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WWE: Why Drew McIntyre and Sheamus Will Main Event WrestleMania

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have known each other for well over 20 years, as their friendship began back on the independents in Dublin in Irish Whip Wrestling. Since then, Sheamus became acquainted with Drew’s family, Drew stayed with Sheamus at his house, they trained together, and so on and so forth. The proof is in the pudding as far as their friendship goes (which seems more like a familial bond at this point), as they each worked hard to obtain the position which they’ve achieved up to this point, and are currently in a program with each other that seems to be slowly building towards a clash between the two decorated Superstars.

A dynamic the likes of which is rarely seen on WWE television nowadays, Drew McIntyre is a babyface champion who has an ally in a heel in the form of Sheamus. Other than a backstage brawl on Raw, we haven’t seen much contact between the two, as it felt more like brothers fighting as opposed to two foes clashing. However, with the Royal Rumble rapidly approaching, and perhaps Keith Lee being next in line to face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship for the foreseeable future, the story can write itself between McIntyre and Sheamus and it needs to be told slowly and masterfully as it has been as it shall most likely be our WrestleMania main event.

Ahead of Drew McIntyre’s championship clash on Raw against Randy Orton, Sheamus reintroduced Drew back to his roots, gifting him a sword and his classic kilt attire. Drew was in chase mode for the championship, reclaimed what he lost, and is now holding the most prized possession in professional wrestling. Sheamus has not held the gold since December of 2015, losing the title to Roman Reigns on Raw, and Sheamus has been absent from WWE after dealing with concussion issues and spinal stenosis.

During his absence, Sheamus has gotten into the best shape of his life, using his YouTube channel Celtic Warrior Workouts to showcase that. The Celtic Warrior is hungry and has proven before that he’d do anything it takes to dethrone whoever has the top championship in WWE, as he cashed in his Money In The Bank Briefcase on Roman Reigns shortly after he won the vacant title at Survivor Series in 2015. There is seemingly no reason as to why Sheamus wouldn’t capitalize on his best friend Drew McIntyre, he’ll strike when he is most vulnerable, seeking to become WWE Champion once more.

Imagine if Sheamus gets an opportunity at the WWE Championship and manages to dethrone Drew. Imagine a ticked off Drew McIntyre, the same Scottish Psychopath we saw make Randy Orton’s life a living hell after he defeated him at Hell In A Cell just a few months ago. Sheamus does his best work as a heel, and Drew has proven that not only is he good at holding the title, but he’s also as good at chasing the title as well. It would be a nice and deserving moment if Drew had a WrestleMania moment in front of even just a few fans (if possible) at WrestleMania 37 winning the WWE Championship, a moment which he wasn’t able to have in 2020, but embraced maturely and professionally and made the most out of. Sheamus and Drew McIntyre can play on real-life elements, similar to what he and Randy did, except take it another step further as their friendship speaks for itself and they paid their dues to get where they’re at. Drew McIntyre has all the makings of being an early 2021 Match of the Year candidate and possibly one of the best slow-burn stories told in recent memory.

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