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WWE SmackDown TV Report: 30th May 2014

Hello to all wrestling fans, I am here yet again to bring you up to date with all of the action that happened on this weeks episode of SmackDown. In my opinion it has been a pretty quiet month in the WWE Universe and it does not look like it is going to get any louder any time soon. Here we are just two days before the next Special Event (Payback) and I find myself looking forward to the same amount of matches I was looking forward to last month. Two. Yes just two, and both matches happen to star the same wrestlers. That’s not because I am madly fanatical about The Shield or the Wyatt’s but because there are no other engaging stories on the show. Everything else feels and looks like a half ass attempt at a story. I would love to say I am looking forward to all of the matches but I am not even sure what the other matches on the card are. I am starting to get worried with about the lack of exposure and promos from all of the other Superstars on the show. 

This weeks opening contest is Cesaro v Kofi Kingston.

Cesaro has a convincing win over Kofi Kingston. Kofi makes a mistake by attempting an attack from the top rope but gets caught with a big uppercut.  

The Shield make their way to the ring and respond to what happened to them on Monday night Raw. They tell Evolution that they will find out on Sunday who are the better team. 

Bo Dallas vs Xavier Woods

Bo continues his winning streak by defeating Woods with no real trouble. Bo delivers the BoDog for the victory. 

Jinder Mahal vs El Torito 

Jinder is the final member of 3MB to go up against the little bull.His fate is no different from the others. In a matter of minutes he is pinned by El Torito who delivers the Bullsault. 

Shaemus vs Bad News Barrett with Paul Heyman on commentary. 

Shaemus starts the match off well, demonstrating his strength against Barrett. The match eventually spills to the outside and Barrett gains control of the match by kicking the stairs into Shaemus. After a couple of near falls from each Superstar,  Shaemus lands the Brogue kick on the chin of Barrett and manages to pick up the win 

Big E vs Titus O’Neil 

This is a rematch from four weeks ago when this match ended in disqualification. Titus gets a Jobbers entrance and Big E makes his way to the ring waving an American flag. Before the match begins Lana and Rusev make there way to the ring waving a Russian flag. Big E makes quick work of Titus and delivers the Big Ending for the victory. 

Adam Rose vs Jack Swagger

Adam Rose has a comical five minute with Swagger. After a lot of cat and mouse between the two stars Adam Rose manages to roll Swagger up with an unorthodox style pin.  Jack swagger sits in the ring in shock after being beaten by the lollipop sucking party boy. 

Bray Wyatt vs Jimmy Uso in a Last Man Standing Match 

This match was not bad. Bray dominates the majority of the match. Jimmy ends up losing the match after injuring himself on the stairs after a failed attempt of a charge towards Bray. Bray quickly capitalises and hits Jimmy with Abigail’s Kiss. Jimmy stays down for the refs ten count and Bray wins the match. 

This weeks episode was another average week of wrestling. No real big surprises. Considering this was a go home episode of Smackdown you would be expecting a little more. WWE certainly has its problems at the moment in the background with share prices falling in the last two weeks but they need to keep their eye on the prize and focus on the product. It does fell like since Wrestlemania we have just been in one long holding pattern. Payback has barely been pushed at all and many people I have spoken to this week can not name more than three matches booked on the card. I hope WWE is not getting lazy on the PPV’s now that they already have my money. Everything seems a little flat at the moment and a big injection of something is needed to get the show back on the road. Payback could hold some surprises for us but I must admit I am not feeling excited or optimistic about it at the moment.

– By Sebastian Bowen

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