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WWE: WrestleMania | Every Logo Ever Ranked

WrestleMania 30

The last Wrestlemania to use numerical values made great use of them. The triple Xs beneath the Wrestlemania logo was a great visual. It was also interesting to see everything with very sharp edges, it added an extra pop to the logo.

WrestleMania 36/WrestleMania 37

Since the Covid-19 pandemic put a grinding halt to Mania plans the logo and location were kept the same as what they should have been last year.

Being in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers home stadium the WWE decided to go with a pirate-themed logo. The creativity showed with this logo was fantastic and the WWE used the pirate theme to put this logo near the top of this list.

Wrestlemania 25

Even though it was not the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania this logo is still considered one of the best. Being in Texas it makes total sense that the WWE go big with a shining star dominating the background of the logo.

WrestleMania 20

The black and white logo was an awesome choice by WWE. The double X’s that tapered to a point at the bottom of the logo added an attitude to the logo that we haven’t seen from any event, past or present.

WrestleMania 34

Improving on WM 30’s logo the WWE used the Fleur De Lis to perfection by having it extend over the sign. It was a slight change from 4 years prior but it was effective enough to vault it over Wrestlemania 30.

WrestleMania 29

Both recent New York logos are fantastic additions that should result in a hearty handshake for whoever designed them

WrestleMania 29’s logo did a great job of working New York into the picture. Having the Empire State Building towering over the top of the lettering gave us the impression that this was going to be larger than life. It exactly the type of feeling you should get for Mania.

WrestleMania 35

The red, black, and gold colouring for the logo of 35 was a great decision. It was a colour scheme that hadn’t been used in the past and it made the logo stand out against whichever backdrop the WWE had it against.

Having the head of the Statue of Liberty as the topper for the logo was a great way to show off the New York setting. Making it pure gold popped it against everything else and aided in making this the second greatest logo.

WrestleMania 1, 3, 4, 5, 6

Was there going to be any other choice? There is a reason why the base lettering has managed to be mostly the same for every other logo. The gold and white letters are classic and its presentation is flawless. It is a logo that is instantly recognizable and has managed to be a lasting symbol of the WWE.

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