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WWE SmackDown TV Report: 16th May 2014

Hello to all wrestling fans, Its been a quiet week in the WWE Universe. The news of Daniel Bryans injury has added some more frowns amongst the crowds. I for one was looking forward to seeing him Live on Monday Night at the O2 Arena in London. I’m still looking forward to seeing the Shield and The Wyatt’s and few other Superstars and I am sure it will still be a good night. 

The Uso’s vs The Rhodes Brothers

This was an average Uso’s match. Jay takes the brunt of the offence from the Rhodes as he searches for the hot tag.Jimmy eventually gets the tag and leaps into action. Cody gets caught with a Big Kick to the face followed by a Big Splash off of the top rope. Uso’s win.  

John Cena makes his way to the ring and tells the WWE Universe that Bray Wyatt is not ready to challenge him to a Last Man Standing match at Payback. Cena says that he accepts the challenge. Cena tells us that he still feels like fighting tonight so he sends out an open challenge to any member of the Wyatt family. Cena is interrupted by Bray on the big screen. Bray continues to mock Cena and tells him that whoever is the last man standing at Payback will be the new leader to lead the masses. 

El Torito vs Heath Slater 

If I was five years old I assume I would find this entertaining but as I am not I just found it annoying. After three minutes El Torito beats Heath Slater with the Bullsault. 

Nikki Bella vs Natalya with Eva Marie as special guest referee

This match was ok for the most part but they completely botched the finish. Natalya attempts a roll up that is slowly horribly reversed by Nikki for the win. 

Dolph Ziggler vs Batista 

Batista dominates the majority of the match throwing Dolph around like a rag doll. Batista sets Dolph up for the Batista bomb but Dolph counters with a DDT. The momentum begins to swing Dolph’s way. Dolph has Batista against the turnbuckle and starts to land punches to Batista’s head. Batista hits Dolph with a blatant low blow and the referee calls for the bell. Dolph wins by disqualification. After the match Batista decides that he is not finished with Dolph so he picks him up off of the mat and delivers the Batista Bomb. He then takes Dolph to the outside and punishes him some more before finally walking away. 

Sheamus vs Titus O’Neil 

This match starts with Titus telling Sheamus that he is not fit to be the United States Champion because he is not even from the United States. The referee rings the bell to start the match and Sheamus immediately hits Titus with the Brogue Kick and pins him. Sheamus wins the match in about 10 seconds. I guess that’s the end of Titus O’Neils big push. 

Santino Marella accompanied by Emma vs Damian Sandow 

This match is over quicker than you can say Sandow is the ultimate jobber. Santino hits Sandow with the Cobra and pins him quickly. After the match Sandow attempts to say some stuff to the WWE Universe on the microphone before he is cut off. It seem like Sandows gimmick now is the angry jobber. 

Cesaro vs R-Truth 

Cesaro makes quick work of R-Truth and finishes him with the Neutraliser. 

John Cena vs Erik Rowan 

At the beginning of the match the Uso’s make their way to the ring to give John Cena some support. Rowan controls the majority of the match and manhandles Cena with his strength. Bray sits outside the ring rocking back and forth with a smile on his face as Rowan looks like he might take the win. Cena eventually gets a little momentum but Harper rushes into the ring to break it up. The Uso’s make their presence know and get rid of Harper quickly. Rowan turns his attention back to Cena but Cena manages to deliver the AA whilst the Uso’s keep Bray out the ring. 

This weeks episode was average not the worst I have seen but again nothing much really going on. Most of the matches were fine no real complaints. Payback is not too far away and I don’t think the card looks that strong at the moment it will be interesting to see what matches they add over the nest couple of weeks.

– By Sebastian Bowen


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