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WWE: Smackdown Results | November 20th 2020 – Who’ll Survive?

With Survivor Series in just two short days, who will complete Team Smackdown?

The show opened with The Street Profits backstage in their championship lounge. They hyped up the Survivor Series PPV and the final farewell of the Undertaker.

Then Big E showed up! E said while the Street Profits have jokes now, they are two days away from stepping into the ring with Kofi and Woods, something they shouldn’t take lightly. While Angelo Dawkins said they would break bread with them any other day, Sunday the Profits will beat the New Day. Then E informed them that Woods and Kofi were at Smackdown and then did the New Day entrance.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods made their entrance to the ring. They explained they were invited to Smackdown and figured why not come by one more time. Then they addressed the Street Profits and said they are right to want the smoke, but only the smoke. Woods then made a segue into talking about 30 years of The Undertaker. This lead to Kofi and Woods doing their version of Taker’s sit-up.

They were then interrupted by Sami Zayn, who claimed WWE is protecting Taker by having him say his farewell. Zayn then quickly talked about his match with Bobby Lashley this Sunday.

Zayn said he wouldn’t hurt Kofi and Woods if they could say something nice about him, instead of talking about Undertaker. New Day made a compliment about Zayn looking like a recently divorced man that just put a down payment on a studio. Before they could continue, they were once again interrupted this time by King Corbin.

Corbin was less than thrilled about New Day being on “his” show. Then Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode came out! Ziggler and Roode complained about New Day and Street Profits just switching championships. According to Roode, this costed them championship opportunities.

After some meddling, Kofi and Woods thought they facilitated a match between Ziggler/Roode and King Corbin/Sami Zayn. The winner of the match would get a RAW Tag Team Championship match. Instead, the men attacked The New Day, which caused the Street Profits to come out and make the save.

Before going to commercial, Montez Ford did a dive to the outside and took out Corbin and crew.

The Street Profits and The New Day defeated King Corbin, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode via Pinfall (Cash Out)

Adam Pearce made the match official during the commercial break, Teddy Long would have been proud. The Street Profits began the match in control, attempting to show New Day what was in store for them Sunday. Once Kofi got into the match, we got a Unicorn Stomp going, but unfortunately Woods took a good elbow in the face allowing Roode to gain control.

During some of the chaos of the match, Kofi accidentally landed a move on Ford. Zayn was able to avoid being tagged into the match, until the very end.

After the match we saw Daniel Bryan chatting with Kayla Braxton when Sami Zayn came backstage. Zayn didn’t appreciate that Bryan seemed to be taking joy in his loss. Zayn got in Bryan’s face which caused Bryan to shove him away. Then Zayn retreated saying if he didn’t have such an important match Sunday he would retaliate. Then a commercial break.

Back from break, we took a look back at Jey Uso’s attack on Daniel Bryan from a few weeks back. Bryan said that he saw Uso’s interview where he said the attack wasn’t personal, which Bryan actually believes. He said that everyone has an angel and a devil on their shoulder. Then he said he wasn’t concerned about coming back too soon and that Uso should be the one concerned. If Uso was listening to the interview, Bryan said it wasn’t personal.

Then we saw Adam Pearce talking to someone hidden from the camera. Pearce said he got to pick the last member of Team Smackdown and said that this person’s story is what Team Smackdown needs. The camera then revealed the person Pearce was talking about to be Otis!

Chad Gable then came up and said they channeled Otis’ inner alpha and now anything is possible.

As Pearce tried to leave he ran right into Natalya. Natalya complained about still not being on the women’s team for Survivor Series. Apparently Pearce could also pick a member of the women’s team, but he decided on Bayley. Then we went to another commercial break.

When we returned from break, we heard from Seth Rollins about his match with Murphy. Rollins said before he took Murphy under his wing he was a no body. Apparently Rollins is responsible for every good thing Murphy has in his life. In return Rollins got stabbed in the back. Tonight Rollins said he will make Murphy pay and send him back to being nothing.

Natalya defeated Tamina via Submission to join Team Smackdown

Finally Nattie has made her way to Team Smackdown.

After the match, Bayley got in the ring to congratulate Nattie. Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan made their way down to the ring as Bayley was applauding Nattie and trying to get Bianca Belair into the ring to celebrate. Once Bayley got the team in the ring, she raised everyone’s hand.

Then we got a video on how Roman Reigns versus Drew McIntyre came about. Before going to another commercial, McIntyre made his entrance.

Returning from commercial, McIntyre waited in the ring for Roman Reigns to finally make his entrance. Once Reigns got into the ring, he took a seat at the head of the table for the contract signing.

Reigns said he knew that McIntyre could get the WWE Championship back. Paul Heyman on the other hand was skeptical, but Reigns knew he could do it. But Reigns said that McIntyre was the right guy, at the right place, but the wrong time.

McIntyre said he wasn’t going to get pissed off and flip the table because he got the match he wanted. So McIntyre signed the contract to make the match official, then it was just Reigns’ move. But before he gave Reigns the contract, he suggested Reigns take these last two days to prepare for war.

Reigns takes a moment before signing the contract, he didn’t appreciate McIntyre trying to give him advice and instead teaches McIntyre a lesson. He said McIntyre was a secondary title holder, the guy they get when Reigns is busy. Reigns then told McIntyre one more time: He is THE champion, the face of WWE, the Tribal Chief, and the head of the table. Then Reigns finally signed the contract.

We took a look back on the history between Seth Rollins and Murphy before Rollins made his entrance. Then we went to commercial break.

Murphy defeated Seth Rollins via Pinfall (Murphy’s Law)

Rollins attacked Murphy before he could even get into the ring because the Mysterio family accompanied Murphy to the ring. When the bell rang, Murphy missed with a knee and was soon sent into the barricade. Rollins had the upper hand for a lot of the match, even taking out Rey and Dom and scaring Aalyah. Murphy though was able to make a comeback and gain a victory that commentary made out to be the biggest of his career.

After the match, Rey, Dominik, and Aalyah all celebrated with Murphy. Then Sasha Banks made her entrance as we went to commercial break.

Returning from break, Michael Cole was in the ring with Banks and Asuka to ask them questions about their match Sunday. Cole asked Banks if she believed Asuka had her number. Banks pointed out that it was always Boss Time and told Asuka their was no question in her mind that she believed she was the best of the best.

Banks and Asuka exchanged a few words, then Banks threw off her heels and challenged Asuka to fight right then and there. Before a fight could happen, Carmella attacked Banks yet again.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed Jey Uso. Uso said he had the green light to speak to her and finish what he started with Daniel Bryan. He also said that everything he did to Daniel Bryan a couple weeks ago was because he wanted to do it.

Then we got the entrance of Daniel Bryan before going to commercial break.

Daniel Bryan defeated Jey Uso via Pinfall (Rollup)

The Tribal Chief may not be too happy with Uso after this match. Bryan began the match with quick strikes on Uso, eventually getting Uso into a submission of sorts. The vicious side of Bryan came out in this match, but that doesn’t mean Uso had no offense.

Smackdown ended with Daniel Bryan celebrating his victory and Jey Uso angry outside of the ring.

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