WWE SmackDown TV Report: 21st March 2014

Houston, Texas 

Hello to all wrestling fans, we are one week closer to the biggest event of the year. Monday Night Raw was another attempt by the WWE to turn up the intensity on Daniel Bryan’s road to WrestleMania. I have heard fans express their dismay at what Triple H did to Bryan but I think it was great booking. My only criticism is that it went on a little longer than I would have expected. Either way the point they were trying to get across and the heat necessary to book this match has been well and truly achieved.

This week’s episode of Smackdown opens with the sound of a ruckus crowd as Kane makes his way down to the ring. Kane makes the WWE Universe watch the beating that Daniel Bryan had to endure on Monday night. Kane tells them that nobody is bigger than The Authority and Daniel Bryan got what he deserved. He reads a letter from Triple H over chants from the crowd screaming You Suck. The letter basically says that it is regrettable what had to happen to Daniel Bryan but respect and order had to be maintained in the WWE.

Fandango accompanied by Summer Rae vs Fernando from Los Matadores accompanied by Diego and El Torito 

This was a very short match. The finish involved Fandango getting distracted by shenanigans on the outside. El Torito chases Summer Rae who happens to be wearing a red dress, Fandango comes to her aide and Fernando rolls him up for the win.

Damien Sandow vs Dolph Ziggler 

Sandow gets a jobbers entrance and Dolph gets to show off for his third straight win. I am fully behind the regeneration of Dolph but still sad to see Sandow as far down as he is at the moment. Dolph manages to pick up the win after hitting Sandow with the Fameasser.

After the match we get another Wyatt Family video promo directed at Cena.

Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match to become the number one contenders for the tag team titles. 

Rollins and Ambrose from The Shield vs The Real Americans vs Rybaxel vs Drew Mcintyre and Jinder Mahal from 3MB

This match starts out as a pretty average match until Reigns spears Heath Slater on the outside of the ring. At this point Kane and the New Age Outlaws make their way to the ring to take care of Reigns and the other members of The Shield on behalf of The Authority. This is more punishment being dished out for The Shield disobeying The Authority on Monday night. The Shield get a good beat down in the middle of the ring and before Kane and The New Age Outlaws exit the ring. DQ nobody wins.

Miz TV 

The Miz’s guest is tonight is The Big Show. The Miz and other WWE Superstars attempt to ambush the Big Show to increase their chances of winning the thirty man Battle Royal at Wrestle Mania.  The Big Show overcomes this and ends up tossing everybody out of the ring. The segment served its purpose it made The Big Show look strong going into the Battle Royal at Wrestle Mania.

One man that has not been mentioned who I would consider a genuine contender for the Battle Royal is Alexander Rusev. He has had a couple of promos but nothing else this could be a good opportunity to show off his talents. He doesn’t even need to win it but it could be a good way to build some decent heat if he can put on a decent performance and make it down to the final two.

Alberto Del Rio vs Big E Langston 

It sounded like the crowd booed throughout the majority of this match. The match was average nothing really stood out for me. Del Rio picks up the victory after a kick to the head to Langston. I think it’s a shame we do not get to see any of Langston’s personality. I know nothing about this guy other than he is big, strong and loves clapping his hands with white powder before his matches. Langston needs a voice quickly or like so many other stars he is going to be quickly forgotten.

The Bella Twins vs Summer Rae and Natalya with AJ Lee on Commentary accompanied by Tamina 

I am seriously not bothered about this match in any way and there is nothing much to say about it. Brie picks up the win after a couple of minutes by pinning Natalya.

Backstage Kane congratulates The Real American and Rybaxel for assisting with the punishing of The Shield. He gives both teams title shots. He then gives 3MB a chance to make history at Wrestle Mania by entering them into the thirty man Battle Royal. He then shakes hands with the New Age Outlaws and the three of them boast about the accomplishment of bringing order to the WWE.

Lana and Alexander Rusev make their way to the top of the ramp and cut another promo in Bulgarian.

John Cena vs Luke Harper accompanied by Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt 

This match was not the prettiest of matches to watch, I counted at least three botched moves but I kept willing Harper to put on a good performance. The match was average with a few spells of eye brow raising power moves delivered by both Cena and Harper. Cena tries to defeat Harper with the STF which Harper is able to counter by apparently biting Cena. Cena eventually is able to overcome the odds and lands the AA to pick up a clean win over Harper. Cena has now defeated two members of the Wyatt Family with just one member left to go at Wrestle Mania. I have found the build for this match a little rushed but I am still looking forward to seeing Bray go up against Cena. We know Bray can wrestle and his most recent matches have been nothing less than impressive. I am expecting a good match between these two despite the fact that I already believe Cena is going to win.

As I look up and down the card none of the matches tonight were memorable in any way. They were all fairly bland with a lack of any real star quality. The main event was probably the best match of the night but even that match had its problems. Not a great deal to get excited about they just seemed to be in cruise control this week and going through the motions.

– By Sebastian Bowen

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