WWE Superstars TV Report: 3rd April 2014

This was the go-home show for WrestleMania. One wrestling match of a decent standard is followed by video packages and recaps galore. If for some reason you or your kids are insatiable on Sunday waiting for the show, stick this on the Network and it should whet your appetite.

Kofi Kingston v Heath Slater (w/ 3MB)

At last, Heath Slater is in the ring. I’m sick of watching Jinder Mahal. All of these men are in the Andre the Giant Battle Royale on Sunday and that was all this match was designed to build up. The commentators talked pretty much exclusively about the Battle Royale and WrestleMania throughout.

Fun match. Good house show stuff. Interesting to read comments from Jim Ross this week who felt that Kofi missed a trick a few years back when he feuded with Randy Orton to turn heel. That leg drop was about the most bad ass thing he’s ever done. The following week he was just another guy again.

Some nice spots here. Kofi hits a top rope cross body, Slater bumps all over the place and plays the heel perfectly. Kofi goes for Trouble in Paradise, Slater ducks and rolls outside to regroup with his now rather physically superior buddies – is this WrestleMania training or have they just realised that they needed to be cut? Kofi does that spot where he knowingly telegraphs the suicide dive so that when he gets to the ropes and looks about to take to the air, he just bounces off the ropes and makes the heels look like dicks. We go to a break.

Slater hits Kofi with a power slam as we return. Kingston slips out of a suplex to put Slater into an armbar. A sweet heel kick to Kingston lets Slater put him regain the dominance in the match. This sounded awesome and set the crowd alight all of a sudden; they, and I, loved this.

There are some fairly lacklustre “Let’s Go Slater, Slater Sucks!” chants from the Washington DC crowd. Slater gets a two count on Kofi and goes for a rest hold. This match is longer than the normal Superstars matches, presumably because they’re only doing the one match this week to account for all the recaps and Mania Build. Eventually Kofi lands a drop kick out of a corner to corner whip from Slater.

Lots of near falls. Kofi hits another cross body, gets a two; Slater reverses and gets a two. Slater slings Kofi over the top rope (the announcers completely miss this spot which was clearly supposed to be a hype spot for the Battle Royale) but Kingston skins the cat. He powers up for the finish with a Boom Drop, and then he starts up for Trouble in Paradise. Jinder and Drew come to the apron to distract but are seen off.

A lovely finish sees Slater hit an impaler DDT for the win. I don’t think 3MB have ever won on Superstars but there’s a reason: Slater never ever works on Superstars! Been bemoaning this for weeks!

Winner: Heath Slater (w/ 3MB) via pinfall in 8:52

The rest of the show was all recap and video package. Actually, if you wanted to have a 30 minute catch-up for a buddy who has been out of the loop with the storylines for Mania this year and needs bringing up to speed, this show would do the job nicely.

We’re shown recap of: Taker, Lesnar & Heyman; Hunter and Steph trolling the fans and ‘flavours of the month’; Cena and Bray; Orton, Batista & Daniel Bryan.

Have a great weekend everyone, Sunday should be a fun show!

– by James Cox | @wweukblog

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