WWE: Summerslam 2010 Results | August 15, 2010

Summerslam 2010 | August 15, 2010
Staples Center | Los Angeles, California

In my opinion, it was a PPV that was worth the Main-Event! Unlike in previous years, there were no gimmick matches or promised comebacks, so WWE tried to squeeze out the best they could and so promoted the event’s mystique and weekend as if it were WrestleMania a little bit. smaller, and directing the focus entirely to the Main Event, and therefore, it was a PPV that, even already in progress, was creating mouth-watering for the 7 vs. 7.

Summerslam 2010 | WWE Intercontinental Championship:
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Starting with Kofi vs. Ziggler, it has already been noticed that they want to keep the Intercontinental Title in Vickie Guerrero’s new boyfriend, but passing the image that the Ghanaian is superior and putting him on higher flights and consequently giving him these near victories is something that will hopefully end quickly.

Winner: No Contest

Summerslam 2010 | WWE Divas Championship:
Alicia Fox (c) vs. Melina

We have a Divas match to follow that, taking what I said earlier when I was talking about Night of Champions, I hope they unify the titles, it was the best for everyone, especially if you want to spend Natalya, Tamina and Serena cartridges later. Melina won just for them to say: “Hey, we have a known champion here, check out the women’s division which is interesting!”. This idea is so far-fetched that Michael Cole refers to Melina as one of the greatest of all time.

Winner: Melina (New Champion)

Summerslam 2010 | Big Show vs. The Straight Edge Society
(CM Punk, Joseph Mercury and Luke Gallows)

Big Show vs. Straight-Edge Society just because CM Punk is still recovering from injury and seeing the giant against the other two doesn’t sell. However, it has also served to tease the break-up of SES, something even WWE Magazine references. Right now, the Chicago man is in need of a major win because he’s been selling really badly lately.

Winner: Big Show

Summerslam 2010 | WWE Championship:
Sheamus (c) vs. Randy Orton

WWE thinks about things and wants to take advantage of the reactions that Randy Orton has every week and all the impact he’s having, still only 10 years into his WWE career. He’s one of the men of the moment and he needs these important matches. However, at the same time, he wants to consolidate Sheamus and they didn’t want to take the WWE Title away from him yet, so the result could only be this, but it’s still a shame that these sort of finishes happens at a PPV like SummerSlam. I wonder if Triple H had come back as predicted, would he have won the belt? Well, it’s hard to imagine not, however, he didn’t need it more than RKO, so in my opinion, they could have risked a little more.

Winner: Randy Orton (by disqualification)

Summerslam 2010 | World Heavyweight Championship:
Kane (c) vs. Rey Mysterio

In 2008, Kane vs. Rey Mysterio would certainly be one of the weakest mid-card matches in secondary PPVs, at SummerSlam it was one of the main matches, and the only improvement was a coffin next to the ring to try to give it some sort of gravitas. It didn’t work.

Winner: Kane

Summerslam 2010 | 7-on-7 Elimination Tag Team match:
Team WWE
(Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Edge, John Cena, John Morrison and R-Truth) Vs. The Nexus (Darren Young, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Michael Tarver, Skip Sheffield and Wade Barrett)

I confess that as a wrestling fan, it’s been a long time since I’ve waited so eagerly for a match like this, and considering that my passion for the sport has even gone through a period of decline, this is a huge compliment to the way WWE has been working. the angle.

For me, the combat was very well worked, excluding two details:
1) Everyone has already realized that Bret Hart cannot bump or be subject to certain types of blows, and I soon remembered that and asked myself the question: “how would he be eliminated?” Two answers came to mind: either he suffered a low blow, fell slowly and was pinned, or he was disqualified. But the point here is that Bret Hart was sold during the weeks leading up to the event as someone experienced who came to the team to try to control the emotions of six other men with huge egos who are not used to working together. Well, that experienced member is the first to fuck up! Nice booking yes sir!

2) The second detail has to do with the last moments of the fight, in which Cena is beaten, suffers a DDT on the cement and suddenly manages to get speed to get away very quickly from a 450th Splash from Justin Gabriel and strength to press well the STF in Wade Barrett. I confess that I really like Cena, but last Sunday I felt the first signs of fatigue regarding Super Man, especially because Barrett, who should be sold as a legitimate candidate for the WWE Title in the future and the best (at a long distance) of the Nexus, he was eliminated in a very short time when he could have spent at least a minute or two beating Cena.

Otherwise, nothing to say, great fight with some good historical context!

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