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WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2019 Predictions

Rob Troubadour gives his predictions for WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2019.

As we sail into the blistering cold of winter, WWE moves into its final PPV of the year…Tables, Ladders and Chairs (oh my!).

With a combined feeling of existential dread and a tiny bit of excitement, I’m going to run down my predictions for the event before we move onto Royal Rumble and The Road To Wrestlemania. 

Aleister Black v Buddy Murphy 

After months of being sat in the dark, on the odd occasion having Ricochet knocking his door asking if he’s coming out to play, Aleister Black has made his way beyond his door to face the ever-impressive Buddy Murphy. Buddy Murphy has been putting on some masterclasses with his reign as Cruiserweight champion, making his jump up to the main roster whereas Aleister Black has been seemingly stewing in the dark collecting career dust. This match has everything to be absolutely fantastic from top to bottom, Aleister isn’t one to pick up a loss so I’m seeing a late contender for pre-show match of the year with Aleister Black taking the win, let’s just hope he doesn’t go straight back into hiding.

Prediction: Aleister Black 

WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles; Tables, Ladders and Chairs – Kabuki Warriors (c) Vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

In some sort of Davey Jones level debt payment Becky Lynch is looking to collect from Asuka and once again become Becky 2 belts, with a likely foe alongside her in Charlotte Flair I expect there to be some small amount foul play. This match goes one of two ways for me, we either see the team of Lynch & Flair turn over Kabuki Warriors with the debt paid or we see the green mist once more, establishing Kabuki Warriors as a serious tag team while also leading into Becky V Asuka at Royal Rumble. 

Prediction: Kabuki Warriors

Viking Raiders Open Challenge

It’s been a pretty dominant showing from Viking Raiders, after the obvious name problems they’ve established themselves in the main card and totally destroyed anybody that’s put in their path. For TLC we are seeing an open challenge and all arrows point toward Street Profits, they have been flying high with plaudits and have been anything but prominent in current broadcasts but we also have The Usos to consider, having been off of television for a while the curveball of the penitentiary to turn up would be a surprise for all. Other possibilities could be Zack Ryder & Curtis Hawkins, The OC, The Hardyz (maybe…) and from the left-field Moustache Mountain. Either way, the only winners here will be Viking Raiders. 

Prediction: Viking Raiders

SmackDown Tag Team Titles; Ladder Match – The New Day (c) v The Revival 

We all know the story here, this match should actually be New Day v Ziggler & Roode but the unfortunate amount of testosterone found in Bobbys Tache has got him suspended. Enter The Revival, former tag champions and worthy contenders for the titles that seemingly change hands quicker than Lana between Bobby and Rusev. This feud has been rushed with the circumstances and given a ladder stipulation that will ensure a great match, with little to no build. The New Day’s championship total is getting closer to that of Ric Flair so I cannot see the straps changing hands.

Prediction: The New Day

Tables Match – Rusev v Bobby Lashley

How incredible it would be to have Aiden English appear out of the darkness and announce that it is once again Rusev day, but we aren’t that lucky. This storyline ran its course when it started and it has continued to be a joke ever since, CM Punk even weighed in to predict these guys bury the hatchet and become a tag team…Crazier things have happened. It’s a tables match and I hope that Lana ends up through one alongside Bobby Lashley but in reality, I see this match running its course and unfortunately continuing this storyline into Royal Rumble.

Prediction: No Contest 

Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match – Roman Reigns v Baron Corbin

Corbin has been pitched as the top heel and pushed to the moon, possibly further than the moon when it’s obvious that there is clearly another talent that could get better heat than pouring cans of dog food over their opponent. Roman Reigns has had a terrible time of it and I really hope that this is the last of it before he moves into peaks in 2020, I never actually thought I’d say I hope Roman Reigns is shown to reach his potential but here I am. 

Prediction: Roman Reigns 

Bray Wyatt v The Miz

We’ve all wanted it, and we have all been waiting for it and now the time has come for us to see the character of Bray Wyatt to enter the fray, leaving The Fiend in the Firefly Funhouse for the night. Along with this do we see Bray dressed in his funhouse attire, flanked by Ramblin’ Rabbit and Sister Abigail and if we don’t how will he be dressed? Like a Jim Royal from The Royal Family? So many questions. 

This feud is the opportunity for the WWE to feed Bray another big name while he also doesn’t have a chance of losing the strap, it also gives us the chance to see The Miz as a babyface, something we aren’t that accustomed to. Clearly only a small stop before Daniel Bryan reappears to challenge The Fiend at The Royal Rumble this gives Bray the chance to feed the evil out of The Miz like he has done with so many others, some might say letting them in for a future main event feud. 

Prediction: Bray Wyatt

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