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WWE Superstars TV Report: 9th May 2014

Noteworthy: The tag team champions and the Divas champion were both in action; they’ve revamped the opening titles to include more of the new additions to the active roster like Rusev and Adam Rose; The Usos look fairly meagre against 3.5MB; Paige is tremendous.

The Usos beat 3.5MB (Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre w/ Hornswoggle & Heath Slater) in 8:47 when Jimmy Uso hit the Samoan Splash on McIntyre.

Well, they took their sweet time on this one and really made The Usos look like pretty feeble champions given how long they took to see off these jokers.

Drew and Jimmy kick things off after Drew got hold of the Usos merch t-shirts and blew his nose on it. What a dastardly heel. Drew and Jinder are both looking pretty cut these days, hell even Hornswoggle is trying his best to look in better shape – although Jinder is wearing taping and bandage on his left shoulder and we’re not told why.

Quick tags see The Usos double team Jinder as they hit stereo elbow drops, kip up and threaten to suicide dive over the ropes on to the remainder of 3.5MB but stop at the ropes. Hornswoggle is left realising that this buddies essentially ran off to let him deal with the dive, had it happened. We crash to the break.

McIntyre is in control of Jimmy out of the commercials. Drew and Jinder use a series of quick tags to work over Jimmy and it becomes a stomp, kick and chin lock-athon. Heath was a great cheerleader before, now they have two. I really don’t know why but I guess it gives Hornswoggle something to do other than sitting backstage picking up his pay cheque.

They tease the hot tag plenty of times and just isolate Jimmy in the corner with plenty of near falls. Out of nowhere Jimmy finally gets some breathing room with a stiff sounding heel kick. He crawls across and gives Jey the hot tag. Jey runs wild, Mahal comes in to break up a pin but gets thrown out. Hornswoggle pisses off Jimmy enough who goes to superkick him but Hornswoggle runs head-first into Slater’s crotch. All comedy/farce/chaos. In the ring, McIntyre eats a superkick and Jimmy finishes him with the Samoan Splash for the win.

The Raw rebound becomes a Raw and Main Event rebound this week. We’re shown Bray Wyatt’s promo from Raw and Cena’s response on Main Event. Then we get Sheamus’ triumph in the Battle Royale for the US Championship.

They show a Paige promo video about her rise to the top.

Legend’s House video – what a dull show that’s turned out to be!

Paige beat Alicia Fox with the Scorpion Crosslock in a non title match in 3:43.

Paige is really getting over it would seem. The Mid-Atlantic accent is annoying to this Englishman but she’s a good promo already and she’s 21. It’s nuts.

Paige gets the early heat on Fox. She stomps on her at the ropes and gets a series of near falls. This is how you put over a champion; The Usos were made to look like plucky flukes earlier. Fox tries to fight into the ring from the apron, but takes knee lifts to the face for her efforts. Paige is tough and kind of has a heelish offense in her move set at times. Fox takes such an onslaught that she tries to bail up the ramp. It’s all a devious trap of course and Paige gets whipped into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Fox then rolls Paige back into the ring and gives her sample of her own brand of heel offense.

Fox uses a modified surfboard on Paige and then puts her in a chin lock. Chants and rhythmic clapping from the crowd get her back up, briefly, but Fox plants her to the mat with a scoop slam. She goes for another but Paige uses a schoolgirl for a near fall. Drop kick and a trio of clotheslines sees Fox go to the ropes; Paige pulls her off and puts her in the Scorpion Crosslock for the win.

They aired an advert for WrestleMania XXX on DVD/Blu-Ray

Raw Rebound showed the end of The Shield v The Wyatts from Monday with Evolution’s post match beat down.

By James Cox | @wweukblog


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