WWE: Smackdown Results | June 25th 2021 | King Nakamura Reigns

Tensions seem high in the Roman Reigns clan. Will Jey Uso show up tonight or will the awkwardness continue?

We began Smackdown with the fall out of Rey Mysterio taking on Roman Reigns in Hell in a Cell. The destruction that occurred by both competitors was shown, but of course, we saw the Tribal Chief come out victorious.

After seeing the aftermath of Hell in A Cell (Smackdown Version), we saw Paul Heyman hyping up Reigns. He basically said that the Mysterios weren’t at the show because they were both in hospital beds.

Enter in Jimmy Uso.

We find out that Jey Uso is not going to show up tonight. Reigns is not happy about it. Jimmy did explain to Reigns that Jey Uso was not going to show up tonight. He said he called and texted a bunch before Jey said he wasn’t coming back.

Reigns couldn’t believe that Jey wasn’t showing up, but Jimmy tried to play the part of the right hand man. Reigns asked Jimmy to prove that he could be like Jey. Then we went out to the Thunderdome.

We apparently will have a state of the Universal Championship later tonight. Then Bianca Belair made her entrance to the ring and we saw the brutality of the match.

After the recap, Belair had a microphone. Belair was excited that we were on the road to Money in the Bank! There are three more weeks until they leave the Thunderdome! Belair said tonight is another opportunity for her to reflect on the things she has accomplished. Bayley tried a lot of things, but Belair walked out with the championship.

Belair didn’t allow any bullies to get to her. She then gave advice to people that they are stronger than they know.

….uhhh enter Seth Rollins.

Rollins tried to act like he was celebrating. Was he? Yes they overcame diversity, apparently Rollins defeating Cesaro was more important. He said that Belair defeating Bayley was a fluke! Then he tried to make friends with Belair and that did not go well.

Enter Bayley. Bayley said she was going to come out and congratulate Belair, but apparently Belair has been bragging and that isn’t the champion people deserve.

Bayley said she still sees Belair as a pathetic loser.

Then chaos broke out!! Cesaro made his way to the ring to attempt to even the odds.

Belair and Cesaro stood tall as we went to commercial break.

Returning from commercial it was time for the match!

Bayley and Seth Rollins defeated Bianca Belair and Cesaro via Pinfall

After the women got the match going, Belair tagged in Cesaro and this began a special pin moment. Soon we got Rollins and Cesaro struggling for control of the match.

There were a lot of switch and move evading moments, but this was fun to watch. Shenanigans of course occurred and Bayley tried to gain advantage, but it was not enough. Cesaro was able to put Rollins in the SWING! We were having fun. Bayley tried to interfere, but that did not get her team a victory.

Chaos at the end of the match? Couldn’t be WWE….or well this match. Bayley capitalized on some moves and made his team proud.

We got to see Jimmy Uso pacing backstage before we saw the ring being set up for Shinsuke Nakamura’s entrance.

Seth Rollins went to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce to say that he deserves an opportunity at Roman Reigns’ championship.

Big E defeated Apollo Crews via Pinfall (Big Ending) to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder match

This is the first time Big E has qualified for this match! We began with a bit of back and forth. Of course Commander Azeez made his presence felt! Azeez tried to insert himself into the match, but that only hindered Crews. Winning the match was a big deal for Jimmy and his spot in the family.

Liv Morgan defeated Carmella via Pinfall

Morgan may have a point. While Carmella wants to be known as the most beautiful woman in WWE….. it is a lot to handle. Carmella was fairly aggressive in the beginning of the match. Her agression did not work out for her.

Mella had some good offense but in the end Morgan was able to get one over on the former Miss Money in the Bank!

Jimmy Uso defeated Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall (Superkick)

Did Jimmy Uso prove that he has his families back? I’d say so, but I’m not Reigns. Ziggler has held a lot of championships in his time with WWE, but Uso did not hold back.

We got to see a ZIG ZAG on the steel steps! This match was fun. Ziggler and Uso both held their own, but there seemed to be a lot for Jey to consider.

The match was decent. Each competitor really put their all out on the line. We saw someone take care of Roode, but Ziggler also was someone people truly cared about.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman were ready for their state of address. Heyman continued to sing Reigns’ praise, but they faced a lot of adversary!

While the Thunderdome let Reigns know how they feel about him, Heyman tried to explain to the virtual crowd that they were wrong. Reigns doesn’t actually suck guys! According to Heyman and Reigns, Reigns has beat everyone on the roster!

Heyman went to hand the microphone to Reigns. “YOU THINK YOU KNOW ME!!!”


Edge is ready. Edge wasn’t going to wait to take on Reigns. Edge went right for Reigns. Edge, the Viking man, wasted no time. Edge threw Reigns’ head into the announcers table and then went from there. Reigns got separation with a Superman Punch, but that wouldn’t put the hall of famer away.

SPEAR!!! Edge was ready and prepared with a brilliant spear. He went to pull off a conchairto, but that didn’t work out at first. EDGE SPEARED JIMMY USO THROUGH THE BARRICADE!!! He was not playing around!

We ended Smackdown with the Rated R Superstar telling Reigns he was ready and waiting for him.

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