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WWE SmackDown TV Report: 13th June 2014

Greenbay, Wisconsin

Hello to all wrestling fans. Another week has flown by in the WWE Universe and not much has changed since last week. Bryan is still injured and unable to wrestle. The Shield are still mad at the Authority and Bray Wyatt looks like he still has some unfinished business with John Cena. Money In The Bank is a few weeks away and already fans are expressing their dismay at the fact the one of the matches will be for the WWE Title. Traditionally the Money in the Bank PPV has been used to allow a mid card star to enter the top tier competition. I am surprised that they are not having an NXT Money in the Bank match to earn a contract into Raw or Smackdown. I think some of the stars in NXT would have been able to put on a great match.  Its still early days so who knows what they will decide to do. 

Roman Reigns and Ambrose make their way to the ring. Ambrose explains that they are not done with Evolution and Rollins and nothing will be able to keep them from getting revenge. Triple H inturupts on the big screen and tells Ambrose that he is giving him the opportunity to qualify for money in the bank with a match against Bray Wyatt tonight. He then tells Reigns that he will be wrestling right now against Bad News Barrett. 

Roman Reigns vs Bad News Barrett 

This is a nice little contest whilst it last. As soon as Reigns delivers the Superman Punch 3MB make their way down to the ring and start attacking Reigns. The referee calls for the bell and Barrett is disqualified. Reigns manages to power his way out of the attack and delivers some punishment of his own to each 3MB member on the outside of the ring. 

Jey Uso accompanied by Jimmy vs Erik Rowan accompanied by Luke Harper

Jey manages some great offence but his luck runs out when he gets caught and thrown off of the top rope by Rowan. Rowan then delivers a powerful side walk slam for the win. Rowan goes over cleanly. Looks like they are getting ready to put the titles on the Wyatt’s in the not so distant future. 

Bo Dallas vs R-Truth

An undefeated Bo Dallas dances and applauds R-Truth as he raps his way to the ring. I love the Bo Dallas gimmick and I hope it will get over with the Raw and Smackdown fans eventually. What’s interesting is when I spoke to a friend of mine who has never watched NXT  he said that he had no idea that Bo was supposed to be a heel he just thought he was a generic face that the fans were not warming too. it was only when I pointed out that he has only been wrestling baby faces that I think the penny dropped and he started to understand what Bo’s gimmick is supposed to be. I don’t think it is the lack of explanation of the gimmick I just think it is a gimmick that takes a while to grasp. It reminds me of Kurt Angles gimmick with the three I’s when he first arrived in the WWE.

Unfortunately that is where the comparison stops. Bo’s in ring ability still needs to be improved if he is going to win over the masses. Other things that he does like the victory lap around the ring and his wise words that he passes onto his defeated opponent are all great. As long as they don’t take the microphone off of him I think this gimmick still has plenty of time to get over. Bo continues his wining streak and defeats R-Truth with the Bo Dog. 

Sheamus vs Cesaro

Just in case you have not seen this match enough here it is again. A lot of people I speak to think Sheamus has become so boring he has become hard to watch. I like Shaemus I think he has a great move set but I think that his matches are just too routine. Every match you watch with him seems to be the same. I think he is a good wrestler but just needs a little  more variation in his matches. Despite Sheamus’s momentum towards the end of the match, Cesaro manages to pick up the win with an Inside Cradle. 

Bray Wyatt cuts a screen promo directed at Dean Ambrose. He tells Dean that his path to power and control his above that ladder in the Money in the Bank match. He tells Dean that anybody that tries to stop him from getting to that match will burn. 

Fandango vs Adam Rose 

The Adam Rose party train continues as he picks up the win very quickly against Fandango. After the match a disguised Summer Rae attacks Layla. 

 Jack Swagger vs Big E 

This match quickly spills to the outside and Big E finds himself in a vulnerable position from the start. It does not take long before Big E turns things around and manages to land the Big Splash. He is just about to set Swagger up for the Big Ending but Lana makes her way to the ring and distracts Big E. Swagger is able to capitalise momentarily but Big E catches him whilst he tries to deliver the Swagger Bomb and delivers the Big Ending instead for the win. 

Alicia Fox vs Aksana  

Nothing great about this match at all. Alicia Fox picks up the win. 

Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose

I thought this was a good match both guys showed why they are considered as top stars in the WWE today. Both of them have great promo skills and in ring ability and they are not afraid to show it off. Dean manages to hit Dirty Deeds on Bray but is distracted by Seth Rollins on the outside before he can cover Bray for the win. Bray takes advantage of the situation and manages to deliver Sister Abigail for the victory. Bray Wyatt earns his place in Money in the Bank. 

Another average episode but I didn’t feel like I was forcing myself to watch the majority of it. A couple of decent matches and a little preparation for things to come at Money in the Bank. It looks like Daniel Bryan is going to be out for a while which is why they have had to change direction on a couple of the main story lines. I think they have made the right decision to strip him at this point its just unfortunate that we didn’t get the big Daniel Bryan title run that some of us were hoping for. Possibly when he returns he pick up from where he left off.

– By Sebastian Bowen

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