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WWE: The Next WWE UK PPV | Where, How, And When?

It has been nearly 30 years since Summerslam made its way across the pond. It was one of the all-time great PPVs and fans have been clamouring for a return to the U.K ever since. With the 30th anniversary coming up, there have been rumblings in the wrestling world that WWE is considering bringing back the big, stadium, WWE UK PPV.

With the potential of a WWE UK PPV return, one must wonder where the event will be held. WWE will naturally want to set an attendance record with the event, surpassing the 80,000 that they accomplished on their last trip. There is a ton of stadiums in the UK that would help WWE to hit that number, below we will take a look at five candidates.

Wembley Stadium – London, England

Gone is the old Wimbley Stadium where they held Summerslam 1992, but in its place is the New Wembley. Built on the ruins of the old stadium the newer Wembley would be a perfect place for a WWE UK PPV.

The history between WWE and Wembley is already there.  The vignettes and historical moments that Vince loves so much would be easy to write. Add to that the fact that Wimbley’s max. capacity is 90,000 and you have a perfect situation for WWE and their biggest show ever in the UK.

Murrayfield Stadium – Edinburgh, Scotland

This is more of a dream guess than anything, but what a show it could be. WWE presently has a prominent member of its roster from Scotland. Building a show around Drew McIntyre going for a championship would be a great way to get a British Bulldog type pop from the crowd.  It would create that great snapshot that WWE loves so much.

Murrayfield Stadium could also provide a huge attendance number for WWE. The stadium’s highest attendance is recorded at 60,000 so there is potential there.

Olympic Stadium – London, England

London 2012 Olympic Stadium - Buro Happold

If not Wembley, Olympic Stadium could be the next logical choice. Being the home of the Olympics makes for a great place for the WWE UK PPV to be held.

WWE has also just signed an Olympian and looks to push him in the future. A year from now he could be on the cusp of the main event and what a way to get him over by getting a win in Olympic Stadium.

The London stadium also has a maximum capacity of nearly 80,000. Those are the types of big numbers that WWE lives for.

Principality Stadium (Millennium Stadium) in Cardiff, Wales

Welsh Rugby Union | Wales & Regions | One Off Rugby Hospitality

Again, it would be great for WWE UK PPV to come to the U.K and explore areas outside of London. Going to Wales would be an interesting direction for WWE. Millennium Stadium is a huge stadium that can seat up to 74, 000. Those are the types of figures WWE would be looking for at a WWE UK PPV.

Unlike others in the U.K, the stadium in Cardiff has a retractable roof. Depending on weather conditions this could become very useful.

Twickenham Stadium – London, England

The second-largest stadium in England, and the fourth largest in Europe, would be an ideal setting for the Biggest Party of the Summer.

The stadium is no stranger to big events. Holding numerous concerts over the years, plus hosting various American football games when they come over the Atlantic.

For all the events that have been hosted over the years, Twickenham Stadium has a great track record. Hitting attendance marks consistently over 80,000. It would be great to see WWE go into Twickenham and set some new records.

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