WWE: Smackdown Results | October 16th 2020 – The Premiere


We begin a new season of Smackdown with Roman Reigns defending the Universal Championship against Braun Strowman.

We opened the show with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in the ring, while the Smackdown roster was on the ramp.

Stephanie welcomed us to the season premiere. Then Triple H gave us a rundown of our main event and what else was in store for us. They highlighted The New Day, Jeff Hardy, and Kevin Owens. We also got our first look at Daniel Bryan in the Thunderdome!

When The Street Profits made their presence felt, they were attacked from behind by Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. This brought on a locker room brawl! Kevin Owens and Cesaro beat up Aleister Black in the corner, but soon KO cannonballed off the apron onto Black, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura.

We saw Montez Ford do some flying of his own, until Lars Sullivan’s music hit. Lars took out everyone in his path. Chad Gable and Apollo Crews gave it their best shot in taking Lars out, but it was no use. Jeff Hardy did manage to attack Lars from behind and get him out of the ring before we went to commercial.

Lars Sullivan defeated Jeff Hardy via Pinfall (The Freak Accident)

As Corey Graves said, this wasn’t pretty. Lars basically manhandled Jeff Hardy. Hardy was able to get some quick offense, but even a Twist of Fate would not keep Lars down.

We got the entrance of The 9 Time WWE Tag Team Champions, The New Day and then we went to commercial break.

Returning from break we got a hype video for Bianca Belair, which was really well done.

Back in the ring, The New Day had mics. Big E said after 6 years together, they had finally found the one thing stronger than the power of positivity….the WWE Draft. For the first time The New Day would be split.

Kofi Kingston got emotional, but said when he went on social media the fans reminded him of so many amazing moments. Then they went through some of the highlights The New Day has brought to the WWE Universe. When Woods talked about the origin of the group, he got emotional and thanked E and Kofi for the best 6 years.

Kofi brought up a story of a point in his career, 2012, where he wasn’t sure he wanted to wrestle anymore. Then the idea of The New Day and what they could become was brought to him. It was emotional to see them talk about the farewell of the group.

Backstage Kayla Braxton interviewed Sheamus, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura about facing The New Day in their last match. Sheamus said they were grateful to give the send off. Cesaro was ready to ruin their last moments as a team after last week.

New Day defeated Sheamus, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall (Midnight Hour)

Michael Cole reminded us that due to injuries, this was the first time the New Day had competed as a trio in over a year….they didn’t miss a beat. While Nakamura, Cesaro, and Sheamus didn’t take it easy on them, Kofi took a beating, it seemed destined for New Day to walk away victorious. The double team work by both teams was amazing, but in the end Woods, Kofi, and E fought through the offense of their opponents to get the win.

After the match, New Day had one last huddle as a team in the ring.

Backstage, Otis was being interviewed. Before Otis could even speak a word, Sami Zayn interrupted. Zayn said he didn’t think Otis was used to talking for himself. He then brought up the fact that Otis lost Tucker and Mandy Rose to Monday Night RAW, which is why Zayn thought Otis would lose his lawsuit with the Miz.

Otis just stood there looking angrier by the second. When Zayn said there were winners in life and than there are Otises, Otis finally lost it and pushed the Intercontinental Champion down.

Daniel Bryan made his entrance and then we went to another commercial break.

When we returned from break, Bryan said that being in the Thunderdome was amazing. While he loves his time at home, he even got Brie and Birdie a seat in the Thunderdome, he couldn’t wait to get back to Smackdown. Bryan hyped up the Street Profits defending the Smackdown Tag Team Championships later tonight and Braun Strowman versus Roman Reigns.

Then Bryan talked about the new faces coming to Smackdown like, Bianca Belair and the Riott Squad who he said he was excited to have on the roster. He also said he was excited to get in the ring and fight Apollo Crews, Aleister Black, and Kevin Owens. Then? Well Seth Rollins’ music hit!

Rollins said he was thrilled that Bryan was off daddy duty because it had been so long since they have seen each other. What Rollins wasn’t thrilled about? Was being forgotten about. He said he was the Savior of Smackdown, the great leader, Rollins the redeemer (pick one).

Once Rollins got in the ring he asked Bryan what side of history he wanted to be on. When it comes to the Greater Good, you’re either with him or against him. Rollins assumed Bryan would be smart enough to stand beside him and mold the future of the industry.

Bryan said while he is all for changing the future for the better, he didn’t think Rollins had a good vision. He called them short-sighted, self indulgent, and dumb. This made Rollins angry because he couldn’t believe Bryan would say that. They argued a little bit before Rollins took the first shot.

Bryan was able to get the better of Rollins during the brawl, but Rollins ran away from the Yes Kicks. At least he tried. As Rollins tried to leave, Rey and Dominik Mysterio came back, forcing him back in the ring with Bryan.

Rollins tried to play nice with Bryan and get him to have his back, but Bryan ended up leaving him to face the Mysterios alone. Before anything could happen, Murphy ran down to the ring. It looked like he would help Rollins, but then he took him down!

A huge knee strike by Murphy sent Rollins through the ropes and up the entrance ramp. Murphy tried to offer handshakes to both Mysterio men, but they weren’t having it.

As had been happening all night, we got another person from NFL Sunday discussing the WWE Draft.

Then The Street Profits made their entrance to the ring. During their entrance a video from earlier was shown. In it Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins were thrilled to be defending their new Smackdown Tag Team Championships. They said they were going to show up the show off and it would be glorious.

We then went to another commercial break.

Street Profits versus Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode ended in a DQ

Dawkins and Ziggler began the match, but soon Roode was tagged into the match. Roode stomped on Dawkins in the corner and had to be stopped by the referee. He then took a cheap shot at Ford, before tagging in Ziggler. After Ford broke up a pin attempt, all hell broke loose. The referee tried to gain control, but with all four men in the ring and not listening they called for the bell.

The brawl continued after the fact, ending with Ford taking out both Ziggler and Roode with a crossbody off the top rope.

We then saw a video of what happened in Bayley and Sasha Banks’ Smackdown Women’s Championship match last week. Sasha Banks then made her entrance and we went to another commercial break.

When we returned from break Bayley was making her entrance, of course with her trusty steel chair.

Adam Pearce was in the ring to get the contract signed for their match at Hell in a Cell. Banks signed the contract first, then said she had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Bayley said she wanted to get this over and done with so she could be rid of Sasha. She then brought up her year long title reign and how she did it all by herself. Sasha couldn’t believe Bayley was going to go with that lie. Bayley said Sasha was just being vindictive and waiting to turn on her for years.

Sasha said if she wanted to turn on her, she would have years ago. Then she brought up every moment she had stood by Bayley’s side for: bringing her in as a tag team partner, helping her win her first RAW championship, and the tag titles. While she congratulated Bayley on her “longest reign,” she said she helped Bayley every single time to keep that championship.

Sasha said at Hell in a Cell she would destroy Bayley because her name is bigger than her title. She than pushed the contract towards Bayley, who stared at it and then left the ring without signing it. One way or another Sasha said she would get Bayley to sign that contract.

Backstage Braun Strowman was preparing for his match before we went to another commercial.

When we returned from break, a video featuring Ken Jeong, Joel McHale, and George Kittle talking about who they were excited to see on Smackdown was shown.

Roman Reigns defeated Braun Strowman via Submission (Guillotine)

Reigns started off the match strong with a Superman Punch almost immediately, which stunned Strowman a bit. Strowman was able to kick out of two pin attempts, which just frustrated the champion. The match then took a spill to the outside, where the champ stayed in control until he got caught going for another Superman Punch. Strowman caught him and threw him over the announcer’s table.

After a commercial, Reigns eventually go back in control of the match. Strowman seemed to catch Reigns and halt him from going for another punch, but Reigns locked in the submission and would not let go.

Jey Uso made his appearance after the match, but did not go straight to the ring. Uso watched Reigns deliver a spear to Strowman, who just happened to still be in the ring. Reigns didn’t stop there though and was handed a steel chair by Paul Heyman.

He then summoned Uso to the ring. Reigns said that if he wasn’t at the top, they couldn’t take care of family. Then Reigns hit Strowman with the chair over and over. Referees and road agents tried to stop him, but it didn’t work. Uso finally got in the ring and Reigns dropped the chair.

Reigns told him he loved him and didn’t want to hurt him, but he is embarrassing the family. Uso is not on the same level as Reigns and it makes no sense why he is trying. Then he wanted Uso to prove himself and slid him the chair and then Reigns turned his back.

Uso wouldn’t hit anyone with a chair…at first. He baited Reigns and hit him with a superkick, then grabbed the chair! Over and over he said he loved Reigns as he hit him with the chair. The refs and road agents at ringside then swarmed the ring and stopped Uso. This led to a Superman Punch and the end of Smackdown.