WWE: Was Drew McIntyre Pushed Too Much, Too Soon?

Drew McIntyre was unable to receive the adulation from a live crowd, as COVID-19 created a worldwide lockdown and as we all know caused fans to not be in attendance as ‘Big Daddy Claymore’ solidified himself as a main event Superstar when he defeated Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 36 for the WWE Championship.

Sunday, April 5th 2020 was the culmination of an almost twenty-year journey that truly began for him once he was heralded as the winner of the Royal Rumble last year, and since then, Drew McIntyre became an integral part of carrying the WWE during the now dubbed “Pandemic Era.” Since gaining one of the most prestigious prizes in sports entertainment for the first time in his career, Drew constantly delivered in main events for months, and he was seemingly everywhere on WWE’s flagship show as its Champion.

Fans online couldn’t help but take notice as Drew continued to elevate his game week in and week out, with respect and praise pouring out for the Scottish Psychopath throughout his championship reign. Only recently, however, does it seem that fans are starting to turn sour towards ‘The Chosen One’ after he failed to regain the WWE Championship against the current reigning champion Bobby Lashley in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania Backlash with Braun Strowman involved in the mix as well. However, it wouldn’t be the Drew McIntyre way without some major obstacle or hurdle along the way, the man himself has even said so, as there have been times where he’s been on the up-and-up and something goes awry.

Many of the WWE Universe expected Drew to receive his WrestleMania moment this year as he wasn’t able to last year, a massive display of fireworks to coincide along with his victory against Bobby Lashley, alas that was not the case, as ‘The Almighty’ defeated McIntyre after he passed out from Lashley’s patented Hurt Lock

Now, some fans feel that McIntyre has had one too many title shots as of late (It was even referenced on RAW 24/05/21) and that the Scotsman should head to the proverbial back of the line and let someone else contend for the championship, yet seemingly it’s as if WWE doesn’t have many Superstars to challenge Lashley, although we did get a glimpse of a possible main event to revisit when Kofi Kingston wrestled Bobby Lashley on Raw and won. WWE has backed themselves into a corner, Drew indeed has become a made man since winning the Royal Rumble in 2020, but now it’s a bit worrisome if McIntyre does not successfully regain the WWE Championship from Lashley as it seems as though they’re slated for one more match against each other, this time at WWE next pay-per-view Hell In A Cell which has now been bumped up to June.

There really is no other feud at the moment that has hit a crescendo of sorts, as McIntyre and Lashley have been at each other’s throats for months or even dating back to last year’s Backlash event as well when McIntyre and Lashley faced each other for the WWE Title, with Bobby being the one in pursuit of WWE’ prestigious title. Should the reports be true and if Lashley and McIntyre are poised to face each other one last time at next month’s Hell In A Cell pay-per-view, something’s got to give, either McIntyre becomes a three-time WWE Champion, the championship reign of Lashley continues, or the latter transpires via interference, as Drew McIntyre himself has stated that he wouldn’t mind taking a step away from the WWE Championship spotlight and has lobbied for a program with real-life friend Jinder Mahal.

Perhaps a step away from the main event scene wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all for Drew, it would certainly help freshen things up a bit for him, and could even help elevate Jinder Mahal in the process should WWE decide to proceed in that direction. All in all, something has to happen and soon, be it a step away or jumping ship to another brand, as the unfortunate fact of the matter is that the WWE Universe is sadly growing tiresome of Drew McIntyre.

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