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WWE: WrestleMania | Every Logo Ever Ranked

WrestleMania 26

Being in Arizona one would expect that the WWE would have worked that element into the logo and they did a great job of that.  There was an old west feel to the logo that was visually great and helped to set this apart from the rest.

WrestleMania 15

The large gold Roman numerals with the white writing in front were great. It made the whole logo stand out.

WrestleMania 12

The writing and numbers sitting atop a golden platform was a worthy Mania logo. It gave the grandiose feeling that the WWE needed for a Mania.

WrestleMania 10

It is one of the most classic Mania logos. The X being in the background immediately catches your eye. It was a very fitting way to present the 10th edition.

WrestleMania 24

Surpassing the 33rd edition of Mania is our other recent helping coming out of Orlando. The sun from behind the logo popped and the golden Roman numerals are what took this logo to another level.

WrestleMania 9

Fitting that one of the worst Manias of all time has one of the best logos. The WWE transformed their ring into the Roman Coliseum and their logo followed suit beautifully. 

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