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WWE SmackDown TV Report: 2nd May 2014

Kansas City/ Missouri

Hello to all wrestling fans, We are just two days away from Extreme Rules the first Special Event since Wrestle Mania 30. After a lack luster ‘go home’ episode of Raw this Monday I am hoping that something on tonight’s show will get me in the mood for Sunday. Apart from The Shield and The Wyatt’s I am finding it really hard to get excited about anything else on the card.

This weeks show opens with the Wyatt’ on the big screen announcing to Kansas that they have arrived.

The Uso’s with Sheamus vs The Wyatt’s

Despite the fact that Sheamus looked like he was crowbarred into the match at the last minute, its not a bad match. The same usual high flying spots from the Uso’s and freakish displays of strength from Sheamus. The Wyatt’s take control of the match pretty quickly and isolate Sheamus from his partners. Sheamus eventually gets the hot tag to Jimmy and Jimmy explodes into action. Jimmy’s success is short lived before the Wyatt’s retake control. There are a couple of moments in the match when the ref could have disqualified members from both teams for entrering the ring but instead he ignores the pandemonium around him and lets the match continue. Once the dust settles Jay finds himself in the clutches of Bray Wyatt who delivers Sister Abigail’s Kiss in style. Wyatt’s win. After the match Jimmy tries to attack the Wyatt’s by diving onto them to the outside of the ring but he only finds himself in more trouble when the Wyatt’s finish him off.

Next Vickie Guerrero introduces us to the contract signing of the match between El Torito and Hornswoggle this Sunday at Extreme Rules. I had no interest in this whatsoever. It was a silly segment and I am in no way looking forward to the match. As much as I would like to see some great wrestling from these two, unfortunately I can only see them being exploited and made fun of. I am sure JBL will have a book of short jokes and none of them will land with me.

RVD vs Jack Swagger w Paul Heyman on Commentary accompanied by Cesaro

This match does not last more than a few minutes. After distraction from the outside by Cesaro, Swagger finds himself on the receiving end of a Five Star Frog Splash. After the match Cesaro enters the ring and delivers the Neutraliser to Swagger.

R-Truth accompanied by Xavier Woods vs Alexander Rusev accompanied by Lana

I have heard a lot of grumbles regarding Rusev but I have no problem with the man especially if he continues to come to the ring with Lana. I don’t think the character has got over with the crowd yet but I am hoping it will at some point. I am hoping that Rusev will actually have a match with a formidable opponent some time soon. I get the reason for the squash matches but it can get very boring very quickly. After a few minutes this match ends in disqualification after Xavier woods enters the ring and jumps on Rusevs back.

An injured Daniel Bryan sporting a neck brace makes his way to the ring. He tells the WWE Universe that this Sunday he is going to take Kane to hell for putting his hands on his wife. Kane appears on the Big Screen and tells Bryan that he likes hell and proceeds to show Daniel Bryan what he can expect to see at Extreme Rules. Kane ends the segment laughing at Daniel Bryan.

Los Matadores vs Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater from 3MB

After two minutes of tomfoolery 3MB pick up the win after Heath Slater pins one of the Matadores.

Dolph Ziggler vs Damien Sandow dressed as Magneto from the Xmen.

I really cant believe that Sandow had to wear this costume for a second week. He has fell so far from grace that I don’t think there is anyway back for him at this point. Dolph puts Sandow out of his misery after a few minutes by hitting him with the Zig Zag. Looks like Dolph is still on the way back up but Sandow cant catch a break.

Big E vs Titus O’Neil

Titus unleashes a torrent of aggression on Big E from the offset and beats the hell out of him. Titus takes him to the outside and throws him into the announce table. Titus takes Big E back to the ring and ends up getting disqualified after refusing to stop stomping on Big E when Big E has his hands on the bottom rope. After the match Big E returns the favor by destroying Titus O’Neil by pretty much doing the same thing Titus just did to him. This was a confusing match to watch and at moments some of the spots looked pretty dangerous. At one point Big E tumbles off of the announce table and almost breaks his neck. I’m not sure this made Big E look good going into his title match on Sunday.

Bray Wyatt cuts another long awesome promo on the big screen directed at John Cena. He is relishing at the prospect of facing Cena in the cage this Sunday.

Fatal Four way for the United States Championship

Dean Ambrose vs Alberto Del Rio vs Curtis Axel vs Ryback

The match begins as you would imagine with all men attacking the champion. Ambrose is tossed to the outside and then it becomes everyman for himself. There are a lot of entertaining moments in the this match and I thought everybody looked half decent. After everybody has had the chance to show off their finisher followed by a couple of near falls, Ambrose sneaks back into the ring and rolls up Axel for the win. After the match Axel and Ryback attack Ambrose but Reigns and Rollins come running to the rescue and dish up a three man Power Bomb for Axel. The Shield look strong going into Sunday and I think we could be in for a treat if the match goes to plan. I haven’t ruled out the possibility of a swerve at the end of this match either.

I have no doubt that there will be some decent matches at Extreme Rules but I cant say that I am really excited about it. The only matches I am really looking forward to are The Shield vs Evolution and Bray vs Cena. The Kane and Bryan story has been done before it just feels like they didn’t have anything better set up for Bryan. This is not the match I thought would be headlining the next special event after Wrestle Mania. I was hoping that this would possibly be the last match between these two but when Bryan claimed that this was a war and Kane claimed that this was just the beginning I have to admit I let out a huge sigh of dismay. Who knows what other surprises the WWE could have in store for us. This is the first official ‘Special Event’ as its now called, they may try to mix it up a bit. We have seen a lot of changes over the last month so it will be interesting to see if they change anything to the format, style or the look of the big shows going forward.

– By Sebastian Bowen


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