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WWE: Smackdown Results | July 31st 2020

AJ Styles defends the Intercontinental Championship against Gran Metalik. While Bayley defends against Nikki Cross.

Smackdown opened with promos between Nikki Cross and Bayley, hyping up their match. Big E also had a message for his opponent, The Miz.

Everyone who was advertised to have a match on the show got a chance to cut on promo on their opponent.

After the promos we went to the Firefly Funhouse. Bray Wyatt showed up with a scuba mask, he was apparently out searching for Braun Strowman in the swamp. Wyatt wanted to make it clear to us that he never wanted Strowman to get hurt, he just wanted to help him.

Then Wyatt said He is waiting, of course meaning the Fiend. Strowman has something he wants and until he gets the Universal Championship, no one is safe.

At ringside we got the entrance of AJ Styles and Gran Metalik before taking a commercial break.

AJ Styles defeated Gran Metalik via Submission (Calf Crusher)

Styles attacked Metalik’s leg pretty much from the get go. A smart move by the champ seeing as Metalik is known as The King of the Ropes. Metalik made a few opportunities happen for himself, but it didn’t take Styles long to lock in the Calf Crusher.

After the match, Lince Dorado went in the ring to check on his tag team partner. Unfortunately for Dorado, Styles wasn’t done with Lucha House Party. For Dorado’s troubles, Styles hit him with the Styles Clash.

Backstage, Chad Gable (at least it looks like he is being called Chad Gable again), was watching what just went down in the ring, when King Corbin showed up. According to Corbin, he has always been friends with Chad and was giving him all sorts of compliments.

Gable thought Corbin was saying all these nice things in an attempt to get him to take out Matt Riddle and do the King’s work for him. Corbin admitted that would be nice, but that he also genuinely wants to help Gable out.

We got a recap of last week’s bar fight before heading to commercial break.

We returned from break to the entrance of Jeff Hardy. Hardy got a mic and said he hasn’t felt as good as he does in a long time.

While his sobriety is a never ending challenge, beating Sheamus in the bar fight was a reminder he is on the right path. Hardy said he is so much more than an alcoholic. He is grateful to his family and friends for getting him to this point and doesn’t want to let anyone down again.

Before Hardy could continue, he was interrupted by King Corbin. Corbin said his head was going to explode if he had to listen to Hardy talk about his sobriety anymore. According to Corbin, Hardy is just whining and crying about his recovery.

As bad as it is, well according to Corbin, dealing with Hardy…he said he has to deal with “no shoe wearing” Matt Riddle and Drew Gulak. Hardy told him if everyone else is the “problem”, maybe the real problem is Corbin.

Corbin said he would have came to Hardy with the ransom to take out Matt Riddle, but he knew he wouldn’t take it. Gulak then attacked him from behind as we went to another commercial.

King Corbin defeated Drew Gulak via Pinfall (End of Days)

Gulak put up a good fight in this one and almost had the match won a few times. One of the biggest opportunities came when Matt Riddle made his presence known, watching the match from top of the entrance ramp. Gulak did attempt to take advantage of the distraction, but unfortunately didn’t work.

After the match Riddle attacked Corbin! Just when it seemed Riddle had Corbin right where he wanted him, Chad Gable (or Shorty G) hit Riddle with Chaos Theory. Everybody truly does have a price.

We go to break as Corbin and Gable walked back up the entrance ramp.

Big E defeated The Miz via Submission (Stretch Muffler)

After last week, Big E began his quest for success as a singles competitor with this win over the Miz. The match began with fun light hearted Big E but after a slap to the face, E put on the serious face. John Morrison tried, and was successful a few times, in getting involved in the match but eventually was tossed from ringside. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale, but E KICKED OUT!

It was a tough match, but Big E put up a hell of a fight and E won with a SUBMISSION!

After the match, Big E said that he isn’t stopping because this is for Woods and Kofi.

Backstage Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura were in the “champions lounge.” They we’re celebrating becoming the tag team champions when Lucha House Party showed up. The Artist Collective made sure to get rid of them, champions only and all that.

Returning from commercial, we got a promo from Sheamus. Sheamus said his mistake was agreeing to fight Jeff Hardy in a bar, Hardy’s natural habitat.

For making the match as close as he did, Sheamus said that is a testament to his bravery. Hardy is no longer his problem. Sheamus said that is bad news for the Smackdown locker room because now he is their problem.

Naomi defeated Lacey Evans via Pinfall (rollup)

Once again, Evans tried to tie up Naomi’s hair in the ropes. This time Evans put Naomi’s braids in between the steel steps. This just angered Naomi and she used that anger to her advantage.

After the match we went backstage where Mandy Rose and Otis were chatting. Mandy said it had been a while since they had been out on a proper date, so she made reservations at Otis’s favorite BBQ restaurant. They talked about the food they would eat and the dessert Mandy had planned.

The two then went their separate ways to finish getting ready for their date. Unfortunately the love birds were too focused on the date, they missed Sonya Deville appearing from behind them.

Back from commercial, we saw Mandy Rose finishing getting ready for her date. Deville appeared in her mirror and then attacked Mandy! Deville threw Mandy around and drew on her face with lipstick. After smashing Mandy to the floor, Deville got scissors and gave Mandy a haircut!

Deville kept screaming about how she was going to ruin Mandy’s life. She went to look for what else she could use to destroy Mandy and found a razor. Before she could use the razor, Adam Pearce and referees showed up to stop her.

After checking in with Michael Cole and Corey Graves, we went back backstage to Kayla Braxton. Kayla was trying to explain the situation (why? no idea), when Miz and Morrison interrupted. They made a few hair jokes before Tucker ran them off.

Bayley defeated Nikki Cross via Pinfall (Headlock Driver) to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship

Unfortunately Cross could not get the job done and become Smackdown Women’s Champion. This time, while Sasha Banks did get Bayley her boss ring, Bayley was stopped from using it. Alexa Bliss also took out Sasha Banks to make the match a bit more fair.

After trading a few cover attempts each, Bayley was able to capitalize with her new finisher and walk away with her Smackdown Women’s Championship.

Nikki Cross was disappointed after the match and would not accept the help Bliss was offering her to get up. Cross wound up shoving her best friend down and leaving the ring.

Once Cross left, the lights began to go down and then the room went red. Bliss had no where to go and was stuck in the ring with The Fiend! The Fiend circled around Bliss for a moment before crouching down and holding out his hand.

Bliss appeared to be paralyzed with fear and The Fiend locked in the Mandible Claw!

And that’s the show!

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