WWE Superstars TV Report: 13th June 2014

Noteworthy: Titus O’Neil seems to be exclusively on this show, this week jobbing to Dolph Ziggler. 3MB have their last TV appearance before Mahal and McIntyre’s release.

Dolph beat Titus O’Neil with the Zig Zag in 5:30

Dolph may need to get used to losing now that these guys have been released. He was really over with this crowd – which really isn’t that unusual – and these two wrestled a perfectly fine match. Dolph wasn’t too rushed, Titus paced things well.

Dolph bumps all over for Titus out of the lock up and eventually hits a drop kick to finally take Titus down to the mat. He goes to the second rope and hits a cross body but is caught and O’Neil reverse it into three back breakers, before tossing Ziggler to one side.

O’Neil beats him up now with stiff looking (and sounding) slaps and forearms. He then lifts Ziggler to his shoulder and drops to his knees to hit a huge backbreaker and gets a near fall. Dolph tries to power up for a comeback but is immediately hit with a huge clothesline that looks like it pretty much knocked Dolph’s head off. Titus carries on the onslaught with a scoop slam, followed by a huge Hogan-esque leg drop for another near fall.

You know by this point that O’Neil isn’t winning this one. He goes for a torture rack style hold on Ziggler who wriggles out, dodges the subsequent charge to the corner and both men go to the mat for a seven count to build the drama. Titus is up first and Dolph reverses his charge into a DDT.

The finish sees Dolph go for the famemasser, who is blocked by a big boot and out of nowhere Dolph hits the Zig Zag to steal the win.

The Raw rebound was a music video about Daniel Bryan’s current plight and the title match at Money in the Bank. This was followed by a package that storylined Seth Rollins’ turn.

In a rare treat, Byron Saxton interviewed 3MB with Hornswoggle backstage. They made some references to hair and purposefully messed up a gag about Adam Rose being the grass and them being the lawn mowers. They looked like goofs.

Adam Rose beat Heath Slater (w/ Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre & Hornswoggle) with the Party Foul in 7:33

Heath Slater rarely works but is way better than Jinder and more entertaining than Drew. This was all comedy but that’s about as much as you could expect here. Drew and Jinder’s last moments on WWE TV were being knocked off the apron by Adam Rose.

Headlock, wrist lock exchanges kick this off until Rose shows off his impressive ability to do forward rolls. Copied by Slater, who does a weaker job at them, Rose rolls him up trying to steal an early win. When he kicks out, Rose smacks his ass and then hits him with a drop toe hold and begins to ride him like a donkey round the ring, pulling his hair and smacking his ass. Really. This happened.

Slater is pissed off – as you would be – and gets up and shoves Rose. Rose retaliates with a European upper cut and so Slater rolls out the ring for a breather. Rose follows, hits him with a big kick to the head, rolls back in and we crash to the break.

Rose hits a huge top rope cross body when we return and gets a near fall. Slater uses a heel kick to get a near fall of his own and then we go to a rest hold. Meanwhile, on commentary, I swear Tom Philips genuinely said, “Heath Slater, the veteran of the WWE”. What?

Rose goes for a sleeper but Slater gets out by hitting a big side suplex and we get a near fall. Then another rest hold. Scoop slam from Slater allows Rose to try a small package but when Slater kicks out, we go to the finish.

Rose hits an inverted atomic drop, a spinning neckbreaker, a forearm and takes out Jinder and Drew who are on the apron. Hornswoggle interferes, walks across the ring and so Rose grabs him and pulls his wig off. He hits the Party Foul for the win.

A nothing match that was all comedy and saw the end of their WWE careers for Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre.

The Raw Rebound finished this show – Shield & Cena v Wyatts.

– By James Cox | @wweukblog

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