WWE: SmackDown TV Report: 22nd November 2013

Atlanta, Georgia

After a somewhat disappointing and lacklustre episode of Raw I find myself entering this week’s Smackdown with the lowest of optimism. My fears of a poor Survivor Series appear to materialising. I only say that because there has been very little of a build up to the one of the big four PPVs that I used to love and look forward to every year. Why oh why don’t they book Survivor Series how Survivor Series is supposed to be booked. It’s like having a Royal Rumble with no Rumble I just don’t get it.

Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs The Real Americans 

Goldust starts things off against Jack Swagger, Goldust gains momentum quickly and tags in his brother who enters the ring with a missile dropkick to the face of Swagger. Swagger retreats and quickly tags in Cesaro who rushes into the ring only to be met with a kick to the gut followed by a flapjack from Cody.  He covers Cesaro but only manages to get a one count. Cesaro manages to overpower Cody for a second but Cody regains control after delivering a back body drop. He begins to work on the arm of Cesaro but Cody gets distracted by Jack Swagger and Cesaro kicks him in the face to the outside.

We return from the break to find Cody struggling to counter a sleeper applied by Cesaro. Cody finally manages to escape but Cesaro counters with a clothesline and tags in Swagger who delivers a belly to belly suplex. Swagger tags back out and lands the swagger bomb on top of Cody and Cesaro follows it up with the stamp to the chest. Cesaro attempts a pin but only gets a two count. Cesaro tags in Swagger again as Cesaro grabs the legs of Cody and slingshots him into the arms of Swagger who delivers a nice looking powerslam. Cesaro gets the tag and reapplies the sleeper hold from earlier in the match.

Cesaro throws Cody to the corner and attempts a follow up but is met with a kick to the face. Cody makes his way towards Goldust but is halted as he’s about to tag out. Cody counters Swaggers attempt and throws him over the top rope to the floor. He tries to make the tag to Goldust but Swagger pulls Goldust feet away thus stopping the tag. Cesaro hits Cody with his big signature uppercut and attempts the pin but Cody still manages to kick out.  Cody lands a moonsault and finally gets the tag to Goldust. Goldust unleashes an assault on Swagger followed by a nice powerslam. Goldust goes for cover but Cesaro interrupts the count. Swagger runs towards Goldust whilst his back is turned by Goldust ducks and Swagger goes tumbling to the outside.

Cody takes to the skies flying over the top rope and lands on top of Swagger and Cesaro. Golddust climbs to the top rope but Swagger counters and applies the Patriot Lock. Goldust stretches for the ropes but Swagger keeps him at bay. Cody comes to the rescue of his brother and delivers the Disaster kick to the face of Swagger. Swagger releases goldust but then Cody finds his legs in the grasp of Cesaro who starts the Big Swing. Cesaro eventually drops Cody and Goldust sends him to the outside with a Clothesline. Swagger attempts a School Boy roll up Goldust powers out and delivers the Final Cut for the win.

Great match to start of tonight’s Smackdown. There were plenty of nice spots at a very quick pace. Goldust and Cody are still going from strength to strength and are still managing to impress me on a weekly basis. I think what I have seen over the last few months with the Rhodes family is little short of amazing. Cody left the WWE for a short period of time and managed to return with more heat than Johnny Storm. The Real Americans are still very good but at this point I feel Cesaro is struggling to maintain his heelish persona.

Ryback cuts a promo in the middle of the ring. 

Ryback tells the WWE Universe that he has been a bully all of his life and he has enjoyed being a bully. He says that he could push each and every one of around and there is nothing that we can do about it. He issues a challenge to anybody in back. The Great Khali accepts the challenging.

The Great Khali vs Ryback 

Ryback rushes to attack Khali first but Khali quickly counters and pushes him away. He lands a Big Chop to the chest of Ryback and Clotheslines him to the outside. Khali crashes Ryback’s head into the steel steps and throws him back into the ring. Khali lands two big Clotheslines and hits him with his Big Chop finisher to the head of Ryback. Khali attempts the cover but Ryback manages to grab the bottom rope at two. Ryback regains composure and hits Khali with a big Clothesline and then delivers the Shell Shock for the victory.

For a moment I actually thought that Ryback was going to be squashed by Khali but I thought the match was booked just right. I’m not saying it was a great match but I think Ryback was able to make Khali look good despite him losing.

Vickie Guerrero with AJ Lee and Tamina backstage. Vickie tells AJ that she will need to face the Funkadactlys in a handicap match tonight.

AJ Lee vs the Funkadactyl’s 

This match quickly turns into a one on one match when Tamina interferes and takes out Cameron on the outside. There is a lot of screaming and arms flapping about and eventually Naomi picks up the win.  Tamina picks up AJ and the belt and walks up the ramp whilst the Funkadactyl’s danced and paraded in the ring.

Wyatt family video promo 

My description will not do it justice so I advise you to check it out somehow. I think It was a great promo from Bray Wyatt. I will be happy to see him finally get back into the ring because although I am a fan of his promos I enjoy his wrestling even more.

The Shield vs The Uso’s and Rey Mysterio

As much as I was a fan of Rey in the past I can’t say that I am thrilled to see him back in the ring again. He clearly has problems with his knees which I think will force him back onto the injury list once again in the near future. I think he has been great over the years but I do think it may be time for the little man to hang up the mask.

Dean Ambrose and Jimmy Uso start things off.  After a couple of quick tags The Shield gain control and keep Jay in their corner.  The Shield to double team but Jay counters with a Clothesline and a blind tag to Jimmy. The Uso’s Clothesline Ambrose and Rollins to the outside then follow it up with two Suicide dives to the outside. Jimmy attempts a High Cross Body from the top rope but Ambrose ducks and manages to tag in Rollins. Rollins takes advantage of the situation and goes for the cover but only gets a two count.

We return from the break to find Seth Rollins in control of Jay.  Rollins tags in Ambrose and they continue their punishment on Jay keeping him in their corner. Rollins throws Jay into the corner and attempts a Big Splash but Jay rolls out of the way and Rollins comes crashing down onto the turnbuckle. Jay attempts the tag but Reings runs into the ring and hits Jimmy to the floor. Reigns slams Jay to the mat and pins him but Mysterio and Jay make the save.

Jay gets the tag to Mysterio and Mysterio springs into action against Rollins. Mysterio hits a great Spinning DDT to Rollins and gets a one count before Ambrose makes the save.  Reigns delivers two big Spears to both Uso’s and lifts Mysterio up into the Powerbomb position. Mysterio counters by grabbing the top rope and sends Reigns tumbling to the outside.  Mysterio attempts the 619 but Rollins makes the blind tag to Ambrose. Ambrose smashes Mysterio with a Clothesline. Rollins then fly’s to the outside and lands on top of both of the Uso’s.

Ambrose tries to continue his assault on Mysterio but Mysterio counters and sends him flying into the ropes giving Mysterio the chance to execute the 619. Mysterio makes his way to the top rope to deliver his finisher Droppin Da Dime for the win.

The Big Show cuts a promo in the ring. 

Big show tells the WWE Universe that this Sunday could be his last opportunity to become WWE champion. Randy Orton interrupts and tells Big Show that the only reason why he is getting a title shot is because he sued the company and Triple H and Stephanie just want to punish him. The Big Show says that all Randy has ever done is what’s best for Randy Orton. Big Show says when he gets hands on Randy Orton on Sunday there will be nobody to help him.

Curtis Axel and Damien Sandow  vs Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston 

Dolph immediately hits Sandow with a Drop Kick to get things started then pounces on Sandown in the corner and hits him with a series of punches. Dolph is distracted by Axel and Sandow capitalises with a Clothesline. Sandow tags in Axel who stamps on the body of Dolph before tagging Sandow back in. Sandow and Axel continue to make quick tags keeping Dolph isolated. Dolph eventually gets the tag to Big E and Langston enters the ring like a runaway train. He smashes Sandow with a Clothesline and a Big Slpash and sets him up for the Big Ending. Axel attempts a save but gets a Fameasser from Dolph for his troubles. Langston picks up Sandow again and this time hits him with the Big Ending for the win.

– By Sebastian Bowen

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