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WWE: WrestleMania | Every Logo Ever Ranked

WrestleMania 27

We are now getting into the logos that were not bad by any stretch but they did not jump off the screen. The 27th logo was your standard logo, nothing to write home about.

WrestleMania 32

Again we had a very generic logo that did not represent being in the new Cowboys stadium. The star should have been a bit more pronounced as it was for 25.

WrestleMania 21

WWE went Hollywood for the 21st edition and one would have expected them to go all out for their logo. Instead, we got a fairly boring logo that did not go Hollywood.

WrestleMania 28

Using the logo to resemble Sun Life Stadium was a nice touch.  It was still a bit cartoony for the biggest show of the year.

WrestleMania 22

The WWE tried something a little different with this one going with a diamond pattern as opposed to their usual rectangular logo. It was a run-of-the-mill version for Wrestlemania, but the Roman numerals replaced with Arabic numbers is a bit frustrating.

WrestleMania 23

The automotive spin that the WWE put on their logo was great, there were in Detroit after all. They did use regular numbers instead of the Roman numerals so it gets a lower placement on the list.

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