WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2020 Results | December 20th 2020


Big E, Daniel Bryan, Chad Gable, and Otis defeated Sami Zayn, King Corbin, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura via Pinfall


We began the main card with a video showing the brutality of TLC. The video also went through the rivalries we expect to see come to a head during the PPV.

The PPV began with the entrance of AJ Styles, accompanied by Omos.

Drew McIntyre defeated AJ Styles and The Miz in a TLC match to retain his WWE Championship

Yes, this was advertised as Styles versus McIntyre, but it certainly didn’t stay that way. Although McIntyre had never been involved in a TLC match, he was able to overcome Styles….and the eventual cash in by Miz. McIntyre and Styles were having a fantastic TLC match, Omos just watched on.

A cash in by Miz wasn’t enough to stop McIntyre. Miz and Morrison showed up mid way through the match. Miz wound up putting McIntyre through a table, while Morrison cashed in the briefcase. Cashing in the case made the match a Triple Threat TLC. Omos and Morrison would up canceling each other out.

Styles had made McIntyre’s knee a focus, but McIntyre powered through and was able to hop up the ladder and grab his title. Tables, ladders, and chairs were of course brutalized during this match…its TLC y’all!

After the match Kayla Braxton caught up with Paul Heyman and asked him about Roman Reigns’ title defense. Heyman discussed Roman Reigns’ strategy for the match against Kevin Owens. He wasn’t about giving up strategy per se, but said Reigns would hurt Owens badly.

Before their championship match, a video about what has been going on with Sasha Banks and Carmella was shown.

Sasha Banks defeated Carmella via Submission (Bank Statement)

Carmella may have had her Sommelier, Reginald Thomas, at ringside to help, but that help didn’t last long. Carmella seemed to have her way over the champion, but Banks was able to battle through with the help of a Meteora. There were a few times were the champ seemed to be in trouble, but Banks was able to regroup.

Carmella was very impressive during the match, utilizing different moves and the referee’s counts, but Banks was able to stay in the match up. These two women put together a fun match to watch, that truly could have gone either way. Banks was finally able to put the Banks Statement on and Carmella had no choice but to tap out. The match was gritty and physical, but so fun to watch.

After the match, we went backstage where Billie Kay was trying to prove to Asuka why she should be her tag team partner. She had the head shot and the resume!

Asuka wasn’t very impressed with Kay and told her the position was filled.

After a brief intermission, we got the entrance of The Hurt Business. A video from instagram was shown about why Cedric Alexander joined The Hurt Business.

Before their entrance, The New Day was interviewed by Charly Caruso. Caruso asked them how this match would be different than their last matches with The Hurt Business. Kofi Kingston said the outcome wouldn’t be different. Kingston and Woods said The Hurt Business were able to go up against BIG Match New Day. Kingston said 2020 would end the same as it began….New Day as Tag Team Champions.

The Hurt Business defeated The New Day via Pinfall (Lumbar Check)

NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Just when you thought it wouldn’t happen..it did. Kingston nearly took Alexander’s head off at the beginning of the match, but his enthusiasm won out.

The New Day pulled off some impressive and innovative offense, but The Hurt Business were able to hold them off. Even though it looked like Benjamin had the match won, Alexander tagged himself into the match and that’s all she wrote.

After the match, Bobby Lashley met The Hurt Business at the top of the entrance ramp to celebrate.

When we came back from a brief intermission, we got a look back at the Sami Awards from this past Friday. Then we heard a “leaked” audio clip of Sami Zayn being furious about Big E being Superstar of the year.

The leaked clip was apparently found by Kayla Braxton. Backstage Braxton was approached by Zayn. Zayn was not thrilled that Braxton breached his privacy. When asked who gave her the clip, Braxton wouldn’t give up her sources.

Then we went back to ringside and got a video explaining how we got to this point with the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

Charlotte Flair and Asuka defeated Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax via Pinfall (Natural Selection)

After everything, Flair wound up making her long awaited return to be Asuka’s tag team partner. Asuka began the match for her team, but Flair was the perfect partner for her. Baszler seemed to talk trash right off the bat, but Asuka didn’t allow it to continue.

Once the Queen was tagged in, it seemed like a different match up. Flair was in top shape! The match up between the four woman was genuinely fun to watch. In the end, Flair and Asuka were able to shock the champions. Flair now is a GRAND SLAM CHAMPION.

After the match we went backstage where Sami Zayn confronted Big E. Zayn accused E of “leaking” his tirade which we heard earlier in the show. E denied being the one to leak the audio, but Zayn wasn’t buying it. Zayn got into E’s face, but E told him to keep it up because he would see him soon.

Then we got a video recap on the recent history between Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

Roman Reigns defeated Kevin Owens in a TLC match to retain the Universal Championship

Brutality. Destruction. Pain. Honestly what else could you use to describe this match. Owens gave all he could, but Jey Uso was there to stop his every move. With Uso and the TLC stipulation in affect, KO’s chances seemed dismal.

KO gave it his absolute best. There were a few times were it seemed like he had a good chance at grabbing the title down, but Uso made his presence known. Reigns with the help of family, that he never bothered to check in on during the match, was able to retain the championship.

Before the main event we were told that Sami Zayn will be defending the Intercontinental Championship against Big E this coming Friday.

Then we were shown a video: A Firefly Carol.

Randy Orton defeated The Fiend by setting him on fire

Before the match began we were told by Mike Rome that the only way to win was by setting your opponent on fire. Yeah, yup, SET YOUR OPPONENT ON FIRE! Honestly a wild match, where it seemed at first that neither competitor knew how to go about the match.

Once the match began, the ring was surrounded by flames. Both men tried to put the other into the flames, but they were able to evade. Wyatt was able to put Orton in the Mandible Claw, but it backfired (literally) and Orton turned The Fiend into the flames.

The bell didn’t seem to ring. The men went back into the ring and Orton pulled off and RKO. After the RKO, Orton went outside the ring and grabbed a gasoline can and dumped the gas on top on The Fiend’s body.

Orton then got matches and lit The Fiend’s body on fire! The flames surrounding the ring went crazy and commentary couldn’t believe what they witnessed. If Randal didn’t win the match in the first place, he certainly did at the end of the show.

We ended TLC with Orton standing tall and the flames surrounding ringside gong crazy.

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