WWE SmackDown TV Report: 7th March 2014

Hello to all wrestling fans, yet another crazy week in the WWE Universe. After the failed hijack but awesome booking on Raw this past Monday in Chicago I am left thinking that the Authority at the WWE might be a lot smarter than we give them credit for. The mystery of Punks disappearance continues and Daniel Bryan’s road to Wrestle Mania’s Main event for still seems to be on course in some kind of way.

Christian vs Dolph Ziggler with Alberto Del Rio on commentary 

This was a decent match that gave Christian the opportunity to work his heelish persona against one of the best bumpers in the business. The match is not greatest but it hits all the right spots to keep you entertained throughout. After several minutes Del Rio jumps up on the announce table and distracts Dolph long enough for Christian to deliver the Kill Switch. Christian wins.  After the match Renee Young attempt to interview Christian in the ring however an angry Sheamus makes his way down to the ring and Christian quickly makes a fast exit. Nothing much to say about this other than what I said last week, Christian as a heel is more interesting and its cool to see him use the Kill Switch.

Batista cuts an in ring promo and tells us all how he beat Daniel Bryan in the middle ring and it was easy. Batista says Bryan is no hero. Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring and says Batista is no hero. Batista says that Bryan is just a fan that will get to watch him go to Wrestle Mania and win the title. Bryan tells Batista that his skinny jeans must be so tight that they have cut off the circulation to his brain because he is misremembering the events from Monday night Raw. Batista says that the WWE Universe is his universe. Daniel Bryan says he would hate to live in Batista’s universe and begins to insult Batista.

Batista attacks Bryan but Bryan retaliates and gets the better hand. Kane makes his way down to the ring and attacks Bryan. The Big Show makes his way to the ring to defend Bryan. Vickie Guerrero makes her way to the ramp and tells all the men in the ring that they will get the opportunity to fight each other tonight in a tag team match. Daniel Bryan and The Big Show vs Batista and Kane.

Rybaxel vs The Uso’s 

Again this was another decent match and the Uso’s looked good as the tag team champions. These guys have worked long and hard to reach the top and I am pleased to finally see them as champs. The match was typical of any Uso’s match, they finish with a Big Splash off the top rope.

Natalya and Eva Marie vs Tamina and AJ Lee

Maybe I am just in a good mood today but this match felt a tiny bit better than usual. It still wasn’t anywhere near good but it looked a lot less botchy than usual. For the majority of the match the inexperienced Eva Marie gets punished by AJ and Tamina until she is able to make the hot tag to Natalya. Natalya enters the ring and looks half impressive hitting AJ with a couple of Snap Suplex’s before locking in the Sharp Shooter for the win.

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns make their way to the ring with the noticeable absence of Seth Rollins. Ambrose accuses Rollins of not having his and Reigns back on Monday night against the Wyatt’s. Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring. Seth tries to explain that the he did what he did to make a point and get the team back on the same page. Ambrose disagrees and says he walked away instead of fighting like he did. Rollins says let’s stick together and do what we do and take control again. Ambrose disagrees again and pushes Rollins. Reigns pushes Ambrose away from Rollins. Rollins say he knows what will make him feel better and slaps Ambrose in the face. He tells Ambrose to hit him back and it will make him feel better. Ambrose hits Rollins hard. Rollins asks are we done here or are we done then raises his fist. Reigns Joins Rollins and puts his fist against Rollins fist. Ambrose is reluctant at first but eventually the three members of the shield stand united in the middle of the ring with their fists together.

I thought this was a good promo, I am glad they are taking their time with this split. To be honest I won’t even be too bothered if the split never happens. I think the Shield are awesome as a trio and can still continue to entertain us without being divided. I can understand the need to push Reigns as singles star but I still think there is plenty of time for that to happen in the future.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus 

Sheamus is nursing an injured arm throughout the match. Del Rio capitalises by attacking the arm every opportunity he gets. Despite the pain Sheamus shows his strength by relentlessly fighting back. Del Rio eventually locks on the Cross Armbar but Sheamus manages to power out and throws Del Rio to the mat. Del Rio locks it on again but Sheamus manages to reach the ropes. Del Rio gets distracted by the referee for a moment and Sheamus manages to hit him with the Brogue Kick.

I was expecting Dolph Ziggler to be the distraction for Del Rio in this match due to the earlier interference by Del Rio in his match. I thought it was weird that they didn’t follow up with that after setting it up earlier in the show.

The Wyatt’s cut another very good prom against John Cena that I would recommend watching.

Alexander Rusev and Lana cut another promo on the ramp unfortunately I can’t tell you what he said because I do not speak Bulgarian.

Emma and Santino vs Fandango and Summer Rae 

This was a very quick match. Emma gets Summer Rae to tap out with the Emma Lock after a few minutes. Emma and Santino win.

Daniel Bryan and The Big Show vs Kane and Batista 

This was a fun entertaining match The Big Show looked like he was in good shape Batista however did not. He was breathing heavily throughout the whole match and looked as if he was struggling to keep up with the pace. Bryan hit most of his usual spots and the crowd were really into it as you can imagine. The finish involved The Big Show delivering a sneaky Knock Out Punch to Kane whilst standing on the outside of the ring so Bryan could roll Kane up for the win. This worked well and they got the win but my problem is the referee was looking right at it when it happened and didn’t call for disqualification. Sometimes little things like that can irritate me. Other than that the match was fine.

I think this week’s episode was between average and good. It was entertaining enough to watch but there was not much story telling going on. Over the next coming weeks I am expecting a little more surprises and excitement as we lead into Wrestle Mania 30.

– By Sebastian Bowen

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