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WWE: The Best Chamber Moments From Elimination Chambers

We are close to our next stop on the Road to Wrestlemania. Coming from Saudi Arabia, the Elimination Chamber will be the final time for wrestlers to prove their worth leading to the biggest show on the calendar. Proving their worth can be a difficult task for some, but the Elimination Chamber is the place to do it. The Chamber match is the highlight of the pay-per-view and is the match that the eyes of the world are focussed on.

The perfect way to achieve this is with a memorable moment. With the miles of metal and glass pods, there are a variety of stages in which to achieve a fantastic spot. A spot that can be more memorable than the finish and leave a lasting legacy for the wrestler. Below we will take a look at the Best Chamber Moments from the Elimination Chamber match.

Best Chamber Moments; Undertaker Gets Burned Before | 2010

Making his way to the ring for the Chamber match, The Undertakers pyro went off too close to the Deadman, covering him in third-degree burns. During the match, ‘Taker was constantly dousing himself in water to prevent things from getting worse.

Hearing the story afterwards was impressive and added to the aura of The Deadman. To put up with an injury that would put others on the shelf and still soldier on is insane. This may not have happened during the match, but it was still a crazy spot nonetheless.

Best Chamber Moments; Edge breaks Kofi Kingstons Heart | 2009

After losing his championship in the first Elimination Chamber of the evening, Edge was a desperate man. His worth was defined with world titles and for that reason, he interjected himself in the Raw Elimination Chamber.

As Kofi Kingston made his way to the ring, Edge jumped the Boom master and violently slammed him into the steel steps. Edge then took a chair and performed a vicious conchairto, using the steps. It was an incredible spot and one that looked very real. It was a wonder that Kofi didn’t suffer any legitimate injury.

Best Chamber Moments; Goldberg eliminates Chris Jericho | 2003

Goldberg was a man on a mission in 2003. His vow to take the World Championship led him to the main event of Summerslam and the Elimination Chamber.

The outcome of the match left little to be desired but it is responsible for one of the more memorable spots in match history. During the contest, Goldberg hit Chris Jericho with a devastating spear that sent both men through the plexiglass pod. It was an incredible sight and one that still stands as one of the best Elimination Chamber spots.

Best Chamber Moments; Liv Morgan gets the Ragdoll Treatment | 2020

The 2020 Women’s Elimination Chamber match will forever be known as the night that Shayna Baszler went off. Baszler was a machine during the Chamber match, slicing through all opponents on her way to an easy victory.

During her domination, Baszler went berserk on Liv Morgan. Shayna picked Liv up by the legs and proceeded to smash her head from pillar to post. It was a brutal spot that was highlighted by the size disparity between the two women.

Best Chamber Moments; Test flies with the Elbow | 2006

ECW’s foray into the Elimination Chamber was a debacle. The participants didn’t have their heart in the match and it was booked terribly. Fan favourites, RVD and CM Punk, were made to look weak and that was just the beginning of the problems.

Even though it involved the elimination of RVD, the one shining spot of the match was the incredible elbow drop by Test. Making his way to the top of a pod, Test delivered an earth-shattering elbow drop. It was an impressive sight that was made all the more impressive by having a man close to 7 feet perform the move.

Best Chamber Moments; John Morrison or… Spiderman? – 2011

John Morrison’s ability to scale any structure that is in front of him paid off huge at the 2011 Elimination Chamber PPV. Going into the contest Morrison wasn’t on anyone’s list of potential winners. With a WWE Championship match on the line, there were others more suited to win the match. However, Morrison was able to provide the highlight of the night.

During the match Morrison scaled the inside of the chamber, positioning himself at the top of the structure. He then dove onto the wrestlers waiting below. It was an incredible spot and one that no other wrestler could have pulled off.

Best Chamber Moments; The Chase is on for Alex Bliss | 2018

In 2018, for the first time, WWE was putting on a Women’s Elimination Chamber match. It was a huge step forward for Women’s wrestling and one that provided some cool spots. The best of which was the chase spot between Alexa Bliss, Bayley, and Sasha Banks.

Once Bliss entered the match, her cowardly heel gimmick was on full display. Banks and Bayley tried to corner the champion but she outsmarted the pair, using the chamber to climb away from the duo. Eventually, after a lengthy chase, the two were able to catch up with Bliss. It was one of the more creative spots in Elimination Chamber history, and one that set this match apart from the rest.

Best Chamber Moments; RVD destroys Triple H’s throat | 2002

The first Elimination Chamber match was a historical achievement for WWE. It was one of the few original concepts that came from the Federation and it provided some fantastic moments for the fans.

HBK winning the World Title was the heartfelt moment of the match, but if you wanna see a great spot you’ll need to rewind the contest a few minutes. During the match, RVD was setting up for his usual frog splash when an idea flashed across his face. RVD then jumped up into the Chamber pod and proceeded to hit HHH with a huge frog splash. It was the first time a huge spot like this was attempted and it left a lasting impression on the world. It was also infamous for the slight botch where RVD’s leg landed across HHH’s throat, crushing his windpipe.

Best Chamber Moments; Finlay Takes a Chokeslam | 2008

The Smackdown Chamber match at No Way Out was one of the more predictable in company history. It was known for months that Edge and The Undertaker were on a collision course for Wrestlemania. This left little doubt as to the result of the match but it didn’t take away from the brutality of the Elimination Chamber.

At one point during the match, The Undertaker took Finlay and gave him an incredible chokeslam on the steel grating that surrounded the ring. It was a cringe-worthy spot that looked very painful. Chamber matches, now, have a slight bit of padding around the ring, but back in 2008, this was not the case. The sound of Finlay bouncing off the steel reverberated throughout the arena and was the best spot of the match.

Best Chamber Moments; Jeff Hardy Steals the Show | 2009

Starting the No Way Out pay-per-view, with a Chamber match,  was a bold move by WWE but one that paid off. Not only did champion Edge get eliminated in under 3 minutes, but Jeff Hardy provided the world with the perfect highlight.

Throughout his career, Hardy was known for hitting his Swanton Bomb off whatever heights he can climb to. These death-defying spots were crazy and it meant that once inside the chamber it was only a matter of time.

During the match, Hardy brought himself to the top of the chamber pod and jumped off, hitting a tremendous Swanton Bomb on the Big Show. It was a fantastic spot and one that got a massive pop from the crowd. It was easily the most memorable moment of the contest.

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