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WWE|Impact: James from That 90’s Wrestling Podcast Interviews Vince Russo


James asked Russo on who he thinks should takeover WWE when Vince Mcmahon passes away.

-Russo: Bro let me tell you something, & first of all it’s going to be very interesting to see what’s in Vince’s (Mcmahon) will,
But bro a lot of people are saying should Shane (Mcmahon) takeover,
Should Stephanie (Mcmahon) & Triple H takeover,
No Bro Linda (Mcmahon) needs to take over,
That’s who needs to takeover bro,
Because I think Linda would eliminate all the wrestling political B.S, & run a successful business,
Not that they’re (WWE) not successful bro,
The WWE with all these deals are making money hand over fist, so I’m not trying to suggest that they’re not successful,
But what I’m talking about is Business & television are two different things,
They have a horrible, horrible, horrible, television product,
& I really believe, Linda McMahon would bring in the right people to maybe turn that around.

Another topic that came up was Dixie Carter ownership in TNA & if she was naive to run the company ?

-Russo: Here’s what happened to Dixie Carter Bro, and Jeff Jarrett had alot to do with it, okay.
When Jeff started TNA it was his company,
He lost his sponsor, TNA was dead,
He needed to find someone with money,
Dixie had the money okay,
But to Jeff, it was still Jeff’s company,
So Jeff wanted Dixie’s money, but didn’t want Dixie to have anything with the company,
No decisions Nothing,
He still wanted it to be his company with her funding it okay,
So what Jeff did was, because Jeff is a wrestler & they’re Maniacal & they’re manipulating, & they’re workers,
Bro Jeff early on made Dixie believe that she was an absolute idiot,
He made her believe she knew nothing about wrestling, she couldn’t make any decision,
Don’t open your mouth because I will just laugh at you,
He litterly, any confidence Dixie had, Jeff Jarrett completely stripped away from her, because he wanted to be in control, he wanted to be the boss,
So bro that explains, that’s why Dixie went from person to person to person, & kept hiring different people to make the decisions for her,
Because within that 1st year Jeff Jarrett convinced Dixie Carter that she was totally incompetent & should not even open her mouth when it came to the wrestling business, & he just stripped her of any confidence, any decision making, any ideas, & she never changed from that bro, that’s why she tried to hire JR(Jim Ross), she brought in John Gaburick, she brought in Bruce Pritchard, she brought in Eric Bischoff, that’s why she kept doing that because she had no confidence in her own ability to make decisions.

Another question that was asked, was who Vince would’ve liked to have worked with, but never had the chance to?

-Russo: Oh now definitely Bray (Wyatt), I mean my god that poor guy, that poor guy, bro I’ll tell you right now, without batting a fricking eyelash,
If I was writing for Bray Wyatt from day one, he would right now without a shadow of a doubt be undertaker status, period, end of the story, I could care less if anyone agrees with that or not.

Also during the interview, other topics include:
-the rise of Steve Austin.
-Undertaker vs Kane.
– the Hart Foundation vs America storyline.
-the Montreal Screwjob.
-Owen harts death.
-survivor series deadly games tournament.
-WCW backstage politics.
-becoming WCW world champion.
And much more. 

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