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WWE: Smackdown Results | October 23rd 2020 – Next Stop, Hell

With just days before Hell in a Cell, what will the consequences be for Roman Reigns versus Jey Uso.

Michael Cole and Corey Graves gave us a rundown of what was to come tonight, including Law and Otis.

Then in the ring, Kevin Owens was ready to bring us the first edition of The KO Show as apart of the Smackdown Roster.

KO said he was thrilled to be there and introduced his first guest as former 4 time WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan. Once Bryan got into the ring, KO thanked him for mentioning him as a possible future opponent last week.

Bryan said that they have always pushed each other to be better, which is what Bryan wants from the entire Smackdown roster. KO then asked him to elaborate on where Bryan saw the future of Smackdown heading. Bryan then explained that Smackdown will highlight the best superstars in the world, which he believes they are already nailing.

He highlighted Jey Uso and Big E as guys already stepping up to do that. But he did say that having a championship defended every week….the Intercontinental Championship to be specific. KO thought that was a great idea, but then he had an even better idea: The Tag Team Championships. Owens has never won the tag titles, betrayed a lot of people, and he asked Bryan to imagine them as a tag team. Team Hell KO, the name needs some work.

Unfortunately KO was interrupted by Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode before he could continue convincing Bryan to give their tag team a shot. Ziggler and Roode said they should be talking about them, the greatest tag team on the planet. Thankfully The Street Profits interrupted.

Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins told Ziggler and Roode they didn’t forget what they tried to pull last week. No matter though, The Street Profits are up and they want the smoke. Of course the interruptions weren’t done, as Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura came out.

Bryan said they should test KO’s theory about being a tag team. Then, chaos! The eight men began brawling as we went to commercial break.

The Street Profits, Daniel Bryan, and Kevin Owens defeated Cesaro, Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode via Pinfall (Splash by Ford)

A fun match between the tag teams. Cesaro and Nakamura kept Ford isolated from his teammates for a good amount of time, but Ford was able to make a jumping tag to Bryan. Bryan started off well, but after a backflip off the ropes, Bryan seemed to have injured his knee. Cesaro and the rest tried to take advantage of the weakness, but eventually Bryan was able to tag in Dawkins. After Dawkins was in there were moves by KO and Bryan to take out Ziggler, Roode, and Nakamura. This left the tag team champions alone to do their thing and get the victory.

After the match, Cole and Graves sent us to Law and Otis. It seemed we were going into a Law and Order type situation, but the People’s Court music played as we entered court. Ron Simmons was our bailiff and JBL our judge. After asking for the opening statements, Miz actually took over for his lawyer.

Miz said he was there for the truth and said law was on his side. According to Miz, Otis has victimized him and has not upheld the responsibilities of a Money in the Bank winner. He said he is the WWE Superstar to take the briefcase.

Otis’ opening statement was simple and to the point. He believed he should keep the briefcase because he won the Money in the Bank match. Miz’s lawyer said that was a good argument, which of course got her fired. Then we went back to ringside.

Before a commercial break, Bianca Belair made her entrance.

Returning from commercial break, we went backstage where The Street Profits were celebrating their victory with Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan. Soon KO and the Profits left Bryan, which is when Sami Zayn showed up.

Zayn said he didn’t appreciate Bryan badmouthing him on The KO Show. He said he didn’t share Bryan’s vision for the Intercontinental Championship. Zayn said he believed the Intercontinental Championship to be valuable, but most importantly his. This means Zayn dictates the terms and when it gets defended. Then he asked Bryan to keep his visions to himself and walked away.

Bianca Belair defeated Zelina Vega via Pinfall (KOD)

The EST of WWE is finally on Smackdown! It was a phenomenal debut for Belair on the blue brand. Belair showed off all her power and strength against Vega. Vega may have gotten a few offensive moves in, but Belair used shoulder tackles, deadlifting Vega, and a standing moonsault to takeover.

A hype video for Lars Sullivan was shown before another commercial break.

When we returned from break, Shorty G was in the ring being interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Shorty G said he was fed up that he wasn’t drafted and felt disrespected. He took this match with Lars to prove he belonged.

Lars Sullivan defeated Shorty G via Pinfall (Freak Accident)

Shorty G gave it his best effort, even taking Lars by surprise for a short period of time. Unfortunately Shorty G wasn’t able to prove anything and fell to the Freak in a quick fashion.

After the match Kayla Braxton once again interviewed Shorty G. He coughed and tried to catch his breath, once he did he told Braxton he quit.

We then went backstage to Seth Rollins being interviewed. Rollins didn’t think it was fun that his disciple, Murphy, assaulted him last week. His idea of fun will be what he does to Murphy in their match tonight. Rollins said everyone needs to understand everyone has a role in The Greater Good. He is the Messiah, while Murphy is a disciple.

Then we saw Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman backstage before, you guessed it, another commercial break!

Returning from break Adam Pearce found Shorty G in the trainer’s room. Pearce wanted to check on him and make sure he heard right, did he quit? Shorty G said yes, he quits being SHORTY G. He said he was done playing a character and just accepting who he is. He is done being a punching bag.

Then he said only one man can achieve anything he wants, an Olympian and his name is Gable. CHAD GABLE!

Back in the ring Bayley is sitting on a steel chair. She was annoyed to even be out there. During her interviews today she got asked about Sasha Banks. All Bayley wants to do is get away from Banks and it isn’t happening.

Bayley said she wasn’t afraid of Banks, but that Banks was undeserving. She doesn’t want to give into Banks’ demands and wants. Bayley attacked Banks a couple weeks ago so she could be done with her, but that hasn’t been the case. She said that Banks is not the boss of her.

Cue Sasha Banks with the contract for their Hell in a Cell match.

Once Banks got into the ring, the two women argued about Bayley signing the contract. Bayley grabbed the steel chair and tried to attack Banks, but Banks was able to duck. What Bayley forgot about was her championship, which Banks picked up and wouldn’t give back unless Bayley signed the contract.

This led to a tug of war with the championship and Banks kneeing Bayley in the face. Banks then put the chair around Bayley’s neck and tried to force her to sign the contract. Bayley attempted to fight back, but wound up in a worse position. Eventually Banks got her to sign the contract!!

Then we went back to Law and Otis. John Morrison was on the stand. Morrison said Otis assaulted him and the Miz. He even began crying on the stand! Also a witness, Rey Mysterio! Mysterio believed that Otis was the man who walked out of Money In The Bank with the briefcase and he should keep it.

Another witness was Asuka. She spoke very animatedly in Japanese, her translator turned out to be Teddy Long! Holla, Holla, Holla! Then Tucker was called to the stand. He said Miz had crossed the line. Then things got hostile.

Shouting occurred before Ron Simmons got things under control. JBL said they would take a short recess and when they came back he would deliver his verdict.

Back from commercial it was verdict time! JBL had decided that the emotional destress, destruction of property, and unsafe work environment is the definition of a WWE Superstar. Before JBL could deliver his final verdict on the briefcase, The Miz had a final piece of evidence.

Ron Simmons then brought up a briefcase to JBL, which of course turned out to be filled with money. With the new “evidence,” JBL ruled in favor of Miz. At Hell in a Cell Miz and Otis will have a match for the Money in the Bank contract. DAMN!

A video of Seth Rollins and Murphy’s history was then shown. Rollins made his entrance to the ring and then we went to break.

Seth Rollins defeated Murphy via Pinfall (Curb Stomp)

Messiah. Disciple. Rollins tried to get it through to Murphy the whole match. Murphy brought it to Rollins, but at one point suffered a shoulder injury. Upon identifying the injury, Rollins targeted it. The match ended with Murphy taking a brutal curb stomp.

Backstage, Aalyah Mysterio had been watching the match. After the match ended, Rollins grabbed a kendo stick. Aalyah turned to her dad and brother to go out there and help Murphy. When they wouldn’t, Aalyah took it upon herself to go out to ringside.

Rollins hit Murphy with the kendo stick, which forced Aalyah to get into the ring and cover Murphy. Rollins left the ring as Dominik Mysterio came out to help his sister. Of course Rollins came back in to attack Dominik.

Rey Mysterio made the save with a steel chair in hand. While Dominik argues with his dad about how he believed Aalyah shouldn’t even be there, Aalyah helped Murphy to his feet.

Backstage some crew member knocked on Roman Reigns’ door to let him know it was time for his segment. Paul Heyman answered and said Roman would be ready when he was ready. Then a commercial break.

Back from break, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman made their entrance. Before Reigns could speak on the mic, one of the Usos appeared on the tron. They were in Reigns’ locker room and talked about how great it must be to be the Tribal Chief.

The masked Uso said it used to be great being cousins with the Tribal Chief, but that Reigns has changed so much. The Uso said Reigns has be so self absorbed he has lost connections with himself and their family. He then unmasked himself and revealed himself to be Jimmy Uso!

Jey Uso then ambushed Roman Reigns in the ring! A superkick and an Uso Splash took down the Tribal Chief! Before Jey could leave, Reigns was able to get back up and reveal the consequences for Jey if he quits Sunday. Reigns said when he makes Jey quit, Jey will acknowledge and respect him. Not only that Jey, Jimmy, their wives, and entire families are out of the family dynasty for good.

The cell was then lowered around Reigns and Heyman. Jey Uso then climbed the cell. We ended Smackdown with Reigns and Jey in a stare down.

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