WWE SmackDown TV Report: 14th February 2014

WWE SmackDown TV Report: 14th February 2014. This weeks show featured Cesaro vs. Randy Orton and The Shield vs. Daniel Bryan, Sheamus & Christian.

Ontario, California 

Hello to all wrestling fans. We are only a week away from the Elimination Chamber PPV and any glimmer of hope for a Daniel Bryan headlining the WrestleMania main event are like distant stars on a very dark horizon. I still remain forever optimistic that despite what happens WrestleMania will still be an enjoyable and entertaining event.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like to see the Daniel Bryan story concluded on the biggest stage of them all but I still think there is more time for his story to unfold.  With Punks unexpected departure a couple of weeks ago I am sure that some of the future plans have been adjusted to accommodate his abrupt exit. That just means that the Road To WrestleMania is going to be more unpredictable than usual which I am not too sure is always a bad thing.

Daniel Bryan, Christian, Sheamus vs The Shield 

Good opening match to get the crowd involved from the start. All the usual spots as you would imagine with Yes chants in abundance. The Shield continue to look good as they dominate a large portion of the match. Miscommunication between Sheamus and Christian causes Christian to get caught by Sheamus in a collision and Sheamus takes a Spear from Reigns. Ambrose pins Christian for the win.

Fandango accompanied by Summer Rae vs The Miz

Pretty average match the finish involved Fandango getting distracted by Santino and Emma as they made their way to the ring. Santino hits Fandango with the Cobra and The Miz finishes Fandango off with the Skull Crushing Finale.

Fatal Four Way: Mark Henry vs Kofi Kington vs Jack Swagger vs Rey Mysterio 

Pretty decent match with some nice high flying moves by Kofi and Ray. Swagger pulls off an impressive double German Suplex to Kofi and Mysterio throwing both men over his head at the same time. Swagger continues his punishment by catching Kofi’s leg in mid air as he is attempts to deliver Trouble in Paradise, Swagger counters with the Patriot Lock. Kofi taps out and Swagger wins by submission granting him an intercontinental title match against Big E at the Elimination Chamber.

The Rhodes and The Uso’s vs The New Age Outlaws and Rybaxel 

The more I watch the New Age Outlaws as champions in the WWE in 2014 I fail to understand the logic behind it. I thought the WWE did a great job last year by building up the tag division only to put everybody on hold whilst the Old Aged Outlaws have another throw at the proverbial dice. Their feud with the Rhodes appears to be just simmering at best but not enough heat to generate something amazing at the end of this gloomy tunnel.  The Uso’s continue to pull out all of the tricks but a serious title push should be on the cards right now. As for Ryback and Axel’s careers, they seem to have been moved further back than Billy Gunn’s hair line. This match is over when The Uso’s manage to pick up the win after delivering a Big Splash to Road Dogg.

Darren Young vs Damien Sandow with Titus O’Neil on commentary

This match is over pretty quickly, Unfortunately Sandow gets pinned with a nice looking roll up by Darren Young. It’s sad because Sandow has slipped off the planet these days when in my opinion he has a gimmick that should always work. The mean streak he had a couple of months ago seems to have faded away and his great match against John Cena last year seems like a distant memory. After the match Titus attempts to attack Young but Young ends up getting the better of him. The only good thing I can say about this is that they are at least trying to tease a story and a feud out of this, I just hope the writers are able to stick to it and follow it through to a satisfying ending. I remember the days when a tag team split used to be a big deal.

Cesaro accompanied by Zeb Colter vs Randy Orton 

I was excited for this match because I am a huge fan of Cesaro I am glad he appears to be getting a push at the moment. Even to be considered in the Elimination Chamber has to be a big step in the right direction for Cesaro. I only hope the only reason why they put him in the Chamber is not just to deliver a Big Swing. Cesaro genuinely has everything to be a massive star in the WWE. He has pure natural ability mixed with freakishly brute strength. He is always entertaining to watch and deserves to have the spotlight firmly placed above him in the future.

This match was no classic by any means but it had some great spots and both men looked good in the ring. The crowd were really behind Cesaro at times which is strange considering he is supposed to be a heel but I don’t think it really mattered. The finish of this match was a surprise to me because I was not expecting Cesaro to pin Randy clean. Not only did he pin him cleanly but he beat him with an impressive spinning uppercut followed by his finisher the Neutraliser. This was a massive push for Cesaro and I thought Randy played his part well to put him over.

This week’s episode was consistent with last week’s. Not much story progression but some good wrestling throughout the card. Apart from Fandango vs The Miz I would have to say the other matches were enjoyable and easy to watch.  My two favourite matches of the night were Randy vs Cesaro and the The Daniel Bryan six man tag match vs The Shield everything else was just average. If the WWE writers concentrate on story lines over the next couple of months and get some of the talent back in to some good feuds, I think everybody will benefit from it. At the moment the focus is too heavily on Daniel Bryan and the world title and everybody else just seems to be a spectator like all of us.

– By Sebastian Bowen


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