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WWE: Who’s Next For WWE Champion Big E?

Big E’s successful Money in the Bank cash-in to claim the WWE Championship has been one of the biggest feel-good moments in WWE this year. But in order for Big E to cement himself as a main eventer within WWE, it’s crucial for WWE to ensure he has the right opponents that make me feel like the star we all know he can be.

The New Day member has been a fan favourite for years but has never had the chance until now to be at the top of the card. For Big E, it’s important for WWE to give him big wins against big names, whilst also delivering an exciting match style that will draw fans to his matches. He faces Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel for the WWE Championship, but assuming he bests the Scottish Warrior, who’s next?

AJ Styles

AJ Styles is a perfect opponent for Big E to open his championship reign with, offering both a superstar aura and a match quality almost unrivalled in WWE. Styles has feuded with the New Day in tag team bouts alongside Omos, so it would be simple storytelling to move this across to a WWE Championship program.

Although the Phenomenal One isn’t exactly a spring chicken at 44, he still has the ability to pull out some of the best matches in the world and is continually a must watch. But as a two-time WWE Champion, Styles brings that main event feel to this feud, giving prestige to Big E with a win over him.

Drew McIntyre

Although it’s easy to write Drew McIntyre after he laid the challenge out to Big E at the end of last weeks RAW, it just makes sense for McIntyre to face the current WWE Champion. At Hell in a Cell, McIntyre lost the write to challenge WWE Champion Bobby Lashley for his title, but Lashley is no longer champion.

Rumours have stated that McIntyre is likely to jump ship from Raw to Smackdown, so it would be great for him to put over the new champion on his way out. McIntyre is also potentially at the beginning of a heel turn. No one would be better to push the two-time WWE Champion to the dark side then the power of positivity.

The feud would help elevate both sides, bringing out McIntyre’s heel side whilst also elevating Big E against a former champion.

Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn has spent very little time in WWE towards the top of the card, but he helps to boost the reign of Big E for so many different reasons. Zayn is not afraid to throw himself around the ring and this bumping around the ring is exactly what Big E needs to establish his dominance and power.

On top of this, both Big E and Zayn are two of the most entertaining performers within the company, with both having the potential to deliver some of the funniest moments of the year. The two men bounced off each other superbly during their feud for the Intercontinental Championship and there is absolutely no harm in continuing that feud for the big one.


Sheamus and Big E have shared the ring so many times, with the New Day and the Bar delivering some of the best WWE tag team matches in recent memory.

Both Sheamus and Big E began feuding following the WWE Draft last year, helping to establish Big E as a singles star after he split from the New Day, there’s no reason he can’t help establish him again as a world champion.

Sheamus has cultivated a niche main event style for himself of incredibly hard-hitting matches that leave both men posting pictures of their battle scars online, and this style would suit Big E to the ground as well as establishing him.

As a four-time world champion, Sheamus brings a level of prestige with him to the battle, but it’s what he and Big E have already been through together that really helps this feud.

Seth Rollins

Much like AJ Styles, Seth Rollins is a perennial main eventer that always delivers a high match quality, exactly what Big E will be looking for within his reign. Rollins was the opening feud of Drew McIntyre’s first WWE Championship match, helping to establish him whilst also delivering a solid match. The Architect feels as if he belongs within the World Championship picture, so if he isn’t going to face reigns soon, Big E would be a great feud for him.

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