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WWE: Smackdown Results | June 4th 2021 | Championship Conquests

Two championship matches are on tap for Smackdown tonight. Will the Tribal Chief be happy with The Usos tonight?

After our normal WWE intro, the WWE Universal Champion and Paul Heyman made their way to the ring.

The Thunderdome made it clear how much they don’t like Roman Reigns right now. Reigns said he believes in being very direct in how he feels and last Friday night he was very unhappy. After council from Heyman and a week to think on it, Reigns changed his tune on The Usos tag team championship opportunity. He may be the center piece but he is a giver and allowed the tag team championship opportunity to happen.

To be clear though, if Jimmy Uso says they are going to win they better win. Reigns doesn’t want to waste anymore time and tells Heyman to bring him his cousins.

Enter The Usos.

Jimmy and Jey grab mics as they get into the ring. Jey acknowledged Reigns as the Tribal Chief, but Jimmy hung back. Reigns asked for Jimmy to acknowledge him. Jimmy thought he already did at Hell in a Cell. Tonight though is about becoming the 7 time tag team champions and locking down the tag division. The whole family would be proud.

Reigns still didn’t seem thrilled. He wished The Usos luck, but if they called their shot they better win. The family is watching. Reigns called for The Usos to bring him the championships when the night is over.

As Reigns and Heyman left the ring, Rey and Dominik Mysterio made their entrance. Then we went to a commercial break.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio defeated The Usos via Pinfall to retain the Smackdown Tag Team Championships

Dom and Jimmy began the match. We are informed that The Usos have never been in a match against Rey Mysterio. After a double team, Jey Uso went for the pin as a legal man. Rey was able to kick out though.

Rey with some quick moves took down Jey, but a quick tag by Jimmy put The Usos back in control. Of course Reigns was watching the match backstage. Cheap shots by The Usos helped to keep Rey from tagging in Dom.

After Rey took Jimmy to the outside, he went for a baseball slide! The slide did not work out and he wound up on the announcer’s table. Rey was able to make a comeback though and once Dom got into the match he gave it his all. After a double team, it looked like The Usos had Dom pinned, but to no avail.

Dom went for a 619, but was stopped by Jimmy Uso with a superkick! Jimmy went for a splash, but Dom got the knees up! 1 2 3!! The Mysterios retained!

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were certain that the referee made a mistake and missed Jimmy getting the shoulder up! The referee’s decision is final though.

Backstage we saw Reigns looking frustrated. Then he told Paul Heyman to bring The Usos to him.

Seth Rollins was getting ready to be interviewed by Kayla Braxton as we saw footage of him attacking Cesaro. Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from commercial break, The Usos were trying to explain to Roman Reigns that they got cheated. Reigns didn’t want to hear it. He said The Usos lost to a child. He said they called their shot and embarrassed the family. Reigns wanted them to represent the family well, but he said there is still time left in the show for them to fix their mistake. He said they need to go to Adam Pearce and fix their mistake.

They have been on Wrestlemania once, but Jey Uso in the past year has been closing shows. Reigns asked if Jimmy understood where he was coming from. Jey said he was Jey. Reigns chuckled and asked if it mattered the way things were going.

Then we went to Kayla Braxton interviewing Seth Rollins. She asked Rollins about the attack on Cesaro, then we saw footage of it. Rollins smirked after the footage and did not like hearing that Cesaro is resilient. The Architect said he did not owe Kayla or the WWE Universe an explanation.

As for if Cesaro decides to return to Smackdown? Rollins took off his mic and slowly tossed it towards Kayla. No explanation, just a slight laugh from the former champion.

Then cameras took us to The Street Profits! Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins seemed to be chatting about the tag team division when Chad Gable strolled up. Gable said he had been looking into their recents matches and he sees a downward trend. According to Gable, Ford has lost six inches on his frog splash. Dawkins’ sky high is more of a medium. Gable said they need professional management. He wants them to release their inner alpha!

Dawkins said its a no. Ford agreed it was a hard no! Gable looked pissed off.

As Carmella made her entrance to the ring we got an inset promo. Mella said she was fire and the most beautiful woman in all of WWE. When she steps in the ring with Liv Morgan she knows that all eyes will be on her and she likes that.

Then we took a commercial break.

Returning from commercial break, The Usos went to Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce. Jey was yelling about how they got cheated and he knew they saw it. Pearce said it appeared the referee made a mistake, but also the referee’s decision is final.

Deville seemed to not agree with that. She said the referee did make a mistake and they would take that under advisement. According to Deville they would review the footage and then make a decision.

As Liv Morgan made her entrance she got an inset promo. Morgan said she thought it was cute that Carmella thought she was the most beautiful in WWE. Morgan said she thinks Mella is a 7 at best, but to make her a 10 she needs Morgan’s boot to her face. After she gives her the Liv Morgan make over no one is gonna want to watch her, they all are going to want to watch Morgan.

Carmella defeated Liv Morgan via Submission (Code of Silence)

Mella began with a few slaps to Morgan’s face. After a chase on the outside, Morgan took control! Morgan threw Mella into the barricades a few times! Then Morgan bashed Mella into the ring apron!

When the action got back into the ring, Mella kicked Morgan to gain back control. Morgan had a good showing, but the veteran instincts in Mella got her the victory.

After the match Mella had Greg Hamilton redo his yell of who won the match.

Before going to commercial break we saw Bianca Belair walking backstage.

When we came back from break it looked like The Mysterios were ready to leave the building. Pearce and Deville stopped them. They said it was clear the referee made a mistake. Deville said it was clear that The Usos deserved another opportunity. Pearce said the match would happen again tonight.

Then we went to the Thunderdome where Bianca Belair made her entrance.

Belair said ever since she beat Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania, Bayley has been on her case. Bayley hasn’t done anything but laugh though. No one is laughing with her, just at her. Belair said the laugh is actually getting to her more than she thought it would.

People have been trying to keep Belair down for a long time. Belair has left her haters in the dust after she has gained accolade after accolade. She has dealt with the bullies and doubters, but no one has laughed in her face. Then she challenged Bayley to Hell in a Cell!! She promises Bayley won’t be laughing then.

She waits for Bayley. Bayley’s cackles echo throughout the Thunderdome. Bayley asked when Belair would learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her. Bayley is surrounded by photos of herself as champion. She then accepted the match for Hell in a Cell and said she wouldn’t be the only one laughing.

The Thunderdome then turned into a bunch of laughing Bayleys.

Otis paced back and forth in front of The Street Profits. He said that they need to apologize to Chad. Dawkins said he would not stroll up on them and tell them what to do. Ford said Chad Gable is holding Otis back and he needs to check out of the academy quick. Otis then delivered slaps to The Street Profits before we went to break.

When we returned to break we were reminded why King Corbin was so angry.

King Corbin defeated Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfal

As McAfee jumped on the announcer’s table, Corbin found his way into control of the match. Corbin was definitely out to get his crown back. The match was decent, but in the end Corbin snuck the victory!

Corbin grabbed his crown from the announcer’s table! Before Corbin could get away though Boogs intercepted! Nakamura came and gave a kick to Corbin! Nakamura kept the crown!

Cole and McAfee then got us hyped for the Intercontinental Championship match! We were shown what happened last week during the Progressive Match Flo.

KO was shown walking backstage when he got attacked by Commander Azeez! Officials got there just in time to stop Azeez from hitting the Nigerian Nail on KO.

Then we took a commercial break.

Returning from break we saw what happened to KO while Crews looked on smiling. KO made his way to the ring with a bit of struggle.

Apollo Crews defeated Kevin Owens via Pinfall (Death Valley Driver)

Azeez’s attack did seem to slow KO down for a while in the beginning of the match. KO seemed down and out for a while. He was able to make a decent comeback, but on a senton Crews got his knees up! Crews missed a splash and it seemed like it was his moment!

Pop up Powerbomb was not enough! The Death Valley Driver on the apron sealed it for Crews.

Sami Zayn slid into the ring after Crews left. Zayn hit KO with a Helluva Kick! According to Zayn, karma got KO.

The Street Profits said they tried to give Otis some good advice earlier. They then warned Otis to stay away or they would send him to a junkyard.

Then we went to commercial break.

Returning from break we find out that next week The Street Profits will face The Alpha Academy. Then The Usos made their entrance.

Rey and Dominik Mysterio defeated The Usos via DQ

For the second time tonight The Usos failed to capture the Smackdown tag team championships. The second chance looked good at first, but The Mysterios found a way to capitalize. Baseball slide by Rey went good, on his way back into the ring he stopped Jey and then set Jimmy up for the 619. Rey hit the 619 and then tagged in Dom. SUPERMAN PUNCH BY ROMAN REIGNS!

The bell rung. Rey tried to avenge his son but was taken out by Regins. Reigns then threw Rey out of the ring against the referee’s wishes. He then threw Rey and Dom against the barricades. He grabbed the steel steps and hit Dominik with them. Dragging the steps, he hit Rey!

Reigns threw Dom back into the ring and began throwing punches. Reigns got Dom in the guillotine, while Jimmy Uso said not like this. Jimmy left and looked for Jey to follow.

Jey hesitated and Reigns took advantage. We ended Smackdown with Reigns delivering a powerbomb to Dominik Mysterio.

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