he found his swagger. During the match though Boogs announced that the owner of a White Mercedes SUV, well their car was being towed. The car happened to belong to Corbin. On the tron we saw Corbin’s G-Wagon being loaded on to a tow truck. Big E took advantage of the distraction and the match was over.

Pat McAfee and Michael Cole debated after the match if Corbin’s car was getting repossessed. Semi unclear where they landed on that one.

Then we saw footage of Bayley teaming up with Seth Rollins to take on Bianca Belair and Cesaro from last week. Bayley then made her way to the ring as we took another commercial break.

Returning from break Bayley talked about how she isn’t the type to brag and tell people she told them so, but she told us so. Apparently Belair’s victory at Hell in a Cell was just a fluke. Bayley proved that when she beat her in the ring last week one two three.

The best part was the look of defeat in Belair’s eyes. Belair may be strong, but mentally she is weak. Bayley said she made it look easy when she held the Smackdown Women’s Championship for 380 days, while Belair has only held it for 80 days or so. A loss like last week is not a good sign early in one’s title reign. Bayley thinks she is crumbling at everyone’s expectations.

Bayley said Belair needs to get her head in the game before WWE heads back on the road. She doesn’t want to see her fall apart in front of the fans.

Enter the Smackdown Women’s Champion.

As Belair made her entrance to the ring, Cole put over her accomplishments in the last six months. Once Belair got a microphone, she told Bayley she needed a good crack in the mouth. Belair keeps beating Bayley, but Bayley keeps coming back. Belair thinks Bayley is obsessed with her.

Bayley says Belair is shaking in her boots. Belair agreed that Bayley is in her head and no matter how many times she beats her, Bayley will have excuses and still be in her head. The only way to end this? Belair has to embarrass Bayley to the point of no return. If officials will allow it, Belair said she would put the title on the line in an I QUIT MATCH.

Bayley laughed like Belair was joking, until she looked at Belair’s face. She told Belair that she has never quit anything in her life and all she has wanted to do her whole life was be in WWE. Bayley said she has accomplished everything she said she would, which is more than Belair ever will. If Belair can make Bayley say I Quit she would quit WWE, hell she would quit competing all together.

Bayley would not be surprised though if Belair said I Quit because she is not the champion she tries to portray. With that, Bayley said Belair had no chance of winning and accepted the match. Belair laughed. She said she realized how excited she is to hear Bayley say she quits.

Backstage Jimmy Uso once again goes to Paul Heyman. Uso asked if Reigns had made it yet because Edge was waiting to jump them. Of course Jimmy figured out that Reigns was apparently waiting on him to step up. Heyman just looked at him. Jimmy said he was going to go to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce to ask for time at the end of the show to call out Edge. Before we took a commercial break, Kevin Owens made his entrance to the ring.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn in a Last Man Standing Match to qualify for Money in the Bank

I truly will never get tired of seeing KO versus Zayn. How could you?! They just seem to keep stepping it up and telling a hell of a story every time. Before the match began we got a rundown of the rules of a Last Man Standing match. Then KO went right for Zayn at the bell.

Zayn got to his feet at the count of five and then the action went outside of the ring. KO utilized the barricade and the LED screens of the Thunderdome audience! He then hit a Swanton off the barricade, which left Zayn laying on the ground to the count of 6 in the Last Man Standing count. Then the announcer’s table came into play. KO looked to go for another Swanton, but Zayn moved and tossed him onto the table that did not break.

KO was in control of the match when we returned from the commercial break. He kept a good strategy to follow Zayn out of the ring if he tried to get up before the count of 10 for the Last Man Standing finish. After a little back and forth, KO went under the ring and grabbed a table. He set up one table and decided that wasn’t enough and went for another table to stack the tables! KO looked to go for a suplex off the top rope into the tables, but Zayn blocked.

Zayn then was able to make some separation and gain some control of the match. He thought after an exploder suplex in the corner he had a chance for a Last Man Standing 10 count, but KO showed resiliency. KO actually was able to counter Zayn on the top rope and hit a Fisherman’s Suplex (Brainbuster?) to keep the match going.

Before we went to another commercial break though, Zayn was able to push KO off the top rope into the stack of tables that KO set up. KO beat the count though!!! He got up at the count of 9. After returning from break, the Last Man Standing continued as Zayn introduced another table to the match! Zayn hit a suplex to KO on the ring apron! What a match!

KO was able to make it back to his feet before 10, but Zayn hit multiple Helluva Kicks after. Somehow KO was able to roll out of the ring and land on his feet before the count of 10! Who’ll be Last Man Standing? Zayn was frustrated and went for a dive between the corners, which KO stopped. Pop up powerbomb back in the ring. Then Zayn stood at the count of 7…STUNNER! Zayn rolled out of the ring. Karma came into play and KO put Zayn through the announcer’s table and the table Zayn set up. Then? POWERBOMB ON THE RING APRON A LA NXT DAYS! KEVIN OWENS IS THE LAST MAN STANDING!

After the match Edge is interviewed backstage by Megan Morant. Megan asked Edge his thoughts about Jimmy Uso’s plans to call him out later tonight. Edge knows that Jimmy and Reigns are trying to pull one over on him, but he doesn’t care. He is tired of Reigns, his family, and excuses. If they want to set a trap they will have to face an angry, vindictive son of a bitch.

Sonya Deville made her way down to the ring and we found out she will announce the next woman from Smackdown that will enter the MITB match. Then we took a commercial break.

Returning from the break, Deville announced that Zelina Vega will be the next competitor from Smackdown to enter the Women’s MITB match. Yes, Vega is back in WWE.

Vega began to talk about how it is Deville’s honour to announce her return. At MITB it will be her pleasure to grab the MITB contract and cash in at the right moment, ya know when the champion can barely stand.

Enter Liv Morgan.

Morgan couldn’t believe what was going on. She said it was bad enough that Deville put Carmella in the MITB match without her even competing for it, but now Vega? Now Deville is just rewarding people with a spot in the match. Morgan said she doesn’t deserve a spot because Vega hasn’t competed on Smackdown all year. It is not fair.

Vega said it is fair because of how many years she has been competing. And according to Vega, she is one of the most popular women competitors in WWE history. She told Morgan that she could run circles around her and embarrass her. Then? SLAP FROM MORGAN! Morgan asked Deville for a match with Vega right now to prove herself.

Then we took a commercial break.

Liv Morgan defeated Zelina Vega via Pinfall

We of course came back to the match in progress. We saw Carmella watching the match from backstage. Vega did look impressive in the beginning of the match, but did seem to get frustrated. She had Morgan rolled up, but the referee saw Vega had the tights. This then led to Morgan being able to reverse the pin attempt and win the match for herself.

Backstage Seth Rollins walked into Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce’s office and introduced himself for whatever reason with a list of his accolades. Deville said they knew who he was because, duh of course they do.

Rollins thought they forgot about him since they gave Edge the match with Reigns at MITB when they promised the match to him. Deville said they never promised they match, but said they would take his feelings under advisement. Pearce told Rollins to calm down because Edge deserves the opportunity.

Rollins said he is Seth Freakin Rollins and deserves it. Deville said the decision has been made but Rollins could have an opportunity to win the Money in the Bank briefcase if he defeats Cesaro next week.

The Alpha Academy made their entrance to the ring as we went to another commercial break.

Otis Dozovic defeated Angelo Dawkins via Pinfall (Vaderbomb)

No sense in dragging this one out. It was not a long match. Instead, Dawkins took Chad Gable out of the equation early, but Otis just took over from there in a sense. It seemed like Dawkins barely got an opportunity at offence against Otis.

We saw Paul Heyman chat with Jimmy Uso in Gorilla Position. Heyman said Reigns operates on his own time and everything he does he does for the family. He told Jimmy to go out there and be the Main Event Jimmy Uso. We saw Jimmy make his entrance to the ring and then we went to commercial break.

Returning from the break, Jimmy asked where Edge was. He said it looked like it was just Edge and him tonight. To be real with Edge, Jimmy said he didn’t need his cousin because he could handle Edge all by himself.

After asking where Edge was again, Jimmy said it seemed like Edge wasn’t man enough to face him one on one. He said it wasn’t a trap and to bring his ass out there.

Enter Edge. Edge asked if Jimmy thought he was smart with Reigns waiting in the wings. He then said he couldn’t believe Jimmy didn’t see how Reigns was using him just like he did his whole family. Reigns beat the hell out of Jey Uso until Jey finally acknowledged him. Now that Reigns has used up Jey, Edge says he is now using Jimmy in the same way. Edge asked what happened to nobody’s bitch Jimmy Uso.

While Reigns may have laid out the perfect trap, it wasn’t for Edge. Edge said the trap actually was for Jimmy. Edge hit the ring as Jimmy looked around for help and threw him into the ring posts. Then Edge took apart the steel steps, which left a little time for Jimmy to recover.

Jimmy, after a superkick, got Edge back into the ring and began throwing punches. Still no Reigns. Although Jimmy thought he was gaining control, he wasn’t. Edge got Jimmy into submission and made him tap out, but Edge wasn’t done. SPEAR!!!!

Then Edge went to the outside and grabbed a steel chair. Much like Wrestlemania, Edge broke a part of the chair off and used it in a cross face on Jimmy! Still no Reigns. As Edge had the cross face applied, he yelled for Reigns to look into his cousin’s eyes.

As we closed WWE Smackdown, Edge looked into the camera and said he does not stop.

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