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WWF Women’s Tag Team Championship

WWF Women's Tag Team Championship

[box type=”info” align=”alignleft” ]When Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria joined the WWF in 1983, they already held the NWA Women’s Tag Team Championship. The WWF, however, had since withdrawn from the National Wrestling Alliance, who owned the championships, and McIntyre and Victoria were instead recognized as the first WWF Women’s Tag Team Champions.
On January 5, 2012, WWE.com ran an article supporting bringing back the Women’s Tag Team Titles.[/box]



# Superstar Reign Date Location Event Notes
Vacated February 14, 1989 The title was abandoned in 1989.
5 The Glamour Girls 2 June 8, 1988 Omiya, Japan House Show Won the title by countout.
4 Jumping Bomb Angels
(Noriyo Tateno and Itsuki Yamazaki)
1 January 24, 1988 Hamilton, Ontario Royal Rumble This was a two out of three falls match.
3 The Glamour Girls
(Leilani Kai and Judy Martin)
1 August 1985 Egypt House Show
2 Velvet McIntyre (2) and Desiree Petersen 1 December 7, 1984 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania House Show Princess Victoria suffered a career-ending neck injury on September 1, 1984 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Petersen took her place as McIntyre’s partner.
1 Velvet McIntyre and Princess Victoria 1 May 13, 1983 Calgary, Alberta McIntyre and Victoria were the reigning NWA Women’s World Tag Team Champions upon the WWF’s withdrawal from the National Wrestling Alliance and were recognized as the first WWF champions. They had defeated Joyce Grable and Wendi Richter. The team’s first match in the WWF took place on April 4, 1984 in Rochester, New York.



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