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WWE Women’s Championship to debut on RAW

Say goodbye to the Divas Championship and say hello to a new WWE Women’s Championship belt on Monday Night RAW after WrestleMania 32.

Several insider sources have indicated WWE is debuting a new WWE Women’s Championship belt on RAW the night after WrestleMania.

The WWE Diva’s Championship is dead. Long live the WWE Women’s Championship.

On Raw, the night after WrestleMania, WWE is set to rebrand their Divas Division as the Women’s Division complete with a brand new championship. This Monday will see WWE finally address the giant pink butterfly in the room, as fans and the divas themselves finally get their wish regarding a rebrand. An issue that has been flagged since the start of the “Divas Revolution”, allowing the division to become more legitimate and respected. More akin to NXT’s Women’s Division.

The title was commissioned a little over a month ago. Unlike the male counterpart, the side plates will not be interchangeable.

Several former WWE divas, and current WWE diva Charlotte have been especially vocal about replacing the Divas Championship with a new WWE Women’s Championship and renaming their division from “Divas division” to “Women’s Division”

Confirmed by several inside sources (who have been correct in the past), the championship bares a very similar resemblance to the current WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The championship will be smaller in size than its male counterpart and will instead be set on a white leather strap, with a red background behind the WWE logo.

Here is a mock-up, which has been confirmed by the source to be almost exactly what the new championship looks like:

WWE Women's Championship

Concept of what the new WWE Women’s Championship looks like

As if the Triple Threat on Sunday at WrestleMania didn’t look enticing enough, either Charlotte, Becky Lynch or Sasha Banks will have the opportunity to rid the WWE of the Divas Championship. They will usher in the new WWE Women’s Championship, setting an entirely new tone for the division. We at TWM expect the match to be a potential show-stealer and think it would be the perfect platform to change the perception of the division.

THIS is progress.

WWE Women’s Championship to debut on RAW


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