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WWE: WWE 2k22 Announced for March 2022 Release

WWE announced during tonight’s SummerSlam pay-per-view that the WWE 2K22 videogame will be released in March 2022. Additional details will be released in January 2022 with new controls, stunning graphics and a re-designed engine noted for the game.

The new 30-second spot for WWE 2K22 showcases everyone from Ricochet, Finn Bálor, Rey Mysterio, Bayley, Carmella and more making their entrances and hitting moves on their opponents. Drew McIntyre has his full sword and kilt entrance, and Roman Reigns is appropriately donning his Tribal Chief gear. Legends like Kane and Goldberg make appearances in the footage as well. The ‘It Hits Different’ tagline pops up over the gameplay before the WWE 2K22 logo hits to close out.

The trailer ended by confirming 2K22 will release in March 2022. This deviates from usual WWE video game drop dates, as past games have traditionally been released in October (Usually around Hell in a Cell time).

Traditionally, WWE likes to reveal rosters for its games in August, and oftentimes during the weekend of SummerSlam. With the heavy expectations being placed on 2K22, it could make sense to reveal its roster in a big way, and SummerSlam could be perfect for it. It’s highly unlikely that Edge, for example, won’t be included in the game, as WWE no doubt wants to capitalize on his historic return by making him a playable character. Edge could be made a regular wrestler again in WWE 2K22, which would be a far cry from the retired star who was once thought to be relegated to the Legends section in perpetuity.

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