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WWE SmackDown TV Report: 6th June 2014

Hello to all wrestling fans, It has been a crazy week in the WWE Universe. After a surprisingly good PPV last Sunday that was followed up by a shocking episode of RAW I am happily restored with new found optimism in the WWE. The story line with Daniel Bryan is still broken but there are other things going on that are starting to put a smile on my face.  

This weeks episode kicks off with the Uso’s vs Rybaxel

The Uso’s hit most of their usual spots and pick up a very comfortable win against Rybaxel.

Triple H and Seth Rollins make their way to the ring. Triple H gloats about being right and says he always wins. Seth Rolllins says he does not owe an explanation to anybody. Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the top of the ramp and tells Seth that he has lost all respect for Seth after what he did on Monday night. Triple H decides to punish Dolph for his insolence and tells him that he will have to wrestle Seth right now. 

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler with Triple H at ringside. 

This was a good match between two talented individuals I didn’t expect Dolph to win and he didn’t but he showed once again he can put on a decent match and put a guy over at the same time.The match finishes after Seth delivers the Curb Stomp to Dolph for the win.  I preferred when that finisher was called Peace of Mind or Blackout. 

Rusev vs Xavier Woods 

I thought after the Big E match at Payback we would begin to see Rusev in more competitive competition. Unfortunately I was wrong and this was another quick squash match.  Rusev wins by submission with the Accolade. 

RVD vs Cesaro vs Bad News Barrett – Intercontinental Championship Triple Threat Match

Average match with a couple of good spots. I was glad to see Barrett retain his title. Barrett delivers the Bull Hammer to RVD after RVD had just delivered the Five Star Frog Splash to Cesaro.   

Bray Wyatt cuts a video promo addressing his recent loss to John Cena. He basically says that since his match with Cena he has been reborn and he is stronger than before. Good promo as usual. 

Natalya vs Alicia Fox 

Natalya manages to pick up the win after Alicia Fox attempts a back breaker but looses balance and Natalya falls on top of her for the win. After the match Alicia Fox has another temper tantrum. 

Santino Marella accompanied by Emma vs Bo Dallas

After some fun and games at the beginning this turns out to be a very quick match. Bo Dallas defeats Santino with the Bo-dog. 

Randy Orton v The Big Show

I thought this match was pretty boring to be honest. There was nothing really wrong with the match but I was not blown away by anything they did.The match ends with Orton getting disqualified because Seth Rollins runs in and attacks The Big Show. After the match Seth delivers two Curb Stomps to the Big Show. Orton, Triple H and Seth Rollins stand victorious in the middle of the ring. 

Like I said in my intro its been a good seven days in the WWE universe and I hope they can keep this new found momentum going. Money in the bank is a PPV I usually look forward to and this year looks like it could be a good one. I am interested to see what happens to the Shield over the next couple of weeks and what Bray Wyatt’s plans are going to be going forward. I thought Harper and Rowan had a pretty good match against the Uso’s on Raw and it wont be too long before they are knocking on the door for a title shot. This weeks episode was far from amazing but I thought it was an reasonably enjoyable show.

– By Sebastian Bowen

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