WWE Superstars TV Report: 16th May 2014

Noteworthy: After seeing the tag champs and the Divas champ on this show last week, Superstars becomes just another show again. Sin Cara is now in cahoots with Los Matadores and El Torito.

Kofi Kingston beat Titus O’Neil with the Trouble in Paradise in 4:47

It seems to be that these two are ever destined for lower mid card mediocrity. This is the third meeting in nearly as many weeks between these two on Superstars. The matches are OK but there’s no real heat here. You could probably predict the layout for this kind of match.

Titus gets the early going, and floors Kofi with a big boot to the mat and then picks him up onto his shoulder and falls to the mat by way of a back breaker. When Kofi gets up he’s treated to a club/clothesline to the back of the head. O’Neil gets a couple of near falls and the crowd start up the Kofi chants.

I’ve said before that I’m still not sure that O’Neil is completely sure of how to pace out a match yet and here is another example. He wanders around too often trying to get heat, garnering little. Kofi gets to his feet and dodges O’Neil’s charge and this allows him to match his comeback.

Kofi hits a sweet drop kick, transitions into a school boy but only gets a near fall. Then off the ropes he hits a cross body for another near fall. A springboard clothesline is followed by the Boom Drop. As usual, the first attempt at Trouble in Paradise doesn’t work. Here he’s caught by Titus who smashes him down onto his thigh for a backbreaker. Kofi kicks out, crawls to the corner, blocks O’Neil’s charge with his knees and then hits Trouble in Paradise for the win. As you’d expect from these two.

The Raw rebound was primarily about Bryan’s announcement of neck surgery and to a lesser extent about Cena and Bray continuing their feud.

Bo Dallas is coming to Raw on Monday.

Legend’s House advert.

Sin Cara (w/ Los Matadores & El Torito) beat Drew McIntyre (w/ Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal & Hornswoggle) in  7:58 with the senton.

This match was supposed to be another way of furthering the feud between El Torito and Hornswoggle. Early Sin Cara pace and lucha style are a little incongruous for Drew but he’s a good foil for Sin Cara here.

McIntyre goes for German but it is countered by Sin Cara who turns it into a crossbody and covers him to get an early near fall. Drew, angry, gets up and hits him with a back breaker for a near fall of his own. Then he rains down on Sin Cara with punches and forearms to the head. Sin Cara the blocks a charge to corner and from the second rope plants Drew in a swinging DDT.

Sin Cara then goes through a lovely set – a cross body, a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, and a back elbow – for a two count. As he gets up, he is distracted and Drew as able to gain some time and smashes him with a drop kick and both men go down.

The focus now shifts to the ‘comedy’ outside between Torito and Hornswoggle. They chase each other and go under the ring. As El Torito is going under, Heath Slater grabs his leg but is pulled under. They all do the same and one-by-one get sucked under. Maybe it’s Magneto? Then one-by-one they’re all spat out the other side. El Torito and Hornswoggle are nowhere to be seen.  Finally a triumphant Hornswoggle appears only to realise that he hasn’t got his pants on. Hornswoggle runs off in his boxers; El Torito holds the trousers aloft. There’s a slapstick fall up the ramp for good measure. This all took way too long.

Just as luck would have it, as the skit ends, the action in ring is ready to continue! Sin Cara gets up and kicks Drew to the head, hits the senton for the win. Why 3MB didn’t interfere is beyond me. A nothing match; pure house show comedy for the fans waiting for Raw to start.

They aired adverts for the WrestleMania XXX DVD/Blu-Ray and Total Divas on E!

Raw Rebound showed more of The Shield & Evolution feud from Monday.

– By James Cox | @wweukblog

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