WWE: Triple H returns as EVP Talent Relations – Replaces Laurinaitis


STAMFORD, Conn., July 22, 2022 –
 WWE® (NYSE: WWE) today announced that effective immediately, Paul Levesque will resume his executive position as EVP, Talent Relations. Replacing John Laurinaitis.

“I look forward to returning to my prior position as head of Talent Relations. I’m healthy, fired up, and ready to take charge,” said Levesque.

Fightful is reporting that;

  • Bruce Prichard is now finished with his interim talent relations role and will resume his job in creative
  • John Laurinaitis is effectively done with the company – JL is being investigated in relation to the Vince McMahon-Wall Street Journal sexual misconduct story, and many expected Laurinaitis to be the “fall guy” in it from a professional standpoint.
  • Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan are set to travel to Smackdown in Boston (22nd July 2022)

Triple H officially retired as an in-ring competitor earlier this year after a 2021 cardiac event. Even prior to that, his responsibilities had adjusted and even dwindled. He is no longer running NXT, and the vision of that program was changed heavily, now managed by Shawn Michaels. We’re told that NXT creatively is not directly affected by this, though Triple H will be hiring and recruiting talent again.

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