WWE: The Case for Rhodes Vs. Reigns at WrestleMania

The main event of the biggest show of the year has been set. Following his Royal Rumble win Cody Rhodes is on a collision course with WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Rhodes Vs. Reigns.

So far, the program between the two has been fantastic. Cody and Roman have been perfect on the stick, using family history to ramp up the tension ahead of their clash. As well, Cody has been interjecting himself into Bloodline affairs, getting under the skin of the champ.

Heading into the big event it is assumed, by many, that Cody will walk away the champ. As much as this is what many want WWE could swerve everyone and have Roman retain the title. There are strong arguments for both men to prevail in the main event of Wrestlemania. Let’s look at a few reasons.

Rhodes Vs. Reigns | Why Roman Should: He is the needle mover

Roman has been great as the Undisputed Champion. His heel work has been fantastic and he has made all of his segments/matches must see television. So much so that ratings are great whenever he is on TV.

WWE is, obviously, a profit driven company. With Reigns increasing ratings and buy rates would Triple want to take the strap off him? Cody Rhodes is a great talent, but his acumen hasn’t been proven as much as Reign’s. It might be a risky move to have Cody win the big belt.

Rhodes Vs. Reigns | Why Cody Should: It will conclude a year-long journey for Rhodes

Since Cody has returned to the company his story has revolved around becoming the best in the company. He started off with a fantastic program opposite Seth Rollins which established the son of a son of a plumber as a main event star.

Then Rhodes went down with a horrific pectoral injury. It grinded his push to a halt and put many things on hold. His return at the Royal Rumble, and eventual win, jumpstarted this push once again. If he were to capture the title at ‘Mania it would cap off a great redemptive story that started a year ago.

Rhodes Vs. Reigns | Why Roman Should: Its main event or bust for Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has been the man in WWE for years now. He is the biggest star in the company and has been main eventing PPV’s since WWE put their entire weight behind him. This has grown even more since his return in 2020. He has been the champ and has only appeared in the main event.

If Cody were to defeat Reigns, then what for The Big Dawg. His main event status would be up in the air and some of his allure could be lost. It would be a big risk for the company to hurt the aura of the man who has run the show for the past decade.

Rhodes Vs. Reigns | Why Cody Should: It might be time to switch things up at the top

Reigns has been world champion for close to three years now. He has run through everyone put in front of him. It has been a great run for Roman but one that might be growing a bit stale.

There aren’t exactly a huge number of challengers left for Roman to conquer. We have seen all that there is to see. Because of this it might be time for someone else to take up the mantle. Cody has only been back for a short time and the fresh contenders are endless.

It would make sense for Rhodes to win and give the main event scene new life going forward.

Rhodes Vs. Reigns | Why Roman Should:  His reign will continue to break records

Reigns is in the middle of one of the most impressive title reigns in the history of the company. Roman has produced the longest championship reign since 1988. That puts him ahead of all but a few men who names aren’t Hogan, Backlund and Sammartino.

The longer he holds onto the title the more records he will break. We all know that WWE loves to tout its record breakers. WWE is infatuated with records and will take any chance they have to regale us with as many stats as they can.

Roman winning and continuing his reign will allow WWE to keep this tradition going. It will also put Reigns in an even more exclusive company.

Rhodes Vs. Reigns | Why Cody Should: Its time for the Rhodes Family to have a WWE Championship in the case

The Rhodes family is wrestling royalty. They have been present in wrestling for decades and are some of the most recognizable faces in the world.

For all the success and notoriety that the family has received, there is still one glaring omission, a WWE Championship. It is a black mark on an otherwise stunning resume for the family and one that has followed them. It is one that can be resolved at Wrestlemania.

Cody winning the title would be a great story for the family. Not only would it be a massive win for the youngest Rhodes but for his family as well. It would add another notch on their impressive resume and give the family their first WWE Championship.

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