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WWE: WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Results | May 8, 2022

WrestleMania Backlash 2022; Match 1
Cody Rhodes defeated Seth “Freakin” Rollins (20:45)

Rollins and Rhodes had a great match, but the WrestleMania match was slightly better. They both worked hard and told a good story. They showed a Cody Rhodes-Seth Rollins video package. The fans sang Rollins’ music during his entrance but booed when it was over. They broke into a loud “Cody” chant before his music played.

The story of the early part of the match is that Rollins is more prepared this time. Rollins quickly went for a back suplex. Rhodes slipped out the back and dropped down, but Rollins blocked the punch. Rhodes then went for a scoop slam, but Rollins avoided it.

Rollins took over after rocking Rhodes with a vicious clothesline at ringside. Rhodes fought back, dropped down, and hit the punch this time. He followed up with the disaster kick for a near fall. Rhodes went for the disaster kick again, but Rollins pushed him to the floor.

Rollins was firmly in control back in the ring until they traded shots in the middle of the ring. Rollins recovered and sent Rhodes chest first into the turnbuckle. Rollins slowed the pace back down with a sleeper. Rhodes tried to fight back, but Rollins cut him off.

Rollins whipped Rhodes into the corner. Rhodes countered with a sunset flip, but Rollins held onto the rope for a two-count. Rhodes regained control and gave Rollins a superplex. They then traded hard chops and slaps. Rhodes caught Rollins with a scoop slam and sent him to the floor.

Rhodes ran up the corner and hit a crossbody, but Rollins jumped back in the ring. Rollins went for a suicide dive, but Rhodes cut him off. Rhodes then hit a Cody Cutter for a close near fall. Rollins fought back and went for a pedigree. Rhodes escaped, but Rollins hit a superkick for another close near fall.

Rollins went for the stomp. Rhodes moved and attempted the cross Rhodes, but Rollins escaped. Rhodes went for the pedigree, but Rollins hit a forearm to the back of the head. He followed up with a falcon arrow for a near fall. Rhodes went for the disaster kick again. Rollins caught him and hit a buckle bomb. He followed up with a frog splash for a close two-count.

Rollins went for the phoenix splash, but Rhodes moved out of the way. Rollins landed on his feet, but Rhodes responded with a superkick. Rollins recovered and hit a superplex into a falcon arrow. Rhodes escaped and hit cross Rhodes, but Rollins got his foot on the bottom rope.

Rhodes missed a moonsault, and Rollins hit the pedigree for a very close near fall. Rollins did Dusty Rhodes flip, flop and fly, but Rhodes countered into the Cross Rhodes. Rollins escaped. Rhodes then attempted the vertebreaker, but Rollins slipped out. Rollins rolled up Rhodes with the O’Connor roll holding the tights. Rhodes reversed and rolled up Rollins while holding the tights for the win.

WrestleMania Backlash 2022; Match 2
Omos (w/MVP) defeated Bobby Lashley (8:50)

Lashley and Omos had an okay match. They had a tough time following Rhodes vs. Rollins and seemed on different pages at times. It was pretty much what you’d expect from them.

Lashley backed Omos against the ropes, but MVP caused a distraction. Omos took advantage and rocked Lashley with a boot to the face. Lashley fought back, but Omos tossed him to ringside.

Back in the ring, Omos gave Lashley the snake eyes on the turnbuckle and followed up with another big boot to the face. He picked up Lashley again, but he slipped out. They seemed to be on different pages for a moment. Lashley then jumped on Omos’ back with a sleeper.

Lashley was firmly in control and tied Omos in the ropes. MVP tried to break Omos free, but Lashley chased him. He caught MVP in the Hurt Lock, but Omos broke it up. Lashley applied the Hurt Lock on Omos. He was almost out, but he recovered and broke free.

Lashley rocked Omos with boots to the face and attempted a suplex. Omos escaped, but Lashley hit a spinebuster. The fans popped for the spinebuster. Omos sent Lashley into the ring post and argued with the referee. MVP hit Lashley with his cane, and Omos hit the tree slam to win.

WrestleMania Backlash 2022: Match 3
Edge defeated AJ Styles (15:24) – Damien Preist is banned from ringside.

They showed an Edge vs. AJ Styles video package. Edge and Styles had a good match that started slowly but picked up towards the end. The big surprise was Rhea Ripely joining Judgement Day and helping Edge win. The commentators noted Styles is at a disadvantage because of his shoulder injury.

They ran at each other at the bell and traded shots in the middle of the ring. Styles had the early advantage as he drove Edge’s head into the announce table. He followed up with a sliding dropkick and an Asai moonsault. He set up for the Phenomenal forearm, but Edge cut him off. He then tossed Styles into the ring post. He then catapulted Styles into the ring steps.

After the match, Byron Saxton wanted to know who the “guy” was that interfered with. The hooded person got in the ring and posed in front of Edge. They took off the mask to reveal Rhea Ripley. The fans popped big for the reveal.

  • They showed a Bianca Belair video package.

WrestleMania Backlash 2022; Match 4
“I Quit”: Ronda Rousey defeated Charlotte Flair to win the SmackDown Women’s Championship (16:33)

They aired a Flair-Rousey video package. Flair and Rousey had a really good “I Quit” match. They worked hard and told a good story. The fans were into it but also chanted for tables several times. Rousey got a good reaction from the fans.

The bell rang, and they charged at each other. Rousey worked over Flair’s arm and went for Piper’s pit, but Flair fought back. Flair hit a high-angle German suplex with Rousey landing on her head. They brawled around ringside. Flair backed Rousey against the barricade and rocked her with hard chops. The referee asked Rousey, but she responded that she wanted harder chops.

Rousey threw Flair over the barricade and grabbed the mic. Flair jumped up and rocked Rousey with a boot to the face. Flair pulled out a kendo stick from under the ring. Rousey grabbed the kendo stick, so Flair ran to the back. She returned with two kendo sticks. Rousey grabbed the kendo sticks and beat down Flair. The referees asked her if she wanted to quit, and she yelled, “Hell no.”

Rousey continued to beat down Flair with the kendo sticks. Flair grabbed the camera off the cameraman’s shoulder. She threw it at Rousey but missed. Rousey and Flair brawled through the crowd. Flair took over after throwing a drink in Rousey’s eyes. She then tossed Rousey into the hockey board.

Flair wrapped Rousey around the railing, but she refused to quit. Flair tried to hit Rousey with a chair. Rousey blocked the chair shot, and Flair ran back to the ring. Flair kicked the chair out of Rousey’s hands and drove her into the announce table. The fans broke into a loud “We want tables” chant.

Flair took over after giving Rousey a powerbomb into the barricade. Rousey went for Piper’s Pit, but Flair escaped and pushed her into the ring post. The fans broke into another loud “We want tables ” chant.

Flair climbed to the top rope, but Rousey cut her off. Rousey locked on an armbar from the apron as Flair was upside down. They then both took a nasty fall to the floor. The fans chanted “We want tables” a third time. A fan in the front row was wearing a Fiend mask, and Pat McAfee pointed it out.

Flair attacked Rousey with chair shots at ringside. Flair hit Natural Selection on the chair back in the ring, but Rousey refused to quit. Flair locked on the Figure Eight, but Rousey broke free with a chair. Flair regained control and set up a chair.

Flair grabbed the mic and told Rousey this was her last chance. She then wished Rousey a Happy Mother’s Day. A furious Rousey caught Flair in the armbar in the chair. Flair refused to quit, so Rousey extended the arm until Flair gave up.

  • They aired a Money In The Bank commercial featuring Cody Rhodes.

WrestleMania Backlash 2022; Match 5
Madcap Moss defeated Happy Corbin (9:39)

Moss and Corbin had an ok match that dragged at times. Moss looked good, but Corbin dominated most of the way. This would have been a fine TV match. They showed a Corbin-Moss video package.

Moss had the early advantage until Corbin took over with a chokeslam. Corbin continued to beat down Moss and whipped him into the corner. Corbin slowed the pace down with a chin lock. The finish came when Corbin went for the around-the-ring-post clothesline again, but Moss countered with a sunset flip for the win.

  • They showed a Drew McIntyre video package. They aired a Hell In The Cell commercial.

WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Main Event:
Roman Reigns & The Usos (w/Paul Heyman) defeated Drew McIntyre & RK-Bro (22:09)

This was a good main event. They started slowly, but the fans were into it from the beginning. It picked up towards the end and turned into a really good match. They recapped the Reigns & Usos vs. McIntyre & RK-Bro feud.

Michael Cole, Pat McAfee, and Corey Graves were the commentators for the main event. Cole pointed out that Reigns has been champion for 616 days. The fans broke into a “Randy” chant before the match. Jimmy backed Orton into the corner. Orton fought back and poked Jimmy in the eyes. Orton then gave Riddle an assisted splash on Jimmy for a near fall. McIntyre tagged and caught Jimmy with a belly-to-belly suplex. Jimmy rolled to his corner. McIntyre pointed at Reigns to get in the ring. Heyman begged Reigns not to tag in because he has nothing to prove.

Reigns tagged in, and the fans popped. McIntyre and Reigns faced off to another pop. Reigns then walked back to his corner and tagged out to thunderous boos. The faces briefly isolated Jey in their corner. The heels isolated Riddle on their side of the ring. Reigns finally tagged in when Riddle was in trouble. Riddle tried to fight back, but Reigns rocked him with a back elbow. He slammed down Riddle with a Rock bottom for a two-count.

Jimmy missed a splash in the corner, but Jey cut Riddle off. Jey then knocked Orton off the apron with a superkick. He went for the Rikishi splash, but Riddle countered with a knee. Reigns threw Jey back in the ring and tagged himself. At the same time, Riddle tagged in McIntyre. Cole noted Reigns couldn’t avoid McIntyre this time because The Usos were down.

McIntyre and Reigns faced off in the middle of the ring. McIntrye took Reigns down with a belly-to-belly suplex. He then caught Jey and Jimmy with neck breakers. Reigns recovered and hit the Superman punch on McIntyre. The fans broke into a “Randy” chant.

Reigns taunted Orton and Riddle on the apron. He knocked Riddle down and celebrated. McIntyre took advantage and hit the Claymore on Reigns. Orton got the hot tag and ran wild. He hit a power slam on Reigns and the draping DDT on Jimmy.

Orton tossed Jey to ringside. Reigns tried to jump Orton, but he hit the RKO to a massive pop. Orton then hit the RKO on Jimmy, but Jey broke up the pin attempt. McIntyre jumped back in and went for the Claymore. Jey responded with a superkick.

Riddle tagged in and got his chance to run wild. He rocked Reigns with a knee and hit the broton on Jey. He followed up with the floating Bro for a close two-count. The fans broke into a loud “This is awesome” chant. Jey avoided Riddle and hit a pop-up neck breaker, but Orton broke up the pin attempt.

Orton beat down Jey around ringside. Suddenly, Reigns hit the Superman punch on Orton. McIntyre sent Reigns into the ring post and cleared the announce table to a big pop. The fans have been dying for a table spot.

Reigns fought back and gave McIntyre the Rock bottom through the table to a big pop. Riddle then took out the heels with a crossbody. Jey recovered and hit a suicide dive on Riddle. Back in the ring, Riddle and Jey traded knees and superkicks. Riddle hit the RKO on Jey from the top rope, but Reigns made the blind tag. He then hit the spear on Riddle for the win. After the match, Reigns, The Usos, and Paul Heyman celebrated to end WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2022!

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