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WWE SmackDown TV Report: 28th February 2014

Hello to all wrestling fans, what a week it has been in the WWE Universe. The Network is finally here and it is every bit as awesome as I had hoped it would be. To be honest I have logged onto the network every day since is been launched and I can’t see myself getting bored of it anytime soon. The amount of content available is incredibly overwhelming – it’s like one of my schoolboy dreams has finally materialised.

The Elimination Chamber had some great moments and I thought it was a pretty decent PPV considering I was only really looking forward to two matches on the card. Those two matches were The Shield vs The Wyatt’s and the Chamber match itself and I thought both of those matches were incredible. If you have not seen them do yourself a favour and go and watch them.

The crowd continue to express their dismay towards Batista which was carried on into Monday Night Raw. I think the WWE would have to be really silly at this point to think they can still go ahead with Orton vs Batista at WrestleMania. The crowd will just end up taking a massive dump on it and that’s not really the way I want to remember WrestleMania 30. Also on Raw we saw the huge returns of The Undertaker and  Hulk Hogan, some people have rumoured that Hogan may play a part in getting Bryan into the main event at WM30. Fingers crossed something happens.

Just when I thought the week couldn’t possibly get any better we get the launch of NXT Arrival on the Network. I thought this was an amazing show with a great opening match between Cesaro and Sami Zayn, I highly recommend you check out this and Bo Dallas vs Britain’s very own Adrian Neville. Emma and Paige also had a great women’s match for the title. NXT could quite possibly be one of my favourite shows at the moment with all of the different exaggerated larger than life characters it makes for a really fun watch, not to mention it’s not three hours long!

This week’s episode of Smackdown kicks off with…..

Big E Langston and Mark Henry vs The Real Americans 

I thought this was a decent opening match with some good spots. Most impressive was Cesaro delivering the Neutralizer to Mark Henry to pick up the win. There does not seem to be a limit to Cesaro’s talent at the moment and he impresses me every match. There was another small tease of a split between Cesaro and Swagger but Zeb Colter gets them to shake hands at the end of the match to smooth over the cracks.

Batista makes his way the ring suffocated in blanket of boos from the crowd. He tells the WWE Universe that he did not come back to be liked and does not care if they support him. He only came back to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Dolph Ziggler makes his way the ring and requests a match with Batista tonight. Batista accepts the match and Ziggler gives him a sweet Dropkick to seal the deal before heading back up the ramp.

Backstage Alberto Del Rio tells Vickie if he can’t fight Batista tonight then he will take the night off. Sheamus interrupts and tells Vickie he would love to wrestle Del Rio tonight for old time’s sake and for him wrestling Del Rio will feel like a night off. Vickie accepts and says the match is next.

Sheamus vs Alberto Del Rio

The match starts off as you would imagine Sheamus overpowers Del Rio in the opening minutes until Del Rio is able to counter and capitalise with a kick to the head. Christian makes his way to the ring and joins the commentating team. Christian interrupts the match and attacks Sheamus causing a DQ. Sheamus manages to fight back and deliver a Brogue Kick to Del Rio but Christian delivers the Kill Switch to Sheamus and leaves him lying in the ring.

Christian is back to his heel persona and I am glad because as a face I am not really sure who Christian is supposed to be, and I find his matches pretty hard to watch. As a heel he will be able to move a lot slower in the ring but with more conviction and intent. I think the days of Christian jumping around the ring like a young Uso are long gone and this change will only benefit him on his last run.

Dolph Ziggler vs Batista 

The match starts off with a lot of high energy from Ziggler, Batista eventually gets the better hand and overpowers Ziggler and this quickly becomes an ugly squash match. Ziggler receives three Spinebuster Slams before feeling the full force of a devastating Batista Bomb. Batista wins.

It’s sad to see Ziggler being used just as a jobber but who else is better at selling big moves than the self proclaimed Show Off himself. It does not look like the WWE have any future plans in pushing Dolph at the moment which is sad because he still has a lot of potential. I still love to watch what he does in the ring and what’s even more confusing is that he still seems to get huge pops from the crowds, so I don’t understand why the WWE are sleeping on him.

Next is an in ring promo from the Wyatt’s. Bray tells all of us that we should not follow false idols with fake smiles pretending to be heroes. This is a continuation of the building feud between Cena and the Wyatt’s. The promo is interrupted by The Shield who still has some unfinished business with the Wyatt’s. The Shield make their way to the ring and standoff with the Wyatt’s. Triple H makes his way out to the ramp and tells them they will not be having that match tonight and instead they will need to wait till Raw on Monday. After Triple H returns to backstage Ambrose and Rollins attack Harper and Rowan leaving Bray to stand in the ring alone against The Shield. Bray smiles and walks away and makes his way back up the ramp.

AJ Lee vs Cameron (Divas Title Match) 

This was a very quick match, Cameron manages to get some offence in against AJ but nobody saw this match ending any other way. AJ wins with the Black Widow and makes Cameron tap out after a couple minutes. After seeing Paige on NXT deliver her awesome Scorpion Cross Lock submission I would hope it’s not too long before we get to see the Scorpion vs Black Widow, in my opinion two of the best looking submissions in wrestling today.

Kane and New Age Outlaws vs Daniel Bryan and Uso’s 

The match was fine and there is nothing really negative to say about it other than it didn’t really excite me in anyway. The finish worked well, Usos take out Kane and Road Dogg on the outside. Inside the ring Billy hits Bryan with the Fameasser, Bryan manages to get a shoulder up before the three count. Bryan capitalises by hitting Billy with the running knee and picks up the win.

Not much to hype about in this week’s episode but there is plenty going on in the WWE universe at the moment so I guess it can be forgiven. Besides, the last two weeks have been an improvement but this week’s episode felt a little flat for me or it could just be I have been watching too much wrestling, if there is such a thing as too much.

– by Sebastian Bowen


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