WWE: The Return and Debut of “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes

On April 3, 2022, WrestleMania 38 Night 1 took place. The event was live at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The crowd consisted of more than 75,000 people, Marking 6 years since Cody Rhodes was in a WWE ring.

WrestleMania is the night most superstars dream of. The show allows them to showcase their talents and ring awareness. The squared circle is more than a stage, mat, or addition to them. This is where heroes, villains, legends, and respect are created. Respect is not given it is earned. Dreams are for the worthy. If you are fortunate enough to capture them. You are more than awarded.

The first WrestleMania took place in 1985, at Madison Square Garden in New York City in front of 19,121 people. Vince McMahon turned professional wrestling from regional territories, allowing him to begin the creation of what the world now knows as WWE. The show included celebrities and even closed with a tag team match.

Seth Rollins enters the ring with anticipation. He’s wondering. He’s waiting… Who could it be?

Wrestling has more than one royal family….

Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes:

“Welcome back to the big leagues, bitch!”- Seth Rollins to Cody Rhodes

This would mark the debut and the reintroduction of the man known as The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes. After 6 years the WWE Universe would become acquainted with the man that evolved in Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, NWA, and a former TNT Champion.

Ring the Bell…

The match began with an equal exchange of moves. The two men were kicked out of numerous finishers. The American Nightmare would deliver a bionic elbow in commemoration to his father The American Dream, Dusty Rhodes. The crowd would rise in eagerness to watch him deliver three Cross Rhodes to Rollins. Allowing him to pick up his first win on WrestleMania Night 1.

“The prodigal son has returned!”- Corey Graves on Commentary

Monday Night Raw: April 4, 2022

Cody Rhodes returned to his first Monday Night Raw in 6 years. Discussing his father, Dusty. He speaks of the time of his dream to hand his father the championship.

The American Nightmare: Cody Comments to Variety on being The American Nightmare at WWE

 “Yeah. I mean, there should be no difference. To quote some of these individuals who courted me for this moment, “It’s not broke.” And this was a place that didn’t care for me. And it wasn’t that they didn’t have love and respect for me but as a wrestler, I wasn’t considered their most desirable. If anything, I was kind of undesirable. That’s where the whole mantra comes from, the whole promo of “desirable to undeniable,” to be able to return on your terms.

It kind of feels like being in the military and having conquered something or having won this battle and being able to stand and keep your chin parallel with the floor and to be able to come in that fashion, a bit of a conquering hero. That’s how I see it in my dreams.”-Cody Rhodes in reply to Variety if he will still be The American Nightmare at WWE

Rhodes has inked a multi-year deal with WWE. He will also be set to Executive Produce his late father’s A&E Biography: WWE Legends.

Cody Comments to Variety about his late father’s A&E Biography: WWE Legends

“I’m really excited that A&E is doing a documentary on my dad. To be able to be the executive producer on it and not have that even be in question and to be able to coordinate people who really were in his life and to tell his story, that’s a big part of this journey as well. To see that and have that crew there as well. Part of his journey is part of mine.”- Cody Rhodes to Variety

It may be difficult to understand the cost, the work, or even the dedication that occurs in wrestling. The rise of awareness on what could be the next level.

Like great stories, ideas always return to their initial form. This dream goes beyond the American Dream. It is not a dream from a father to a son or a son to their father.  This was real. This was destiny. The exhilaration of this feeling from the crowd, knowing he is good. He thanks the audience known as the WWE Universe. Takes a deep breath, as the stadium continues to gaze and show support for the man known as The American Nightmare.

Welcome to the dream and did we ever wake up from the moment known as CodyMania?

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