WWE Superstars TV Report: 20th March 2014

And just like that WWE Superstars goes back to being a show with no star power, that’s eminently miss-able with some average wrestling. It was weird watching them completely flood the show with mid-card talent for a few weeks while the network launch was front and centre but this week it was literally just like it used to be as an internet TV show. I guess Main Event got the rub instead this week.

Natalya vs. Alicia Fox

Natty looks great these days but more often than not she’s out there to carry another Diva. Alicia Fox has never lived up to her early hype and she’s now been with the company for six years.

They trade holds and covers on the mat to start things off in a very technical display where Natty is clearly leading the way. She does a kip up and eats a superkick from Fox but Natalya kicks out at two. So Fox goes to work on her, throwing her head to the mat and then applying a rear chin lock. Natty works her way out but is again thrown to the mat.

A suplex from Fox into a bridge pin again doesn’t get the three count and so Fox reapplies the rear chin lock. Some horrendously blatant calling it in the ring is going on in this match as the camera cuts to a shot of Fox just talking to Natty while in the chin lock. There’s a nice spot of the rest hold where Fox tries to scoop slam out of an Irish whip but Natalya counters with a cross body into a two count.

The finish is literally a clothesline out of nowhere from Natalya so that Fox is on the mat; Sharpshooter is applied; Fox taps. Nothing match that was so short it was essentially not really worth it.

Winner: Natalya via submission in 3:05

They skipped this last week but Jerry Lawler interviewed Natalya on the ramp and she says that the win feels ‘amazing’ and Lawler asks her about Total Divas Season 2 and she claims that Summer Rae will pay on the show. She ends by saying “Natty by nature, naughty by choice, made in the dungeon.”

The Raw Rebound recaps the opening segment from Monday between HHH, Orton and Batista followed by the Daniel Bryan win against Orton and the Shield and Kane angle.

R-Truth & Xavier Woods v 3MB (Drew and Jinder w/ Heath)

Woods and Truth come out to Truth’s rap. Truth is now 42, I wonder how long he’s got left doing this kind of tired gimmick. This tag team division is stacked full of people going nowhere at the moment. 3MB come out; Drew’s now clean shaven which looks kind of weird. I still really just don’t get why Heath isn’t working every week and Jinder Mahal is.

Woods and Jinder start it off. Jinder is growing his hair out. Woods is quick in the ring and has some athletic ability as shown by the nice drop kick he hits here. Drew tags in and Woods hits a great hurricanrana on him as he and Truth work Drew over in the corner. Truth tries a quick roll up pin but McIntyre kicks out at two so he goes for his big leg drop but again to no avail.
They do a spot where as they’re running the ropes, Truth tags in Woods who drops down to the floor and trips Drew as he hits the ropes. Then Woods hits a cross body from the top rope. Drew hits back with a really stiff drop kick on Woods and Jinder comes in and works him over as we go to a break.

After the commercials, R-Truth goes on the offense against McIntyre. A facebuster makes Mahal enter the ring to make a save. The ring fills and Jinder and Woods tumble outside the ring. Heath tries a distraction but McIntyre unintentionally hits him with a big boots that was intended for Truth. R-Truth hits him with the Lie Detector for the win.

Again, a nothing match that given how long it went had little of note. Crowd seem to enjoy it, though.

Winners: R-truth & Xavier Woods via pinfall in 7:57

The finish the show with three packages: Cena and Bray, Undertaker and Heyman from Main Event and HHH and Daniel Bryan.

– by James Cox | @wweukblog

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